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This website is inappropriate for minors, the under aged and the gentle of heart. This is a warning page and acts as a barrier of protection and to list rules of the website. Read the details below before entering the website, or if you disagree or not reach the criteria of these rules then click to leave this website.

Site Content and Rules


This website contains graphical depictions of an adult extreme hentai nature, bodily modification and exaggerations and disproportion as well as photographic images of an erotic nature. A list of rules are outlined below and should be followed when using this website and entering it.

Nobody under the age of 21 should enter this website by strict law.
Taking art, graphics and text off this website without permission is breaking copyrite law .
BP   Investigating evidence of the sorts. You'll find nothing on this website.
BP   Authorities are subjected to the 1996 Freedom of Information Act on this website.
People with poor health and prone to being upset or shocked should not enter.
BP   People with un open minds and limited imagination should not enter.
BP   If you disagree with any of the areas covered in this disclaimer, you best depart.

Though not any rules there is also sound advice regarding its content. This website is not for the weak minded, scream'ish or the easily offended. People who dislike a sexually themes drawn and written information on trans gender / Hermaphrodite / sexual oddities nature. This website is entirely based on these themes. If you do not understand these principles, you should leave this warning page immediately.

GDPR Compliance Summery / Fair Processing Policy

By law I'm to explain how your data is collected, stored and used on this website. This co-insides with the GDPR law set in place on May 2018.

While very little data is retained (its just not that kind of website) I am pleased to explain in detail below the steps which have been acted on to keep any data secure. It's simple but please read and understand how your data is used while visiting this website.

Fair Processing Notice / GDPR Regulation of this site

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Click on the link below to make your choice to ether enter or leave this website and understand the fair processing policy & GDPR which is in place.


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