If you wish to contact the artist or communicate over anything heres the relevent information to make contact.

E-mail Address
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Website Email - Enter your message via the website below. It's part of iGAPES (which I own) and its messanging board so as long as I get it, it doesn't matter.

If you have anything regharding futanari and hermaphrodites just mention it in the message so I can identify you're from Released Reactions.

Click here to load up the email contact form (on iGAPES)

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Discord - Everybody uses it and for the right reasons, it's the best messanging service, even if not for games.

The group here is the one I manage and can be quickly found to message or you can join in and see other content like the stuff on this website.

Click Here or visit - https://discord.gg/8jbDf4Z

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