Donations - Help Keep This Website Alive

Donating is private event and no personal details shall be made mention or shown on this website. ALL the funds goes into site upkeep, and all donation are marked and kept aside and never forgotten who donated, when and how much.

Please bare in mind, this is a donation and you can offer ANY amount of money, as it all counts at the end of the day. For the kind people who offer a little bit bit more they will be rewarded for their kindness with the bonus arts. As long as its a few pounds / dollars or what ever you have in your country you'll qualify. not much to ask.

Once you have also donated, it will be recorded and noted, so you will be always have a place on the donations list and be entitled to the bonus material. so do not that this put you off donating when it suits yourself to do it.

The Bonus of Donating

For the kind contributions which you offer, I can offer something as thanks in return. There are 2 project currently which I can offer people extra material that will only be available for the donators.

The 1st is the Bonus Arts which I have on show here - all of these will be available as I made them and as they are produced and of course the final batch (which will be sent on CD / DVD for the high donators - as a special thanks)

The 2nd will be the uncut version and coloured version (hopefully) of the dojin, Project GX upon release. ( on CD/ DVD as above)

So all in all, you can donate at any time, get the perks throughout and help this site going and keep my motivation from flagging also.

Method of Donating

There are several ways to donate - this isn't a major website so the methods are simple but effective.

If you want to donate; please email me and I'll give you a list of possible options on how to do just that. All email addresses, names and other details will be kept confidential and strict confidence for your peace of mind.

I'd like to offer my thanks if you've sent the email, even if your just curious.

Last thing...

Sius likes big chests, but the big chests like him too!

I've kept a list of all the donators, how much they gave and all that organized crap aside, so all past donators have been recalled and also any new ones shall not be forgotten too.

I wouldn't list names, but I'd like to thank all the great fans who have given so so much, you people really have helped tremendously!

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