DyaTech, Chapter 1 by McFruit
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Chapter 1 - The DyaTech corp. gets three new unexpected test subjects and It's left to the heavily body modified Tesla to break the girls in without getting too carried away herself .A heavy dose of overgrowth from author McFruit.

         Disclaimer: This story contains a wide variety of sexual fetishes centering on hermaphrodites, unrealistically gigantic and oversized boobs, nipples, cocks, gaping and other such things.

Note: The author of this story is seeking feedback and thoughts generally about this story, so please contact mcfruit00@yahoo.com with any comments you have.


Chapter 1


Telsa smiled as she unplugged the small cord from the neural implant on the back of her neck. The barely noticeable implant allowed her to uplink with the main company database to access info at speed of a thought. She had been researching information about a very interesting case she had just been assigned to this morning, quite happy to be doing something other than the mundane work that she normally did.

She had accessed reports about a recent accident, involving three girls that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A CCR M3 hovertrunk containing a large variety of DyaTech's newest batch of chemicals had somehow for reasons unknown, veered off the road into a nearby park. It collided with several trees before stopping, damaging the vehicle severely and causing its precious cargo to spill out all over three girls who were having a picnic just a few feet away from the crash site.

The DyaTech's hazmat crew had acted swiftly to clean up the spill, and the girls were taken and detained in a section of company's research lab for their safety. Due to extremely high amount and variety of chemicals dumped on them, they had assigned her, one of the head scientists at Dyatech to watch over and study them. Tesla chucked to herself as she imagined her colleagues reactions to her getting such a sweet deal while they have to do the painstaking work of refining the chemicals for mass production.

DyaTech was in the business of body enhancement, which was done through using certain chemicals that are absorbed through the skin, followed by a pill to activate the growth process. While the chemicals could modify virtually any part of the human body, most of the treatments they've given so far tended to be enhancements based on a persons sexual fantasies, and often far beyond normal proportions. The treatment process relatively new, and was so expensive that normally only the richest were able to afford them.

Elisa Telsa preferred to go by Telsa, and was one of the youngest head scientists at the company at the age of twenty four, with a good part of the company's success being due to her research. As a perk of her position she had been gifted with a large, lavish office space and a salary that went into the millions. However out of all of the perks of her position, her favorite perk was being granted the privilege of been able to use some chemicals on herself to change her body as she pleased.

Like many of her colleagues she became entranced with “hyper” endowed forms that the chemicals had made possible. Her eccentric boss Namia Ruei had been the first to change her body to proportions that could only be described as hyper, and was mostly responsible for starting the whole craze. The treatments had changed Tesla’s body which was before “decent” at best, into one that could stop people in their tracks. She had given herself a enormous bosom and increased the size of certain parts of the female form. She had even gifted herself with a penis due to a suggestion from one of her colleagues.

Telsa adjusted her small circular glasses and got up from her seat, stretching her sore limbs. Telsa stood at 5'8, with dark blue eyes, fair white skin, and long brown hair that she kept in a ponytail. Telsa stood at 5'9, with dark blue eyes, fair white skin, and long brown hair that she kept in a ponytail. She possessed a gorgeous face, with a cute little nose, and big, luscious lips. Her figure was slender, with broad hips that led to her big heart shaped ass.

“It seems that I was busy researching for longer than I thought,” remarked Telsa with a grin as she looked down at her bosom. Each of her massive breasts stuck out two feet from her ribcage, each of her teardrop shaped boobs about the same width across. Their humongous mass covered her whole torso and they hung down a little below her waist.

Telsa had modified her breasts so that they were capable of lactation, but due the extent of the treatments they tended to so quite excessively, and she had to milk herself ever few hours. They were so bloated with milk that she could see the big light blue veins running beneath their skin to her large eight inch wide dark pink areola that was barely covered by her small black bra and were easily visible through the buttoned up white blouse she was wearing.

While she didn’t need a bra as the treatments had made her breasts not only incredibly firm and virtually weightless to her, she wore one made out of special fabric to adsorb the milk that almost constantly dripped from her nipples. Her humongous four inch long and wide nipples looked like soda cans protruding through her bra.

Telsa ran both her hands along each of her breasts, softly moaning as she gave each of them a playful squeeze. Telsa turned her attention to her nether regions as she felt a familiar wetness around her pussy and the tip of her cock. The treatments had caused not only certain parts of her body to become extremely sensitive, but skyrocketed her libido and left her in an almost constant state of semi-sexual arousal.

Down below her huge flaccid three feet long, six inches thick monster cock and its huge pair of testicles were contained in a gigantic specially made black thong that made a huge bulge in her green ankle length skirt. Underneath her thong Telsa always wore a huge condom with her thong to catch the precum that almost constantly drips from her cock and a small super absorbent pad around her pussy.
The only things she was wearing that weren't abused by her incredible endowments were her white lab coat and her red heels.

“It seems like that’s not the only place that could use a little attention,” said Telsa as she squeezed her cock through her skirt.”
“Mmmm, time I better go meet our three little guest so I can hurry up and take care of my own business, “ said Tesla strolling over to her desk.

Telsa picked up her datapad and used it to check the location where girls were located in the lab before she making her way out of her office and headed towards the lab. Telsa blushed slightly as she realized her boobs were so full of milk that she could hear it sloshing around inside her boobs as they bounced along as she walked.

Telsa smiled as she saw a assistant get so entranced by the combo her enormous breasts jigging around in her blouse and her barely contained package swing from side to side, that he ran into a wall, dropping supplies he was carrying all over the floor. “Oh, that never gets old,” giggled Telsa to herself as she reached the elevator. The reason she dressed how she did is she loved seeing peoples reactions from looking at her body.

She rode the elevator down to the ground floor where the research lab was located. After a few short moments reached the part of the lab that housed many of the test subjects used the project. Telsa double checked the datapad to make sure she had the right door, as some of the test subjects required a team to properly handle.

Certain that she had the right door, she put her hand on the palm scanner near the door to confirm her identity, the door slowly opened, revealing the interior of the room. All the test subject housing units were akin to a two or three bedroom apartment, their walls painted white with only as much furniture as necessary.

She walked inside and found the three girls were sitting in a circle talking in the den, clad in the white gowns that had been provided to them. They all stood as they heard the door open and turned around to see who came in. They girls were so surprised when they saw her that all they could do was to wordlessly open and close their mouths. Telsa loved the effect her appearance had on people and she couldn't keep the big smile off her face as they gawked at her. Telsa quickly glanced at her datapad as struggling to remember each of the girls names.

She identified one on the left as Sheryl Waston, a nineteen year old skinny looking girl who stood at 5'5 with fair white skin, long curly brown hair, and big blue eyes. The girl in the middle looked to be Mikyu Hausa, the youngest of them at eighteen, she stood at 5'1, with cinnamon colored skin, small brown eyes, and long black hair that went down to her shoulders on her small frame. The last girl on the right was Cera Reic, a nineteen year old who was the tallest of the bunch at 5'7, with short black hair with matching black eyes, lightly tanned skin and a figure made her look like a tomboy.

“Hello girls, I am Dr. Telsa, a head scientists here at DyaTech. You all had a nasty accident with a few of our chemicals the other day, so we are keeping her for your safety and so we can study any effects on your bodies. All your families have been notified of what happened and we have assured them that we will take good care of you. I have been tasked in watching over you and making sure nothing bad happens to you” said Telsa in her calmest and most reassuring voice as possible.

“Now, you're names are Cera, Mikyu and Sheryl correct.” asked Tesla. Each of the the girls nodded, their eyes trying to decide whether to gawk at the size of her boobs and the huge bugle in her skirt.
“Good. Now that we got introductions out of the way, I'm sure you all have some questions about at least a few certain things, so feel free to ask them.”
At least one of the girls seems to composing themselves somewhat now, as their mouths weren't gaping open even though they were still couldn't quite take their eyes off her boobs.

“Ye...yeah I have a question,” said Cera nervously. “Ar... are those things some sort of super implants or something? And wh..what the hell is that thing making such huge bump in your skirt?”
Tesla smiled at her question, she was hoping one of them would ask about her body. .
“Do any of you know what we do here at DyaTech?” asked Telsa. Each of the girls responding with a uneasy nod of their head that said no.

“Here at DyaTech we produce chemicals are used to modify and enhance the human body in a large variety of ways. This is done by treatments in which depending on how one wants to be changed, they are treated with certain chemicals are absorbed through the skin. We then give them a pill to activate the growth process during which the pill makes them fall asleep as their body changes. Through giving myself treatments, my breasts and nipples vastly increased in size, as well as a few other things. I think maybe a little display is in order to rub out any doubt of these being implants,” said Telsa with a sly smile as she jiggled her breasts a little for effect.

One of the girls opened her mouth as if to say something but promptly closed it as a curious look flashed across her face. Telsa walked over to the nearby desk and put down her datapad, which was soon followed by her lab coat being thrown on top of it. She stretched her arms around her enormous bosom, using her hands to feel out where each button was and started to unbutton her blouse.

The girls watched her unbutton each button of her blouse with the attention normally reserved for watching someone defuse a bomb. She threw her blouse on the desk, and started to slowly take off the straps of her bra, relishing in the attention that they were giving her boobs. Each of the girls arched back as her bra literally launched across the room as she undid its last strap, her breasts now bouncing around uninhibited with milk streaming down each of them her nipples.

“As you can see...,” said Telsa as she slowly sunk her right hand into the soft pillowy flesh of her right breast. “No implant in the world can make something so firm, yet so soft. And as far as I know there are none that can make a woman lactate like what you are witnessing now. If you’re wondering how I am able to walk at all with breasts like this without tremendous back pain, the treatments has changed the muscles of my body so that my breasts feel virtually weightless to me.”

Telsa bit her lower lip to stifle a moan as she started to fondle her huge tits with both her hands, her starting nipples to squirt small streams of milk in response. She stopped fondling her breasts just as soon as she as started, not wanting to make a fool out of herself in front of three girls who is supposed to be watching. As she tore her hands from her bosom she saw that each of the girls had the deer in the headlights look on their faces, and she had to force herself not to laugh or smile to much as she noticed what Mikyu's hand was doing under her gown.

“Now that proven my boobs are real, lets get that bulge under my skirt shall we,” said Telsa.
Telsa undid the zipper with the back of her skirt and was met by a trio of gasps as it fell to the floor revealing her extremely large black thong. She kicked to skirt off to the side and bent down, her huge bosom pressing against her chin and her face as she started to take off her thong.

The girl’s gasps quickly turned to surprised cries as the thong hit her feet. Her colossal three foot long flaccid cock flopped out, slapping against the floor slightly before it head rested between her ankles. The tip of large green condom she was wearing lied on the floor, filled with enough precum to easily fill a gallon sized milk jug. Her huge ballsack plopped out behind her cock, her massive pair of one foot wide testicles hanging at her knees.

“Oh my God...” whispered one of the girls and Telsa just grinned more. She picked up her cock with both hands and slowly slid the huge condom off of her cock, dropping onto the ground with a loud plop. With her condom off her incredible long foreskin which coiled up inside condom was revealed. It hung an incredible twenty inches off the head of her cock, and small white drops of precum dripping out of its tip.

Without letting go of her cock she slowly turned around to show them her big heart shaped ass.
Telsa playful squeeze one of her firm cheeks, and lifted up her leg so they could get a better look at her bald pussy. Her swollen outer pussy lips bulged each out three inches from her crotch in a oval shape, and each of her fat lips two inches wide with her inner pussy lips hanging about two inches out of pussy. She lifted her leg a bit more so they could see her clitoris which was the size of a small egg.

They gazed at her beautiful backside she started to get aroused just from them looking at her, and she could feel her cock and her clit start to harden, and the juices from her pussy start to run down her legs.

She looked behind her curious about the girl’s reactions as she hadn't even heard a gasp out of them since she took off her thong. Sheryl looked to be in total shock, while Cera had a mix of curiosity and amazement written on her face. She was surprised to see that Mikyu wasn't even trying to hide the fact she was masturbating, one of her hands furiously digging into her pussy under her gown while the other rubbed one of her nipples. Cera nudged her shoulder hard with her elbow, and shamed washed across Mikyu face as she realized what she was doing and she tore her hands away from herself put them behind her back.

She silently laughed at Mikyu getting caught masturbating and turned back to the girls holding her huge monster off to her right side. She lightly stoked it, causing a big gob of precum the come out of the tip of her foreskin and splash on the floor.

“As you can see girls...” said Telsa as she lovely admired her huge dick. “Our products can change the human body in many, many different ways.”
“S..so ar... are we going to get hu..huge boobs and all grow dic..penises too?” asked Mikyu, sounding oddly excited.
“Well I can't say for sure being that we don't quite know how much of what chemical spilt on you. From what I can guess, all of you will undergo great psychical and mental changes.”
“Wait a minute, you said the chemicals only change people psychically?” asked Sheryl in a worried voice.
“Well Sheryl a side effect of using chemicals at least to increase one's sexual characteristics is that they experience higher levels of sexual arousal, among other things,” said Telsa as she pointed with one of her hands at her cock which was dripping fat drops of precum on the floor.
“You said the chemicals are activated by a pill right? Can't we just not activate the chemicals in our bodies?” asked Sheryl.
“Once you have absorbed the chemicals into your body they must be activated because they can cause changes or mutations that are harmful to your body. So it is critical to follow my instructions girls,” spoke Telsa emphasizing how important it is for them to listen to her.

Telsa was about to say something more but stopped as she was hit with really strong uneasy feeling, followed by odd tingly sensation all over her body that made her feel a little lightheaded.
Alarms bells went off in Telsa head as she realized that she had just felt the beginning of “the urge.”

One of the side effects of hyper treatments is that rarely the body will experience spontaneous bouts of arousal so extreme that one's whole body literally aches for pleasure. This phenomena was nicknamed “The urge,” as anyone struck with it is soon overwhelmed by the urge to masturbate to relieve the pain, and is portended by a strange tingly sensation over the body.

“That is enough questions for now girls,” said Telsa as hurriedly started to put her condom back on. “I'm sure you've already been told where to find they things that you need in your room and how to use them, but if you have any problem feel free to hit the button by the door to call someone to assist you,” said Tesla quickly as zipping up her skirt. Tesla’s skill dressing with such mammoth proportions was impressive, it showed she had adjusted over time perfectly.

“In each of your bathroom you will find some pills in a container marked with a X that you MUST take to release the chemicals from your body. The pills will cause intense drowsiness, so be sure to be ready for it when you take the pills.” said Telsa trying to stress the importance of her words as she struggled to button up her blouse. She put on her coat and grabbed her datapad, not even bothering to put her bra or thong on as she quickly got them from off the floor.

“Oh, before I forget,” I would strongly suggest that all you go to sleep nude.”
“Why is that?” asked Cera.
“Well,” said Telsa trying to keep her back to the girls so they wouldn't see her hardening nipples and cock. “Because you will all likely experience incredible growth during the night. So it’s best now to wear anything don't wake up with ruined clothes due to any transformations. Anyway I have some urgent business to attend to so I have to leave. We WILL be monitoring you to make sure you take the pills, so just make it easy for everyone and be sure to take them alright girls?” said Telsa halfway out the door.
“Alright,” they said in unison.
“Good, I shall see you girls in the morning.” said Telsa as rushed out and closing the door behind her.

“Damn,” cursed Telsa under her breath as she saw as parts of her body started to swell with lust. Her areola's started to get puffy, and the front of her blouse was started to get drenched in the milk streaming from her now hard six inch long nipples, that were almost as wide as soda bottles. As she walked trying to look as calm as possible, her three and a half feet long bobbed in front of her as her balls slapped against her thighs.

Telsa's body momentarily shuddered in pleasure as her now erect six inch long, one inch thick clit brushed against her ballsack. “Why does this always happened at the worst times? I gotta get to the office and handle this before its gets out hand.” said Telsa as she moved her balls to the side with one hand. She picked up her pace using a hand to keep her balls from touching her growing clit, and could her the wet squishy sounds her bugling pussy squishing between her legs.

She head towards one of the least used elevator knowing that even if it took her a bit longer to get to her office there would be a lower chance of someone spotting her. While all of her colleagues had suffered from the urge at some point, for some unknown it was considered to be a huge embarrassment to be caught in the middle of it. Telsa could remember how long it took her friend Kayla to live down what happened when they found her in the break room in the middle of the urge furiously masturbating.

“So far, so good,” thought Telsa as she got into the elevator. She was glad there was nobody else walking in the in test subject section where she visited the girls. She slammed her hand button to go to the floor of her office and lean on one of the elevator's walls. “Oh god I hope that nobody sees me like this,” said Telsa lightly panting.

Telsa closed her eyes, and tried to think of everything she could to keep her rising erotic thoughts at bay. She tried doing math equations in her head to cool her burning lust, but that only made her hornier as she imagined X growing a cock and fucking the equal sign. “Maybe I don't look as bad as I think.” thought Telsa to herself. “I mean its pretty common to see someone walking around semi-hard. Maybe if I'm not too big no one will think too much of it.”

“Oh crap,” said Telsa as opened her eyes and looked at her reflection in the walls elevator. Its common for people a little aroused, she was a lot more than a little aroused. Her blouse was so stretched it looked like it was painted on her huge bosom. Both her breasts were getting so swollen with milk that her titflesh started oozing out both the top and bottom of her blouse. Her nipples started to resemble soda bottles, and the front of her blouse was so wet with milk that was squirting from them that it was practically transparent.

Her cock was turning a deep shade of purple and huge veins running along her shaft. The condom was filled with so much precum in the tip that resembled a small beach ball, and she had to hold on to it with one hand to keep it from falling off.

After what seemed like an entirety the elevator finally reached her floor. She peeked out of the elevator back first to see if anyone was there, and was relieved to see that the coast was clear. She stuffed her datapad and clothes into her cleavage and used one hand to hold onto the condom, while the other keep her balls from hitting her clit as she started to jog in the direction of the office. “Aww, to hell with this,” screamed Telsa in her mind as she started to feel full extent of the urge coming on and broke out into a run.

As she reached the big blue door of her office disaster struck. The front of her blouse exploded from the motion of her breasts bouncing so violently and her huge now one and a half foot long nipples spray arcs of milk into the air. She frantically squeezed the sides of her boobs to prevent her datapad and her clothes falling out. She almost immediately regretted the decision as her ballsack swung hard into her clit.

She couldn't hold back any longer and screamed as her pussy sprayed juices all over her legs and her cock erupted with so much cum it launched the condom into the air before landing and exploding on the floor close by like a water balloon. Telsa gritted her teeth and grabbed her datapad, hit a button to open the door to her office and ran through it at a breakneck speed and closed the door.

“Thank goodness that nobody saw me on the way here,” breathed Tesla in relieve as she leaned on the door. She winced as she was hit with another wave of lust. Both her legs and shoes were covered in juices from her pussy running down her legs. She quickly kicked off her shoes and skipped over to her O-room, throwing her clothes and datapad onto her desk as she passed by.

The O-room was a special room that many offices had that provide a place that people like her can go to and masturbate and be able to easily clean up the mess. It was a medium sized light blue room with a big drain in the middle of the floor. A long bench sat along one wall while the other was lined with various types of sex toys.

Telsa took a moment to think, quickly looking over her collection of dildos, trying to decide which one she wanted. “There you are my big beautiful,” said Telsa as ran up and hugged what was one of her favorite dildo's. Its sheer size would easily have split a normal woman in two, but thanks to the treatments her body could easily stretch to accommodate it. It was big black one and a half foot long dildo, that was about a foot thick, that she had nicknamed the punisher due to the fact that its surface studded with large bumps that stuck as far out as a thumb.

She rubbed the tip of her cock all over it, lubing it up with the milky white precum that was oozing out of her cock. Pushing her massive cock between her cleavage, she set it on the ground and held her breath as she started to slowly ease her ass onto it. grunting from with as it's length entered her puckering asshole.

She loved the mixture of pain and pleasure that came with the huge spiked dildo stretching her tight asshole, and Telsa exhaled loud gasp of pleasure as she finally shoved the last of its length into her ass. While the treatments somewhat reduced the visible effects of taking such a large object, here was still a somewhat noticeably bulge in the shape of the dildo in her belly. While the feeling of having something so big in her ass was incredible, her pussy desperately ached to be filled also.

She slowly got up and grabbed another one of her favorite dildo's which she had nicknamed the flamingo. It was a bright pink ribbed dildo, that was half as thick as the punisher but was three feet long. There was no need to lubricate it as her pussy was overly wet enough, and she sat it on the ground slid almost it's entire length into her pussy with ease.

She got on her back and used her feet to thrust it in and out of her cunt as she tit-fucked her breasts as feverish rubbed the shaft of her massive cock which was now a shade of dark pink and was hot to her touch. Using her hands to bend her cock so its enormous head was facing hers, Tesla caress with her long as gobs of precum gushed over her face. She thrust her tongue into its urethra as she used her feet to pump the dildos faster and faster into her aching holes.

She pointed her cock upward as she felt herself getting close to cumming so she wouldn't be hit by her cum. Telsa eyes rolled back as she screamed with pleasure as she climaxed a few seconds later. Telsa cock erupted with cum like geyser into the air, shooting cum so far up that it hit the ceiling before it started to rain down on the ground. The dildo in her pussy flew across the room as her pussy unleashed a huge torrent of girl love cum.

Her body shuddering about as she orgasmed for five minutes straight. The automated systems of the O-room kept her from not drowning her in own fluids as little spiders robots emerge from the walls and quickly collected her fluids and deposited them in the huge drain in the middle of the floor.
“Oh...my...God,” said Telsa weakly as she struggled to get to her feet. Normally so could only cum for a minute at max,

“I supposed all and all that wasn't too bad,” said Telsa meekly as she sat leaning against the wall. “I may have made a little mess in the hallway out there, but at least no one saw me cumming myself silly.”

Tesla grunted as she got to her feet, still a bit weak from the intensity of the urge. When she walked out of the O-room she was greeted with the sight of the carnage she had wrought getting the O-room. There was a huge trail of milk and other assortments that led from the door to the O-room, and it was a wonder she didn't slip on any of it.

“Cleaning process 23,” commanded Telsa. More tiny spider like robots responding to her voice emerged from the hidden spaces of her office an went to work cleaning up the mess. Telsa now flaccid cock dragged along the floor as walked over to her desk and plopped down in her chair.

“My, My quite a day its been,” sighed Telsa. She wasn't worried about her busted blouse, as she kept spares in her office just in case and while she made quite a mess in the hallway, it was nothing that the janitors hadn't seen before.

“But I have a feeling it will be nothing compared to what those girls will be experiencing when they wake up tomorrow,” said Telsa as she rested in her chair. She couldn't help but smile as she wondered what freakish marvels she would find when she visits them tomorrow. She would have to research about the chemical contained on that truck among other things, but for now she was going to rest.


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