GDPR Compliance Summery / Fair Processing Policy

By law I'm to explain how your data is collected, stored and used on this web site This co-insides with the GDPR law set in place on May 2018.

While very little data is retained (its just not that kind of web site) I am pleased to explain in detail below the steps which have been acted on to keep any data secure. It's simple but worth at least marking a note about

Fair Processing Notice / GDPR Regulation of /

What information is being collected? - I.P. Addresses are recorded on a secure webserver which will retain data of I.P. addresses, data retaining to webpages visited within, files downloaded and information such as where people have found the web site from (such as search engines or other web sites which link to this location

Information from any emails (email name, and content within) and accounts of forum use such as user names and passwords are also retained within the web service, securely server side.

Some digital data has been retained locally and external to the hosting server. This information is secured in a less direct (hidden from view) locations with securely password computer which has regularly updated and checked anti-virus and mal-ware scans to protect the data within.

Who is collecting it? - The web host correlates the data from a server site and collected there, where the sole webmaster and artist of this web site (Sius) has access to it.

How is it collected? - By you using the web site this data is generated automatically via I.P. address and stored in logs on a secure server.

Any data retaining to created accounts (released reactions forums - now retired) where stored using a hashed data record and only available to access from within the server control panel.

No additional copies of sensitive or personal data have been made beyond what is needed to be retained.

Why is it being collected? - To make the web site function, a fundamental process of any web site

How will it be used? - To further refine the experiences given within the web site Seeing what is popular and where people come from will help my understand my audience and deliver more to better.

Who will it be shared with? - Nobody - This data will NOT be sold onto 3rd parties.

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