Your guide to... Luci [Lu - SeE]

Primary Information

Modification source
Favorite Fetishes
Fav. Modifications

Luci, Lucy, Lu and Goddess
A-Sexual Hermaphrodite (Female form more dominant)
Bi- Sexual, Submissive / neutral in behavior.
Pierced vaginal rings - Enhanced and blessed items
Gaping, Insertions, Milking and more
Vaginal play expansion / Large Insertions.

List of Bodily Modifications

Below is a list of all the elements of which Luci's growths change her body from that of her original body and into her greater over the top changes... No size measurements have been given due to the rates of changes over her different states....

Visually Obvious Changes
(o) Breast size - Increased with extra mass.
(o) 8 Extra Nipples - Circled around main pair. Increased Length and insert able
(o) Upper chest vagina - Between breasts. Clit and lips growth on it also.
(o) Large upper penis - Thick and heavy, but strong erections and insert able head / shaft.
(o) Smaller lower penis - I deal for insertions into a partner.
(o) Changing vaginal size - Total control from VERY tight (despite her lips) to unbirthing gape size.
(o) Extended vaginal lips - Variable sized with ring piercing's.
(o) Anal expansion - Ring can be expanded and protruded out from rear cheeks.
(o) Elongated Clit - Extra sensitive, can be used instead of lower penis for insertions.
(o) Merging inner lips (OTT Growth) - Designed to hold the lass of lips potentially together.

Concealed Less Obvious Changes
(o) Vaginal sensitivity - Extremely on touch, can ejaculate on limited contact.
(o) Lactation - Breasts can produce milk on demand and has a high threshold .
(o) Excessive amount of sperm stored - Location inside body is still unknown
Lightly modified mouth vagina, - Lightly transformed inside of vaginal interior.
(o) greater elastic limit on stretching and internal - Expandable body, skin and insides.
(o) Pussy cum - Both light transparent love juices and thick female cum in mass load produced.
(o) Enforced Spine, Stronger, bigger heart - Some of many internal mods to keep her upright
(o) Urges - Changes depending, but can be innocent in mind and still horny.
Internal organs re arranged - Extra part grown and removal of others no longer needed.

Luci's Personality

This ones more a summary of what Luci is like, and Sius' opinion of her.

Luci without a shadow of a doubt is on of the flag ship character of this website, as she was one of the 1st to truly go all out, and produce a hermaphrodite that I'd enjoy and not cater just for the masses...

She's based around being a normal girl with extra thrown on in abundance. She has a love hate relationship with her changes and often will be seen with a shy, upset or lustful face expression as she comes back and forth from loving to hating what she is.

She is also based around being faithful and willing to do anything to remain with her lover, and has complete faith in them and their abilities while also transforming her body maybe not the height of usefulness or beauty, but re designed with her own and her lovers interest in mind, which makes her more than most superficial characters.

A Brief History of Luci's Past

Lu Long Banner

Note - The history of how Luci came to be can be found in full and be requested directly if required. It is a long story, but I'm trying to keep it to a reasonable size.


Luci was always kind and pleasant lady, but her life was bland at best. She'd had few relationships and failed to see when people where drawn by her beautiful figure. She was not sexually driven, and not full of ambition. Being a single receptionist was a good life will it dawned on her one day

When in a park Luci finds on her lunch break a lady who draws her attention in ways she could not understand. She for the rest of the hour off looked and stalked this woman,

Luci back at her job comes to see that it was her heart drawn to that woman's, her body, her confidence and her passion enlightened her like a candle. Luci knew this was somebody she would want to be with in her life...

The next day Luci again found this woman in all her spender in the park. After being spotted the woman called Luci over.... Luci's heart raced... Seeing her weakness of stalking,acting strange and Luci's obsessive demeanor, the woman threatened Luci with the police action to which she fled.

At the office of her job she weeped at herself and her body being meek and what she'd done, blowing the opportunity to be with this woman, she could see that see was so much more than Luci ever would be...

Days pass as a depression descended on Luci. Forcing herself out her apartment flat she goes out. On her travels, the edge of town there was to a culture fair which caught her eye... almost in a trance she followed with tears still in her eyes.

After 25 minutes or so she felt something pulling her towards the back end. Arriving she found a store with a wise man (or had all the features of) who jumped on her, telling her some of his mystic wares where radiating with her around.

The man explained that there where of ancient design and could not explain why they acted as they did, but had always had some mystery, and was always kept for this reason alone. Offering the rings to Luci for free and refusing any kind of payment, Luci took herself home with her rings... confused by what had just happened.

The rings seemed to shimmer and draw of her.... she could feel something, though weak. It stirred her very soul, gave her confidence and generally made her feel more in control. Her depression was passing quickly thanks to that man and her new prized possessions which she admired from the start.

Knowing she'd have to look into lesbian culture and ideals, she looked over the internet for ideas. She realized that she wasn't strictly a lesbian, aroused from male penis' and general sexually orientated activities but seemed drawn into the seedy darker side of sex she's never seen before. Fisting, bondage insertions... all key to this park woman's vibes.

Knowing what she must try to get her attention, that she can change her attitude and how she would have to act and be around the other lady, she heads out into the night for anything to show this, and give her confidence...

wandering, seeking anything that could be of use to her she stumbled upon a piercing booth... pretty run down, but... it'd been something she just at that moment was something calling to her.... the internet images had proved how it all looked.

The man of the booth insisted that this was not his specialty and that it maybe was a bad idea, but Luci went for it all the same. Her confidence was all but there till the piercing equipment came out....

Once the holes where made Luci nearly faints. Realizing there is no way back now, she had pushed the button and her new life was about to begin. She offers the rings which seems to have brought out her confidence side and asked if they could be used.

After cleaning up her wound the rings cut very easy and slid into her vaginal lips. She fall to from all that had happened. When she awoke nobody was there, but she was untouched also. Pleased with her new shelf she left, but the rings did seem to get heavier...

The next morning the newly driven Luci had second thoughts and realized what she'd done... under confidence kicked in but she knew inside that she had to act or she'd lose her confidence altogether and she's be lost eternally.

Luci hasn't noticed but the rings used for her piercing's where indeed inside her, but had somehow formed again, and merged with her body. In the years to come she would try and remove these rings without luck.

Heading to the park she saw the Woman and acted differently to get her attention. She's also used tight clothing to she her more erotic side and her new modifications.

The other lady called her over. Seeing she was trying too hard and could see her new lips rings under her clothing.

The girl announced that she was Ruth and that Luci was a waist of her time, telling her how she'd be a play thing and how she'd be abused as used as a fuck toy to her at best, used to be her sub...

Luci was turned on oddly enough but maybe it was being next to an experienced woman that Luci wanted to be with her her life... Luci didn't care for the harsh attitude, and her innocence missed Ruth's attempts to arouse Luci.

Luci responded lightly in ways she would try and be something to Ruth, talking desperately Ruth knew that Luci was hers and was impressed by her boldness, and that maybe a quieter girl like her would bring her happiness where all the other dykes had failed to deliver.

Ruth teased Luci with her words and her hands... Luci was paralyzed her her touch and knew this was the moment of truth.... her body raced with emotions she had never felt before in her life...

No sooner had ruth rubbed the rings a shooting pain and fire filled Luci's very soul... it could have been that the insertions where new and the paint from the cut... however the cuts had healed already inside her lips unknowing to her.... the rings pulsated with Luci's breathing, in sync and making her body and mind react as she really wanted...

Luci trembled and shook violently. Her desire taking form with the power of the rings. Something was happening, but the lust, the fire it did not quell.... fearing what was happening to her body, Luci ran...

Ruth was in hot pursuit, feeling that Luci was playing a game, or maybe something was wrong, no matter what, she wasn't going to let this one leave without a chase...

Luci fled into the streets, holding her crotch and panting; her body shook and changed from within... eventually she found a quiet ally with not back to it and fell into a corner...

When Ruth caught up with her she heard luci's screams and eventually located her.... after being with Luci for several minutes they both bore whiteness to a the birth of a hermaphrodite.

Her body rocked as it grew, ripped and pulled things on her body around... the penis ripped though her clothes as she fainted. Her body would have ripped around her busy and lower crotch too, but Ruth was there to hold her and take her to her apartment.

Days would pass as Ruth cared for Luci and saw her body change into that of an experienced love making goddess of epic proportions. Ruth's mind would be forever altered from the experience.

Currently Luci and Ruth lives in seclusion and under Ruth's zealous well being. Luci also comes into contract with Tia in her travels, and other lovers, but Luci Ruth and Tia are the corner stone of their world and story.


A story note - The world which this happens is not of a secret land alike the other hermaphrodites prior to Luci's design.

Luci's Growths Explained

The basics of Luci's growths can placed into several things which can cause change. The more that happen at the same time, the bigger the growth can get.

Rings positions and condition -
The piercing inside her are the cause of the whole hermaphrodite based sexual changes, however these can contribute to her growths and overall appearance. Because these are key to her body allot is determined from them.

If attention is not given, if the condition of them goes matt or covered in foreign substances without cleaning or they are tried to be removed or destroyed there is a over all negative effect on her body. Not only will she start to shrink, but it warps her mind and soul also, so she is prone in depressions and illness when these things happen.

Arousal -
A pretty obvious one, but if Luci is told she's pretty, and is caught in a whirlwind of happiness from positive attention , she will change. If she's getting off some sex toys and is in the mood, she will grow... is she is pleasing a partner and she's doing well then she grows... simple as that.

Time of the month -
Key one for Luci that not many other herms have this feature. Alike many girls and ladies, they have their star week, their period time.... For Luci its where her body needs to release from all the pressure its placed under, and is much worse if she has not been sexually active within the month. The body opens up, grows and ejaculates everywhere in the 'release' as Luci calls it.

The period can last hour to several days, and during the period it can be a light trickle of cum running from her cocks and love juices from her pussy and anus to almost torrents and lasting for days... some have been very serious as she often faints as her body just pumps away. Ether being hung up or stationed in a special designed cum room bathroom is safe when in these states and can ruin whole rooms and the love stench can be very extreme if not arousing in itself (making the process harder)

Extra Information About 'Over the Top' Luci Changes

Some interesting facts for the lovers of the extreme version of Luci and most of the bonus art material and later dojin changes of luci. Its a little graphic in ways, so people who know her only as in the normal section of the site may not appreciate these bits.

Big Lips not always a big gape -
Luci at greater forms being over the top in lust and transformation is known for her vaginal lips being heavy and drooping down.

A common misconception is that her vagina on the inside is always equally so. Luci's vagina will always be of very large capacity, but key factors of lust and desire will change just how big it will gape and how much cum is produced.

However her sensitivity is always apex' ed in this form. Deformation of Anal and penile entrances result from size of her gape attribute.

Luci enjoys being stretched as a personal fetish, but because its so developed she has a lot of control of what's going on inside her vagina, even if the vulva lips do their own thing. She can easily take a normal penis, all the way to and unbirth, and things like drawing in and out her cervix also.

Luci is also a little scream'ish of her ability, and sometimes is amazed what she is REALLY doing, as it can upset or be sickening in ways to her. Along side the gaping is also the easily to ejaculate. By being 'tight' all the time she find she creates many cum rivers from friction inside herself which means she would cum eternally....

Lips inside pussy -
When Luci has grown out and her lips are near the / on the floor due to the weight on the rings and the effect they changed on her. Sometimes to create some space inside herself when taking smaller insertion or to keep the lips out the way, she will coil the lips inside of her vagina, making her hole smaller, causing all of her pussy lips to run when taking an item.

Often Luci will have to carry her pussy lips as an alternative or when she doesn't have time to place the lips inside her. She also carries them in some clothing or hold her rings over her arms or shoulders (which makes for some painful angles on her lips and is not ideal so high up)

Unbirthing -
One of the most unusual fetishes, and only people Luci's trusts ever gets the vague possibility of such an action. The action is taking somebody back deep into the vagina / womb of another lady, in a vore like fashion but all done though the vagina.

Luci can do it one of two ways, the 1st is keeping the person inside the lips, and maybe having the head of that person enter her vagina, the second is where the person is fully inside her. The logistics of such an action are complex at best, and it seems that the person inside her seems compressed and coiled, but it uncertain how they can fit inside her at all. The power of her rings are thought to be responsible for this.

Luci's Body is thought to allow quickly for an expansion like this in times of heat and mass lust, with her legs becoming detached from the joints periodically (or what seems like) and other organs being pushed up, and compressed, and this effecting Luci's biological ability but also actions and brains chemical reactions too. Things quickly change back after several hours, but she is somewhat more a woman possessed between these states.

Lip Rubbing -
Something which gets her often very excited and very easily is the process of rubbing her pussy lips together, lightly teasing each sensitive love pads and then getting more aroused from rubbing harder with other items, walls / floors and lovers.

This act is pretty fun one for Luci and often is more the actions and idea of what's she's doing with these hanging lips than sometimes what she caresses with her extended vaginal surface. Downside as mentioned above is that this can be caused very easily even when not trying to get 'excited' when even walking can set it off.

Getting Around -
Not isolated to her growths, but any time that Luci is needed to be seen in public a customized wheelchair is used. There are different designs depending on her current body state, but the bigger the growth the more extreme and painful the measures to keep her contained are.

Snoodling / Penis in Penis -
Used as a alternative to inserting into her upper vagina, ideal for getting a normal or larger hermaphrodite penis ready for ejaculation. Sometimes Luci's contractions can't quite make enough friction inside her main vagina or lips if she's too excited or relaxed and as a result this method is used. By using her penis' she can use it almost like a shaft vagina By rubbing your cock inside of ether of her penis' usually results in enough friction to cum.

Larger herms also have been known to use her larger penis also to fuck or cum inside being it is still smaller than her main gaping vagina. Luci does not mind ether way, but does enjoy it when the penis' are removed before ejaculation and placed inside her pussy for the final release, having the cum drip inside her longing cave hole.

Tight As A Clam -
A theory which sometimes works, but often when Luci is is a calmer less aroused state. It's based around the idea that the rings from the piercing have a charge, positive and negative. By tempering with the rings states changes its change. From rotating it, to not maintaining it, to luci's mood its very self. Normally they are kept in very good condition and offer a positive effect. However opposites attract, and instead of being a repelling force with opening her sexuality and vagina, it contracts making it lesser, and making it a very anti sexual state.

Does not seem to apply when in a extreme state, and is unclear how it all comes around as it has too many key factors go into it, and so sometimes working, other times failing. Luci does not often use it, and rather just use her upper chest instead.

Stupid Extra Facts Section

Daft facts about the character that make them more human...

(o) Music - Classical Music, soft house music and chill out moods and sounds.
(o) Hobbies - Poetry, Lazy days, letting others enjoy her body, losing control enjoying herself.
(o) Pet hates - Forced into sex, Being tickled, Being made fun of. Reminded what she's become.
(o) Perfect evening - Candle lit dinner on a full moon sky river setting.
(o) Life influences. - Graduating, Morning family death finally and coming out (Bi-sexual)
(o) Education background / peak - Masters in English lit and language.

(o) Types of movies - Romance films, chick flicks and comedies.
(o) Family - Mother / Father deceased. No siblings.
(o) Phobias - Suffication, drowning / buried alive. Spiders also.

If Luci was to have a job with the other herm girls she would be the :- Humanitarian / boss.

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