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Contents - Here in this section you'll find stories which are on a par with the art material. Ether falling to the categories of weird, size, growth, breast expansion, gaping / stretching and all that good stuff.

Who owns what? - Stories presented on this website have all the rights reserved to the original authors - I just hosting them. Enjoy!

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Seeking Authors - I am seeking authors to help create stories for this site, based on it's sexual themes. Only a very small handful have stayed as a site author and helped, so I am ALWAYS looking for more help.

What do you need? - Well for one, I'm happy for anybody to try their hand at this. If you have a background in writing, wonderful, but I'll take somebody who is equally as interested in writing too even if they have no experience. You would have to have a liking for one or more of the sites sexual themes. The more over the top, the better! You can do what you want, short or epic stories.

What would you get out of it? - I would naturally offer story ideas, growth / development ideas, help, revisions, placement on this website and most important of all, a good chance I can add a drawing from me next to your story!

Interested? - If you want to have a go, shoot me a email and see what we can do to work it out!. .

Do you have any material like this?


Worth sharing? - If you have a story which would be good to see in this section? Then please consider offering it to me, even if you have not written the story. This material is so rare, its nice to find anything at all!

Send it! - If you could Email me at . It's very hard to get this kind of material and I'm sure I can give you a little reward.

Tag Fetish Themes Explained

Hermaphrodite characters inside the story.
Overgrown. Anything of massive sexual parts in scale or size.
Breast Explanation. Growing of bigger / More breasts. Just big tits will be under 'Size'.
Stretching, Vaginal widening, Insertions, Vaginal modification, anal gaping ETC...
Anything beyond the other fetishes categories.
Underline Bondage theme in the story.


DyaTech By McFruit


Synopsis - Based on a body changing corporation, it sees the unusual extreme sexual growths of girls as they change into sexual goddesses or monsters. Growths in all areas - Please Email McFruit with feedback and surrgestions on any of his stories.
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Tags - Herm, Size, BE, Gape
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Chapter 1 - The DyaTech corp. gets three new unexpected test subjects and It's left to the heavily body modified Tesla to break the girls in without getting too carried away herself .A heavy dose of overgrowth from author McFruit.
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Chapter 2.1 - The first part of Chapter 2, coz tis a big damn chapter! Focusing on the mutational changed of Maikyu the morning after as she paints her room with all the new equipment she's acquired overnight.
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Chapter 2.2 - with Miyku outside her room she quickly goes to investigate the other girls and see their crazy transformation . Cera is the focus in this chapter, will Maiku get her wish of being with her long time 'friend'?


Accidental Profits [i.G.A.P.E.S.] By Chiron (at home)


Synopsis - Created for me and the site (I feel so privileged) after a several year gap since his last, Chiron took a lot of ideas I had in mind about what I could do with the i.G.A.P.E.S. girls and made this rather special story from my ideas. Email feedback welcomed!
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Tags - Size, BE, Gape
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Story - set in a neo future boardroom the VW Genetech company discusses it's latest plans with a new project launch. A story which is based heavily on the i.G.A.P.E.S. girls semi cannon, so worth a read, though I've changed a bit in the final version / background of the girls.

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