Your guide to... Tia [Tee - A]


Primary Information

Modification source
Favorite Fetishes
Fav. Modifications

Tia, Tee, Mia (Common mistake)
A-Sexual Hermaphrodite
Bi- Sexual, neutral in behavior.
Creative runes marked into body.
Cosplay of own clothes designs, Swelling sexual parts.
Horse cock extension and pussy bulge.

List of Bodily Modifications

Below is a list of all the elements of which Tia's growths change her body from that of her original body and into her greater over the top changes... No size measurements have been given due to the rates of changes over her different states....

Visually Obvious Changes
(o) Breast size - Long and gravity defying design.
(o) Caved in Nipples and areolas - Nipples truly inside body. Primed for insertions now
(o) Penis base - The holding for the penis which appears to be small in this state.
(o) Penis Extension - Rips and breaks apart from smaller penis section like a horses cock.
(o) Round plump Clit - Heavy clit the orbs above her pussy.
(o) Bulging vagina - Swollen in size and intense in its tightness as well as ability to be slack inside.
(o) Two Separate Testes sacks - Along side both sides of her penis, and variable sized sacks.
(o) Cock base tendrils - Mutated from her veins, these tendrils help guide her cock.
(o) Tendril at penis' end - Grown out the shafts urethra it acts as a guide and for smaller insertions.
(o) Merging inner lips (OTT Growth) - Designed to hold the lass of lips potentially together.

Concealed Less Obvious Changes
(o) Vaginal internal inflation and compression - Tighten and loosen her pussy area inside.
(o) Love juice lactation - Her nipples no longer produce milk and act like a vagina.
(o) Pussy cum - Swells and gathers in pussy, oozing out when inserted into or gapes.
(o) Urges - Easy to catch rub herself and start self masturbation with.
Internal organs re arranged - Re-arrangement of part and enhanced existing ones.

Tia's Personality

This ones more a summary of what Tia is like, and Sius' opinion of her.

Tia is similar and yet very different to Luci, while Tia is quiet and sometimes a little shy about herself like Luci, she also has a stronger opinion than Luci and quietly sticks to it. However this also means that she is not as striking a character in the art as Luci who can use more expressive reactions and tends to get lost in her lust more than Tia too.

Tia was made as an alternative companion to Luci and Ruth in Luci's world. Though she is not as composed as Ruth, she lets Luci and herself come to decisions at the end of the day rather than they be dictated for them. Tia also has a very well suited body for Luci.

Tia is also a very natural character, having her moments which can be seen as good or bad, she's a little bit of a loaner and would be very happy to live in this world on herself for company however is seen as the life of the party when she goes going, just needs a little something to get her motivated.

A Brief History of Tia's Past

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As she was growing up, Tia lived a fairly normal life, working class family, and did all the key things while growing up from a child, to a young lady and then to the woman she is today. Life was always 'ok' for this girl, always saw things on the bright side of life, though quiet and firm of her beliefs.

she has never been an up front loud person, but way always a solid character, and did what she wanted, never following a crowd, just kept her head down and got on with things.

Tia's sexual side had never bloomed. It was seen as a 'side' issue. Tia had better things to get on with than to do relationships, even if she knew what a healthy one could bring. Tia was and still is a dedicated person towards her work and craft.

She'd experimenting with both genders, being of open mind, even if she was a little shy of her body. They happened.. and fun for the time, but... nothing 'special'... ever grew out of it, and love was just a over rated word.

Work came in the shape of a 'girly' magazine in the fashion section. Tia started off small and worked her way up, but really enjoyed her work. It wasn't long before she was the sensation of the office and helped sales with her influence in the mag.

Time passed and all seemed well.... money was good, with nobody but herself to spend it on. However the jobs satisfaction started to dry up for her. No matter how much she tried, there was a lack of freedom from restrictions. Tia YENNED for something more.

Totally out of her mind over this all, she handed in her resignation and P45 followed. This was to be her leave to the office environment. Her friends and colligates where shocked naturally, but they also wanted to see Tia happy, and knew it was killing her working in the office, so with a healthy donation as a farewell, she left to seek her freedom in the world.

What Tia finally settled on was being creative and that of an art culture and craft bound direction.. and through all sorts of mediums, she painted, sculpted, designed and created clothes of all shapes and designs.

she produced some wonderful things from all that had been bottled up inside her all these years. It however dawned on her that, even with the money good for now, that she'd need to light income to keep her head above water and that's when the idea of the studio struck her.

Tia would buy out a house or flat and convert it into a shop studio for her art, but also open it up for her designs to be created in there and maybe another place to call home...? it was a wild idea, and a big dare, but she wanted to go that one step further into the unknown.

Months passed and with allot of hard work, contractors and decorators; the place was done up in all its spender. Tia was so overwhelmed by what she had done, but relished in the emotion. Now she had to keep the art coming and seek new ideas in her designs, easier said then done!

Seeking ideas lead her to think about live, death, life's perception but also greatly sexuality was a key in many of the artists life's and works she's studies... inspired by this, she decided to look into her sexual side more, experimenting with her body through art.

Dating again and throwing herself into it almost like a whore, Tia found a side of her life that had lay dormant for so many years. Life had turned into a hedonistic rush, with no sign of stopping.

When serving in her studio she would find clients of similar tastes and latch onto these people and discovered the whole world new to her. It wasn't long before her experiences had had an influence on her, and her designs. Life was good... business wasn't too bad ether. Everything was going well.

One late night inside the studio, Tia was designing concepts of the idea of runes from different cultures and her own designs.. she worked hard for hour coming up with some radical concepts before retiring for the night.

Just before her eyes closed and the dreams from sleep began, one final design ran through her head... knowing it'd remain in her mind for a little moment longer , she grabbed the closest inking pen, and scribbled it down, her body being the closest canvas. Satisfied with this great looking idea she went back to bed for the night.

When Tia awoke a new body awaited her. She'd had a ropy dream, tossing and turning, and feeling like things where in her way, only to find it was her new attributes growing and rubbing against her and around the bed room.

The ink from the markings the night before had sank and faded into her skin without trace and all that could be see now is her transformation! Tia could never recall the design she'd used despite her best efforts.

Days passed as she continued to grow out in different ways... not knowing what to do, she just tried her hardest to stop playing with her body but it brought her so much joy. Her body had changed into that of a sexually enhanced hermaphrodite?!

Tia's mind was in a daze for months as the final shape took form.... a body with huge long gravity defying breasts, a active and erect penis, testicles, some tendrils around her penis and a vagina and clit that looked like that had been pumped up with air.

The days rolled by as she lay in her shop fucking herself and playing with her new form, with shop shut of course. Only after her sexual lust had died down however, she realized that she'd be stuck in the shop forever more! she couldn't go out... what would become of her?!

Fortune seemed to smile upon Tia, not only did her life change for the better, and her body be that of a goddess, but her body's internal body has ceased the need for in taking food! She could live off her own sexual liquids, and dared not to try without, just in case (as well as being an excuse to masturbate with herself)

Continually trying to find a solution, it clicked that the original transformation cause would be close to the solution. The Runes!?! it had suddenly come back to her.... she tried to remember what it was she put down originally... but failed to recall.... it was like a black hole in her mind....

Research again begin into the designs of similar runes.... but this time, rather to find the same again, or to help it from expanding out. Many days passed with different marks of paper dotted around the studio...

she was desperate to find a way in which to join society... leaving now, she'd get caught by the cops and probably tested in by scientists the rest of her life.... there had to be another way out of this. She just prayed that the mind that did this could do a solution.

Opening her eyes she saw that once again she'd collapsed on the desk and in her chair... looking down she saw the river of love juice flowing from her open pussy and still dripping slowly out her cock.... she can't recall cumming like so... nor did she known how long her body had been leaking.... close to crying she slammed her fist into the table...

A piece of the paper had stuck to her hand with the cum from her pussy still making things sticky. She didn't notice, nor care... her life.... is was so wonderful, and it still is... but.... life would never be the same being locked up in a building all by herself.

Probably after several minutes she looked down..... but... she should see her legs!? her breasts had... shrunk once again! The paper on her hand had somehow countered her growth....

Right away she produced many many more, hundreds of them, just to make sure of her ability to be safe should it happen again. Ripping it off, a tense moment of testing her body within seconds shot out and changed deep within side her, one test down.... she placed back on another seal, a protection rune.... and her body started to shrink back where it'd mutated the 1st time.

Tia now still live happily inside her studio and home (with her studio starting to become her new home) she works hard but also plays hard.... showing a select few her body, but mostly keeping it to herself and her hands.

One thing Tia's not used to yet, but is slowly growing on her is cleaning up her mess.... she finds licking up on by tongue has the best results, and acts as her food substitute... seems her life change really has been very dramatic.


A story note - The world which this happens is not of a secret land alike the other hermaphrodites prior to Luci's design.

Extra Information About 'Over the Top' Tia Changes

Some interesting facts for the lovers of the extreme version of Tia and most of the bonus art material and later dojin changes of Tia.

Not made of the same stuff -
Unlike Luci, who aside her in size and weight, she still carry's on with such power and ability, Tia however struggled deeply with extra big sizes and often has to take it very easy.

Tight as a clam shell? -
With a clit like a ball that can droop inside her round pussy bulge, she has a lot of similarities in her vaginal design to that of a clam. From being tight and hard to enter to that of being wide open. She can be pleased with the small and larger items to enter her... she has less control of it though unlike Luci who has near total.

There is also a health side to it, being that a gaping pussy is great for getting aroused, cumming and inserting dildos, hand / feet or what ever, but is often closed normally to nothing 'drifts in'. Always a welcome thing at say the beach, sand is not a pleasant thing to have inside...

Stupid Extra Facts Section

Daft facts about the character that make them more human...

(o) Music - Techno, House, club and digital electric music's.
(o) Hobbies - Creating clothes, drawing designs. Being active, fit and healthy
(o) Pet hates - Brutish people with lack of culture. Complainers and idealists.
(o) Perfect evening - Going out for a show, a little dance and a night in a hotel with a partner.
(o) Life influences. - Escaping and setting up her shop, being free to do as she pleases.
(o) Education background / peak - Post graduate in clothes production and design.

(o) Types of movies - foreign dramas and art house entertainments.
(o) Family - Father deceased, mother and sister alive (no strong bonds with).

(o) Phobias - Small flying insects and spiders.

If Tia was to have a job with the other herm girls she would be the :- Custom Taylor..

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