Artists Details

 Artistic Handle - Sius [S-eye-us] (Mangarus San)
 Gender - Male
 Aged - somewhere In my 20's
 Nationality - British (United Kingdom)
 Original Released Reactions Launched - 07.07.2000.

Likes - Drawing, Designing, Playing computer games, Swimming, Relaxing, Chatting and messing with the internet.

Hates - Being ignored and repeating myself get me quite wound up. Also CG colouring of my own work, takes ages.

Fetishes - Well.... errr... look at the site content, so some degree, some of this I guess (not all mind, it is only art after all)

music - Bit of everything, but mostly 'house' music. Old C64 remixes at the current moment in time. It's all good ^_^

Art Produced Method


All art produced has been so through digital means, meaning that no hand draw / scanning is done in the process. Using a stylus (or two) and a bit of help on a famous art package the art comes to life over several machines
1. mainly an old G4 Mac which is used on extensive line art.
2. the other is PC (Dual Core, 2 gig of mem, something silly graphics card and the like).

The method is slow, but exact, and I like the results it produces and feel it is worth the effort to produce the art

Character 'World' Explanation

Several World have been created in my time drawing, however it bases around 3/4 story settings, which can be taken seriously or not.

The information can be found here on this old webpage from the pervious website and contains allot of details, some which maybe out dated, but its a start ^^. Click here.


The content of this website is mixed and has slowly over time become more of a hub for other artist admirers and authors of extreme art and fantasy to gather.

The focus is drawn into 3 main areas, which often combined to become a overall fetish. Often there are more people than not who enjoy all 3 areas than separately.
1. Focus of hermaphrodites, dickgirls and gender related cross over (and not shemales or TV's)
2. Modification of the body, extra parts, unusual growths and mass growths sexually related.
3. Gaping, vaginal expansion, unbirthing and general insertions improbable

Between the different media's and the promoting of old artists who have disappeared, the hope is to bring people who like these areas together as a central point and expand on it all.

If you wish to help promote, help our or generally be of aid to the site please make contact (details on the contact section) don't be shy or worried that it would become a burden on you also.

Submitting work
Released Reactions continues to offer webspace and location for artists AND authors who's interests are of the same content . Be it a submission of your works or even using webspace on my server to host your own webpages or entire site, the offer is open to anybody who wishes it. Just get in contact and we'll see what can be done.

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