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Ordering the Pack Information



Ordering Information - Right, 1st off the ordering of the material is done as a DONATION. Once you have kindly offered enough in this donation I will offer you this pack as a thank you as it were.

Email to begin - To order you must first email me and say your interested in the pack. I'll probably send a lot of information that's on this page, read over it and make a decision if you want the pack. Also if you don't state you want the normal pack, I'll assume, like many you want the extended pack instead.

Different ordering Methods - Because these packs can ONLY be ordered direct from me there's a few methods you can pick. All work, all are tried and tested. Look below to see which you feel would work best for you.

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How to Order -
Here's the list and how it works, just a break down and an idea of what's ahead before you email (and I repeat similar information)

1 - Bank to Bank) If you're from the UK and have internet banking it is the best way of ordering the pack. It's the best method but it’s limited to the UK and a UK based bank. If you can use it, please do!

2 - Amazon .CO.UK Certificate) Another method which Ideal for transatlantic or lands a far is presenting a gift certificate Amazon.co.uk to me and I can redeem it in seconds later.

Note firstly that anything done outside of Amazon .co.uk won't work. So please make sure you use the .co.uk site rather than .com or anything else. You offer an amount and then send it to me (address will be in the email saying you want to donate), Uses your card details linked to your account and converts it into £ pounds instantly. It's easy as one, two, three. It's been a popular, solid choice so far!

3 - Western Union) Using a company like this delivers money to me in hand, its great, BUT it costs to use the service. If your willing to take a small cut out the amount given to me then I'd very much appreciate this method.

4 - Paeepall - (you know what I mean)) There is a VERY remotely small chance of doing it though PP, but only if the other options are exhausted. My account was scrapped due to this site and the other method is VERY risky - so last resort indeed.

So email me ( email@releasedreactions.com ) and we'll decide how best to order from there. Don't worry about about being shy or asking for this pack, no information on you will ever be reveled on this website or anywhere else for that matter. Confidentiality is certain!

My Promise...

I promise to you you'll not find anything else out there with the size and scale this project DELIVERS and will be something you'll know money has gone to the right place!

Also by ordering this product and showing your support it will go towards keeping a struggling artist afloat and keeping this website alive! All proceeds will go to a good cause and may help bring about a 2nd or 3rd pack of the giga girls in time.

Continuing the Project after Launch

Inside are images which are considered bonus images, things thrown in as a extra for all the fans out there. Some of these images are in a 'rough' state, some are completed and CG'ed.

I hope once the project is completed to spend a few weeks and update the material and finish it off if I haven't managed it before hand. Therefore it is recommended that fans who get the material as soon as it is available to come back at a later date and retrieve the updated material.