DyaTech, Chapter 2.1 by McFruit
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Chapter 2.1 - The first part of Chapter 2, coz tis a big damn chapter! Focusing on the mutational changed of Maikyu the morning after as she paints her room with all the new equipment she's acquired overnight.

         Disclaimer: This story contains a wide variety of sexual fetishes centering on hermaphrodites, unrealistically gigantic and oversized boobs, nipples, cocks, gaping and other such things.

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Chapter 2.1

Mikyu softly groaned as she began to wake up. There was a pleasant, warm feeling, cascading throughout her body that made her feel relaxed and happy. Mikyu slowly opened her eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the bright light coming from the orb shaped lighting fixture overhead.  She was slightly confused for a moment at the sight of two large, light tan colored mounds that appeared to be sitting on her chest. Rubbing the crumbs out of her eyes, she glanced once again at the large bumps the color of her skin which where blocking her view.

“Oh my god,” cried Mikyu, quickly sitting up in bed as she was hit with the realization that those mounds were hers. Her hands flew immediately to her new breasts, astonished by their size. No longer did she have little A-cup size bumps that masqueraded as breasts, as each of her boobs had ballooned in size to the point that they were each easily larger than a basketballs. 

Her huge boobs were shaped like ripe melons, sticking out about a foot and a half from her chest and a little over a foot across. They sat so high on her chest that her chin was only a few inches away from the top of her breasts, and from what she could tell, their bulk took up most of her torso. Mikyu prodded of her boobs with a finger, amazed to feel how firm they were considering their size. Her huge chest felt so weightless that she had to poke both of them again just to make sure they were real.

Oh hell yes, those chemicals really did work, thought Mikyu to herself with a huge grin on her face as she lightly cupped each of her tits. Mikyu could barely contain her excitement about her new breasts. She always hated being so flat chested, and deeply envied the size of the bosom her friend Sheryl had. She never knew why Sheryl always covered her chest up with baggy clothes and dresses, as if she had a pair like hers she would have shown hers off for the world to see. Since she first saw Telsa yesterday and learned about the effects chemicals, she was desperately hoping she would get boobs at least half as big as Telsa, among a few other things

She ogled her new boobs, her eyes tracing the large blue veins barely visible underneath her skin to her unusually large, puffy dark brown areolas. She gasped in amazement at the sheer size of her areolas, as they were so gigantic that each of them completely dominated the front of each breast. They looked to each be a foot wide, puffing out in the shape of a dome two inches from her breasts. Their surface was covered in small fleshy bumps that were almost half a inch long just by themselves. Jutting out from the center of each of her areola's was a massive four inch long, four inch thick nipples which pointed outwards.

“God, its great to have such a huge pair of fat tats,” said Mikyu grinning as she shook her boobs around. “I don't know about my areola's though. I mean, it is sorta hot that their so big...and dark...and bumpy...”said Mikyu circling each of them with a finger. “Oh, I wonder if I can lactate just like Telsa?”

Squeezing her right breast, Mikyu gleefully watched as some fat drops of milk squirted out of her huge nipple. She squeezed it again, this time catching some of the milk with her other hand.  “Mmmmm, its soooo creamy,” remarked Mikyu sampling her milk. Her milk was mildly sweet, and so thick and creamy that it almost had more in common with yogurt than milk.

Mikyu started to lightly caress both of her breasts, reveling at their size. Out of all of the new sensations that came with her new huge breasts, the one she enjoyed most was the feeling of her titflesh oozing out between her fingers each time she gave one of her breasts a hard squeeze, causing her nipples to squirt small streams of milk on the bed. She was surprised at how sensitive the skin of her areolas where, just rubbing them sent waves of pleasure throughout her breasts and down her spine all the way to her pussy.

“I didn't think...my nipples...would be so sensitive,” said Mikyu moaning as she rubbed her huge nipples. Doing anything more than lightly caressing her nipples was almost too much for her due to how sensitive they were.  Moaned and whimpered softly while she kneaded the dark brown flesh of her areola with one hand as the other softly rubbed one of her fat nipples.

While she was busy fondling her breasts, she stopped as she felt one of her hands bump into something around the bottom of her breasts. What was particularly odd to her was that there should have been nothing there for her hand to bump into to. Using her hands to part her breasts, she looked down to see what her hand had hit. 

“OH. MY. GOD!” gasped Mikyu as she saw what lay between her legs. She didn't know what surprised her more, the fact that resting between her legs was now grotesquely huge cock with an equally large pair of balls which one of her hands had bumped into, or the fact that she some how not noticed it before.  Her humongous ballsack was a semi-dark chocolate brown color, sitting on top of her thighs. It held a massive pair of testicles that had to be each bigger than her head.

Her gargantuan cock was the same dark shade of brown as her ballsack, resting peaceably on top of it. Mikyu couldn't believe how big it was just soft, it was so long it went past her feet almost to the edge of the bed, and was easier thicker than both of her legs put together.

She got on her knees on the bed to get a better look at her humongous new cock. She was half shocked, half overjoyed at the sight of her new gargantuan dick. One thing that nobody knew about her besides Cera, who had only found out from walking in on her too many times while she was looking at it, was that she was into really, really, freaky porn. She loved anything featuring “dickgirls”, and people with unrealistically huge size genitals and other such stuff that could only exist in the world of fantasy.

Her hands trembled in excitement as she slid them across the soft, wrinkly skin of her shaft. She estimated it to be at least being an incredible six feet long, and about a foot thick. She glanced at her enormous ballsack, running her hand across its hairless, loose skin. Each of her orb shaped testicles looked to be one foot across, almost rivaling her breasts in size. The sight of new enormous genitals made her so happy that tears came to her eyes.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Ooooooohhhhhhh Heelllllllll yyyyyeeeaaahhhhh!” screamed Mikyu, pumping her fist in the air as she did a little dance on her knees on the bed. “Oh God yes! I was hoping so much that hhuuuugggggeee dick just like Telsa from yesterday. This is even bigger than I dreamed it would be.   God, I bet it’s even bigger than Telsa's!” said Mikyu joyfully.

She paused her celebrations, as she happened to catch the sight of her reflection in the mirror that was positioned on the wall facing the bed. “Oh wow... those chemicals did a lot more then I thought,” said Mikyu settling down as she gazed at her reflection. “I didn't think they would give me a full body makeover too.”

Mikyu almost couldn't believe the image in the mirror was her own. While her face looked cute before, now it looked absolutely gorgeous. Her previously thin lips were full and pouty, her shoulder length black hair shinier, her skin smoother, and even her big brown eyes looked brighter.

“Thank goodness I don't have the figure of a stick anymore,” said Mikyu smiling as she looked at her figure. She actually had some wide, womanly hips, and a huge peach shaped ass to go with it. “Gawd, my ass is huge!” remarked Mikyu squeezing one of her firm cheeks. Turning to her side to get a better look at her butt she saw her big ass was nearly two feet wide.

“Hmm, I wonder if my pussy changed as much as rest of me. I wonder if I can even SEE my pussy anymore,” said Mikyu laughing. Due to the fact her huge cock and balls blocked any view of her pussy from the front; she would have to use the mirror if she wanted to even see her pussy.

Lying on her side, she positioned her body so her huge dick wouldn't block her view, and lifting up her leg straight up in the air. Looking over her shoulder at her reflection, she gasped as she saw how much her pussy had changed in the mirror.

Her outer pussy lips were so swollen that they looked almost like halves of a peach. They stuck out two inches from her crotch forming a oval shape, with inner pussy lips hanging out about six inches out of her cunt, each of her meaty flaps about as thick as a finger. Mikyu was surprised to see her clit was so big that it was the size of a normal penis, about six inches long and two inches thick.

“My pussy looks just like those women, who use pumps and stuff to make their pussy look bigger,” said Mikyu looking at her crotch. Moving her hand down to her pussy, she stroked her swollen outer labia. Her fat lips were soft, almost like marshmallows, and just as sensitive as her enormous areolas were.  “Mmmm, delicious roast beef,” said Mikyu smiling as her fingers played with her long, floppy inner pussy lips. Mikyu was pleasantly surprised by how good it felt to tug and pull on them.

“I can see why women get their inner labia pierced with those huge rings. That constant tugging has to feel fantastic.” said Mikyu stretching out her inner pussy lips.  Spreading her slick inner lips wide open, she inserted two fingers into her pussy. “God...my pussy is soooo tight.” said Mikyu churning her fingers inside her pussy. She was so tight that she had trouble moving around her two fingers in her cunt. However, the incredible tightness of her pussy made the sensation of her fingers stretching her pussy out so much more stronger, and the walls of her pussy so sensitive that just rubbing them sent jolts of pleasure all the way to her nipples.

Playing with her pussy was almost like she was discovering the pleasure of masturbation all over again.
Entranced by pleasure, she closed her eyes those two fingers soon became three, with three becoming four,  and four becoming five, till her whole fist was shoved up to her wrist in her pussy.

“Whoa! I got my whole hand up there?” said Mikyu opening her eyes and seeing her fist stuffed in her cunt. Taking her hand out of her cunt she saw it was covered in the milky white goo of her cunt juices. Bringing her hand near her face, lick her delicious pussy juices off her hand. “Mmm, I don't know which tastes better, my milk or my pussy. “ said Mikyu licking her lips. “With my pussy super tight like that I wonder how tight my asshole is.”

Lubing a finger up with her pussy's juices, she slowly slipped a finger into her big ass. “Oh, God,” grunted Mikyu sticking her finger into her butt. It was indeed even tighter than her pussy, so much so that she was having trouble fitting even one finger in her ass. The sensation of fingering her asshole was much more sudden and intense, causing her nipples and pussy to gush their respective juices on the bed. Mikyu pulled her finger out almost as she slipped it in, but she almost couldn't resist the urge to jam her finger back in. Her asshole almost too sensitive for her play with, she rubbed her finger in a circular motion its rim, tweaking and pinching her tender hole.

Turning her attention to her big, six inch long clit, she gave it a light squeeze it with her thumb and forefinger. Mikyu almost shrieked as her hips jerked and her pussy squirted on her ballsack.  

“Man, I didn't think my clit would be THAT sensitive,” said Mikyu surprised at how her body reacted. “Just touching it made my boobs feel all tingly.” Looking at her breasts, Mikyu eyes started to grow wider as she began to notice that they looked like they we changing. very slowly. “Are...are they getting bigger?” said Mikyu in disbelief sitting up in her bed. A warm feeling enveloped her breasts, followed by what felt like someone pumping her boobs with milk. Mikyu groaned as she squeezed her boobs in an attempt to relieve them of the milk they were becoming so full of, but they were producing milk too fast for Mikyu to do anything.

They started to significantly expand in size, growing bigger and fatter as they produced more and more milk. They grew till her breasts stuck out two feet from her ribcage, each of them almost one and a half feet across, their mass now taking up her entire torso. While they kept their firmness, the skin of her breasts were so tight they was almost like water balloons.

“My boobs can expand to? This is the best fucking body ever!” said Mikyu grinning madly looking at her inflated knockers. “Oh wow...even my areolas got bigger too,” said Mikyu looking at their dark brown flesh. They were just as wide as each of her breasts if not wider, still completely covering the front of her boobs. The warm feeling around her breasts seemed to jump to her areolas, and she saw each of them starting to her puffier and her nipples harder. 

Mikyu gasped as she watched her huge areolas started to distend outwards, growing till they protruded six inches from her breasts. They looked almost like large brown bowls attached to her breasts, the multitude of fleshy bumps along their surface was now each about a inch long, with her gigantic eight inches long, five inches thick erect nipples jutted out in the center.

Putting her hand over one areola, it sank into its soft brown flesh as she squeezed it. The resulting sensation sent jolts of pleasure down her spine both to her pussy and dick causing even the nipple she didn't touch to gush with streams of milk. “Wow, their even more sensitive than before,” said Mikyu lightly rubbing them. She discovered that the little bumps that covered them seemed to magnify the sensation of touching them tenfold.

Mikyu moaned as she felt like her pussy was on fire, her clitoris begging for attention. She got back on her side and looked over her shoulder to get a better view of her crotch. “Holy shit,” said Mikyu, awe struck as she noticed was how huge her clit had gotten. Her light pink clit had somewhat darken in color, and now standing erect, it almost looked like a huge, slender pink dick. Easily longer than any normal man’s penis, it was at least two feet long and about three inches thick.

“Man, my outer pussy lips are so fat it looks like I got a small cantaloupe between my legs, “said Mikyu looking at her cunt. Her outer labia had swelled up further; jutting four inches from her pussy and each lip about three inches wide and still formed an oval like shape. Even her inner pussy lips got longer and fatter, now spilling almost eight inches out of her pussy.

Putting her hand near her crotch she could feel the heat radiating from her huge pussy, and it was so wet her thighs were already soaked in its juices. Mikyu took a deep breath, inhaling the wondrous aroma of her pussy. She was hit with a sudden, overwhelming desire to play with her cunt that pushed all of her other thoughts aside. Her hands compelled by her desire, dove into her eager pussy. Mikyu moaned loudly as she squeezed her swollen outer lips with one hand as the other tugged on her long inner lips. Jamming her fingers into her cunt, she found that her pussy seemed to tighten aroused, and it felt like her pussy was lightly sucking on her fingers.

Mikyu shoved more fingers into her greedy cunt, moaning and panting as her pussy gushed juices all over her legs. “Oh, fuck,” screamed Mikyu jamming two fingers into her asshole. It felt more sensitive then before, causing her huge pussy lips to quiver each time she thrust her fingers in and out of her big ass. Eager for more pleasure, she took her hand out of her sopping wet cunt, and grabbed enormous hard clit, pumping it like a dick.

The pleasure was so intense that she couldn't bear touching after ten seconds. Mikyu shrieked as her pussy had a mini-orgasm, ejaculating over her bed. “Damn,” said Mikyu panting. “I don't even think that was a full orgasm, and it was better than any orgasm I've ever had!” Her thoughts clearing a bit, she looked at her dick and noticed that it was still soft, unaffected by the stimulation of her nipples and clitoris.

 “Gawd, I thought it would be hard by now after all that.,” said Mikyu sitting up slightly annoyed that she was still flaccid. “Well, now that I think about it, it sorta of took a while for my pussy and nipples to get hard. So maybe I just need simulate my cock a bit more to get it up.”

The more Mikyu looked at her cock, the more she started to notice some strange things about it. For one she noticed a large bump near the middle of her shaft, and her dick seemed to get somewhat thinner near the end of it. Curious about the bump and a few other things, she dragged her huge member toward her so that its tip was facing her. 

“Oh my God....” gasped Mikyu as she saw the tip of her foreskin. While she had expected to have foreskin a bit like Telsa's cock, she didn't expect to have so much. Her foreskin was so incredibly thick that the tip of it formed what looked to be a huge donut. “Oh wow, its sooooo thick,” said Mikyu pinching some of her foreskin between her fingers. Mikyu had to guess that her foreskin was six inches thick just by itself, and started to seriously wonder just how much of her dick was actually her dick.

“Maybe that huge bump is... is the head of my penis,” said Mikyu thinking aloud. “If that is its head, then damn, that thing is huge. I wonder what the inside of my foreskin looks like.” Using both her hands to grab opposite the edges of her foreskin she started to stretch it wide open till it was wide enough that her head could easily fit inside. “Wow, its so stretchy and loose,” said Mikyu still tugging her foreskin.

She gasped in awe as she peered inside of the depths her foreskin. The inside of her foreskin was looked almost like looking into the inside of a huge gaping vagina. Its inner walls were a strange light shade of pink, and the inside of her foreskin was extremely moist and humid, with some sort of clear sticky, slimly goo, oozing off of its walls. The inside of her foreskin smelled wonderful, and it was so hot inside of it that it was like a mini sauna, and she could feel the heat against her face as she looked around inside. Looking closer she saw that little tiny ridges lined inner walls of her foreskin, that made Mikyu think of the ridges on a ribbed dildo.

“Wow...I've never seen anything like this. Not even in those really weird mangas where they have people who are almost made out of dicks.” said Mikyu in awe.  “I wonder what that gooey stuff is dripping off the walls, as it can't be precum, or at least I don't think it is.” Inquisitive about her unusual foreskin she stuck her hand inside.

Its walls were so coated with the strange slime that she didn't even have to touch its walls to collect some of the goo.  Bringing her hand to her nose she sniffed it, finding that it didn't really smell like anything. Gingerly sticking out her tongue to taste it, she discovered that it tasted exactly how it smelled. 

“Well I guess the goo is there to...lube up my dick when it gets hard or something. The inside of it kinda reminds of something but I can't think of what it is.  I wonder what’s up with all those ridges on the inner walls of my foreskin though.” said Mikyu.  Sticking her hand back inside her foreskin, she rubbed it along its ribbed walls. Rubbing them felt strangely pleasurable, the sensation akin to fingering her pussy.

“Oh...wow...that...feels...sooooo goood,” purred Mikyu as she caressed the inner walls of her foreskin.  She became intrigued by the new sensation of pleasure from stroking the inside her foreskin, and started kneading and squeezed it inner walls with both hands, and soon most of her forearms were covered in the slimly goo from her foreskin.

Mikyu gasped in surprise as she felt her dick jerk, and taking her hands out of her foreskin she looked at the large bump in her foreskin that she assumed to be her cockhead, seeing that it was slowly moving through her dickhood. Mikyu clasped her hands and bounced on her knees as she watched her cock start to stir. She was giddy like a child on Christmas morning waiting to open their present as she watched her cock grow.

“Get bigger, get bigger, get bigger,” chanted Mikyu urging her cock on. While her cock stopped growing before it even reached the tip of her foreskin, however Mikyu was still ecstatic about its size. Judging the position of the huge bump made by her dickhead, erect her dick was around four feet long, and from what she could tell, it was maybe a few inches thicker.

“Oh this is so freaking fantastic,” shouted Mikyu raising her hands up into the air. “I was honestly hoping my foreskin would still hang off of it erect, as I just love the long foreskin look on dickgirls.” Mikyu moaned as she felt something shoot out of her dick, and looking at the end of her foreskin she saw a clear, gooey liquid, oozing onto the bed.

“Oh wow! Is that precum?” said Mikyu excitedly. Eager to try out some of her precum first she quickly scooped some of the precum by the tip of her foreskin. It smelled heavenly, feeling like syrup in her hands, and was just as gooey and sticky. Curious about what it tasted like she brought her hand closer to her face, swallowed a handful of her own precum.

“Mmm, that tastes sooo gooood,” said Mikyu licking her fingers. She loved its sweet flavor that reminded her of warm honey. “God, if my precum tastes this good I can only imagine how good my cum tastes. Now let’s see what my dick looks like under this entire foreskin,” said Mikyu poking her shaft.

Plopping her cock back straight in front of her, she grabbed a handful of the wrinkly skin of her foreskin with both hands, and started to pull it back. She had to pull back almost two feet of her overgrown foreskin before she got close to the huge bump of her dickhead. However she froze, gasping in surprise as she saw something so astonishing that despite how much her body had changed, even she had trouble believing it. 

“Ther... There is no way that can be what I think that is,” said Mikyu in disbelief. She spotted what incredibly looked to be a tip of another foreskin underneath her first one. It was lighter in color than her other foreskin, more of a beige color. While it was much thinner then her other one, at about a inch or two thick it was still thicker than a normal foreskin. Mikyu paused for a moment completely baffled as to why she had a second layer of foreskin. Ready to just see what her penis actually looked like, she yanked her “outer” foreskin back till it was mushed up at the base of her cock looking like some sort of weird beehive.

Mikyu gasped a second time in disbelief at the sight of her obscenely large glans that had been responsible for making the huge bump in her foreskin. She knew it had to be pretty big to make such a big bump in her foreskin, she didn't expect to be as big as it was. Mikyu estimated her to be eight inches thick, her cockhead was so enormous that easily twice as thick as her shaft, making it look disproportionately large compared to it. It was shaped like a huge mushroom, looking to be eighteen inches thick; it was amazingly one foot long just by itself. 

“Holy CRAP,” said Mikyu blow away by the sight of its massive head. “Not only do I have two foreskins, but almost 1/4 of my dick is just the head? Man I really hit the freak jackpot.” said Mikyu laughing. “Well I guess I should see what my cock really looks like, unless there is another foreskin underneath this one.”  

Touching her second foreskin, she found its outside was covered in the gooey slime that coated the inner walls of her outer foreskin.  “Man I hope I can get this back over my fat dickhead afterwards,” chucked Mikyu to herself. Pulling it a little bit over her enormous glans, she finally laid sight on her exposed penis. Both her shaft and her glans were a bright pink color, its glistening flesh having a really soft, spongy look to them. 

Extremely curious about what her own cock felt like, she reached a hand towards her exposed cock. The moment she touched it, she immediately realized the purpose of her second foreskin. Her whole body spasmed, as an explosion of pleasure so great Mikyu almost momentarily blackouted, consumed her body. Mikyu screamed as her dick erupted, shooting streams of precum so far that they hit the mirror, making hard slapping noises when the wads of precum hit the ground. Her nipples shot huge acres of milk into the air, as her pussy sprayed its gooey juices all over her legs.

“Whoa,” said Mikyu still panting from what felt like a mini orgasm. “I guess my second foreskin keeps me from touching it and cumming myself silly.” Carefully making sure to grab the part of her cock covered by foreskin, she bend her dick upwards so she could better look at her oversized glans.

“It really oozing with precum,” said Mikyu gleefully watching the precum constantly flowing out of her dick. It ran down her shaft, covering her hands in its sticky fluid. Mikyu gasped as she noticed the size of her urethra, her six inch wide piss slit looked almost like yawning mouth.

“Wwwhhhooooaaa....” said Mikyu moving her head closer to get a better look at her huge dickhole. “I could probably fit my arm in there. I wonder if urethral stimulation feels as good as it looks in all those doujins.” Mikyu hesitated before reached her hand inside, remembering how incredibly sensitive her penis was. Curiosity beat out any fears about its sensitivity, and she reached a hand inside her urethra.

Mikyu moaned as she caressed the inside of her urethra. The feeling was just as incredible as she thought it would be, and her dick belched wads of precum all over her face and breasts. She opened her mouth wide, eagerly swallowing the precum splashing against her face. “Mmm,” purred Mikyu taking her hand out of her dickhole and licking it off. “It definitely feels just as great as it looks in those dickgirl doujins.”

Looking back at her outer foreskin mushed up at the base of her dick, she found her thinking about why she had two foreskins again. “Well, the second foreskin kinda protects my dick being how sensitive it is, but I wonder what’s up with the first. The inside of it is so slimly, with all those little sensitive ridges along the walls. It’s almost like...sort of... a natural version of those pocket pussy things.” said Mikyu, her eyes widening as she started to understand its purpose.

Eager to try out her theory, she sat her dick back on the bed, wincing her dick gushed precum over the bed as the exposed part of her humongous dickhead touched the sheets.  Pulling her second foreskin back a little farther, she grabbed her thick outer foreskin, pulled it over her shaft and glans. The feeling was incredible, not as intense as her touching it with her bare hand, but a little better than the sensation she felt from rubbing the inside of her urethra.

Mikyu moaned loudly as more streams of precum shot forth out of her piss slit onto her bed that was just about drenched in her bodies sexual fluids. The ribbed surface of the inside of her foreskin felt fantastic against her dick, with the sensation of her gigantic cockhead rubbing the inside of her foreskin felt almost as good.

Mikyu grunted and groaned as she used both her hands to rub her foreskin against her dick as she grinded her huge clit against the back of her balls. As her moans started to increase in volume and intensity, and she wished she had grown an extra pair of arms so she could play with her boobs.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, OH GOD YES!” shouted Mikyu approaching climax.  Mikyu screamed as she came harder than she had ever before, her cock spewing a torrent of precum across the room as her pussy sprayed love juices all over her ballsack and on the bed. Her nipples felt like that had exploded with milk, the contractions of her pussy were so intense that Mikyu fell backwards as it spewed, white gooey girl cum for almost a solid minute. 

“Now that....that was a orgasm,” said Mikyu heavily panting.  Sitting up weakly, she looked at her huge member that was still rock hard and leaking a copious amount of precum. Although she felt a shot of pleasure run through it when she orgasmed, for some reason it didn't feel like it had came with the rest of her body, and she felt a dull ache resonating through her penis.

“Gawd, that’s the first orgasm where I felt hornier then I did before after cumming. Its weird that my dick didn't cum with the rest of me,” said Mikyu putting a hand on her cock. “I don't think it spewed any cum out, unless my cum is the same color of my precum, which I doubt. Maybe it just needs more stimulation or something. Oh, this is a good time try out some of the toys in the dildo closet!” said Mikyu remembering that there was a stash of sex toys in what she had dubbed the dildo closet. When they first put them into this unit the nurse told about how the chemicals might increases their libido, and how there was a closet in each of their rooms filled with a few “toys” to help them relieve any urges that might come up.

Pulling both her foreskins back over her dick, Mikyu started to scoot off of the side of the bed. “Whoa,” shouted Mikyu in surprised as she slipped of the bed, almost thrown off balance from the weight of gigantic ballsack hanging down between her legs. “I didn't expect my ballsack to be so heavy,” said Mikyu adjusting her stance.  “I mean my huge boobs and dick don't feel like they weight anything, but it feels like I got a pair of bowling balls in my sack.”

Mikyu moving her breasts to get a look at enormous sack she gasped as she saw that they hung way past her knees, right at her ankles almost touching the floor. “Oohhhh, talk about a pair of low hangers,” giggled Mikyu. “I guess they hang so low because of how heavy they are,” said Mikyu nudging her sack with her foot.  Taking a few experimental steps, she found that she had to greatly adjust how she walked and moved thanks to her new oversized appendages.

She had to waddle around like a duck with her legs spread so she wouldn't kick around her jumbo nutsack too much, and turning around without bumping into things with her colossal four foot long dong took some getting use to. There was a loud squishy sound, each time she took a step as her fat, swollen outer labia that formed almost a cantaloupe sized oval between her legs gushed its juices over her legs each time her thighs squished between them.

Walking was almost an act of subtle masturbation by itself. Her massive two-foot long clitoris brushed up against the loose low hanging skin of her ballsack as her pussy squished between her thighs.  While her second foreskin protected her sensitive dick somewhat, she could still felt the ridges of her outer foreskin rubbing against her dick as she walked. 

Mikyu found herself completely enthralled by how her body looked in motion. She relished that though that she was so over endowed that simple tasks like walking proved to be somewhat of a challenge for her. She loved the way her watermelon plus sized jugs heavily bounced with each step, milk heavily dripping from her huge erect nipples onto the floor. She adored how her freakishly overgrown foreskin seemed to make her hard cock droop a little on the end, hanging so far off her member that it touched the ground, leaving a snail trail of precum as she walked.

“I can finally said goodbye to the old, crappy old “normal” Mikyu,” said Mikyu posing in the mirror. “For I am now Mikyu Hausbu, sex goddess!” shouted Mikyu with arms up in the air. She absolutely loved everything about her new body. Picking up her dick she sandwiched it between her breasts, and rubbed and kissed her foreskin. “God I love being so fucking BIG!” shouted Mikyu. The idea that her foreskin was longer than she was tall, and her dick only a foot shorter then her height of 5'1 was intensely erotic to her. The fact that she still had such a small delicate frame made her endowments look even bigger.

Turning around she looked at her huge two-foot wide posterior in the mirror, easily able to she her huge pussy that was sandwiched between her thighs as well. Mikyu walked back in forth in front of the mirror, making her ass shake, her boobs jiggle, and her dick bob around. She started to skip across the room, giggling and laughing as she witnessed her body in motion. Spinning around on her heel, Mikyu laughed as she watched her huge nutsack swinging around as her cock slung huge streams of precum across her room. However she forgot to take the weight of her huge nutsack into account, and as she stopped she spinning their motion caused her to almost fall on the floor.

“Whoa, I could hurt someone swinging around these things,” said Mikyu laughing.  Looking around her room Mikyu spawned a wicked idea as she happened to spot two dressers that were close to each other. “Hmm, I think I'm going to need get something from the closet first,” said Mikyu quickly making her way the closet. 

She discovered she had to turn sideways if she to open any doors so her dick wouldn't get in the way.
Stepping inside the “closet”, which was probably bigger than the main bedroom, she glanced around the room, its walls lined with shelves stocked with sex toys that were each separated into sections.

She smiled as she saw that some of the toys that she had used yesterday were still on the floor, which was followed by embarrassment, as she remembered how she had fingered herself in front of Tesla. Sheryl really didn't say anything else about it, but Cera wouldn't stop teasing her and making jokes about it. While she knew that she and Cera had spent quite of bit of time playing with some of toys, she was sure even a prude like Sheryl had to have masturbated at least once, especially with how horny they've all been since they got here two or so days ago.

Mikyu personally had always being fascinated by sex toys, and thanks to Cera's parents she had quite a collection at home. Cera's parents owned a porn shop, and being that her family was very OPEN about the topic of sex; she was able to get a bunch of sex toys from them for free though she wasn't even eighteen yet.

“Hmm, now I know I saw one of those egg vibrator things yesterday,” said Mikyu looking over the shelves. “Wow this has to be the first egg vibrator that is actually the size of an egg,” said Mikyu grabbing it of a shelf. Now that she had what she needed, she hurried back to the bedroom; she turned the big mirror around so it was facing the two dressers.

Doing a few short exercises to stretch her legs so she wouldn't hurt herself first, she climbed on top of one of the dressers and carefully positioned herself over the big gap between them so each of her feet were on each of the dressers. Mikyu had been quite the gymnast, her small frame made her perfect for the sport.  Making good use of her gymnastic skills Mikyu slowly did a split between the two dressers, placing a hand on each dresser for extra support once she had finish a split between them. She looked up smiled at the sight of her enormous ballsack hanging between the gap between the dressers in the mirror.

“Alright, now its time for the final touch,” said Mikyu grinning at her little sex toy. Lubing up the egg with the juices oozing out of her pussy, she grunted and whimpered as slowly shoved it into her tight asshole. “God, it feels so good and I haven't even turned it on yet,” moaned Mikyu.  Holding the remote control in one hand, she turned its vibration setting on low. “Oooohhhh ggggooooddd ttthhaatt fffeelllsss ggrrreeeaaattttt,” muttered Mikyu, her whole body feeling like it was vibrating with the egg.

Trying not to focus on the intense pleasure coming from her ass, Mikyu started slowly moving her hips, causing her pair of testicles to swing back and forth. Mikyu moaned as her sack brushed her huge clit as it swung in motion as white gooey pussy juice dripped all over her nuts and dripped onto the floor.  She winced has her gigantic balls collided with her clit, causing both her pussy and cock to spew their collective juices onto the floor. The combination of the huge egg vibrating in her sensitive butthole and her huge ballsack hitting her huge clitoris was amazing. As she continued pinging her clit with her oversized sack, she felt her orgasm coming closer with each hit.

Mikyu screamed as she climaxed once more, her pussy spraying so much girl cum that her balls looked like they were painted white, while humongous dick spat huge wads of precum that heavily slapped against the floor. Still heavily panting from her orgasm, she quickly removed the toy from her ass before it made her cum again, and ceased swinging her sack around.

“Gosh, my dick still didn't cum?” said Mikyu disappointedly as she got down from her position. “Ugh, it’s even starting to feel a little sore now,” remarking Mikyu rubbing her swollen member. She found it odd that cumming didn't relieve any of the sexual tension that she was feeling but seemed to only intensify it. Even her breasts and pussy seemed to demand more pleasure after both of her orgasms.

Thinking that it was best that she find a way to get her dick off soon she hurried back to the closet. She walked past the shelves, noting all the type of toys they had as she headed to the section for penis related sex toys.. Traveling past the section containing the mega sized dildos, she stopped as she spotted a unusual sign.

“Gloosh dildos?” said Mikyu raising a eyebrow as she read the big label above the shelf. “I've never heard of those types of dildos.” Stepping closer she saw a wide variety of realistic looking dildos that didn't really look too much different then the many other types of realistic dildos she'd seen before.

“I wonder what’s so special about them?” said Mikyu poking one of them. “They don't even look big enough to be in the mega size category, ” However has she inspected the gloosh dildos more closely she began to notice some odd differences. First was that they looked too realistic. You could easily tell that even the most realistic looking dildos were fake due to the plastic or rubber looking sheen on them, but none of these dildos had any sort of sheen. Another thing that seemed odd was almost all dildos she had ever seen were based on circumcised cocks, but there were both circumcised and uncircumcised models of the gloosh type.

Squeezing a light beige colored uncircumcised gloosh dildo, she was amazed at how soft and fleshy it felt. Picking up the floppy one and a half-foot long, four-inch thick dildo, she curiously stroked its length. It felt oddly warm to the touch, almost like she was really touching a human penis. Mikyu shrieked in surprise, almost throwing on the floor when she saw it started to grow in her hand.

“Oh my god, is this thing getting...erect?” said Mikyu. She watched in disbelief as the dildo started to get less floppy and more rigid, growing in both length and thickness. The head of pseudo penis slid out of its foreskin as it grew erect, growing till it was three feet long, and six inches thick. She gasped as a clear fluid that looked like some sort of precum started leaking out of its dark pink head.

“Wow...I've never seen ANYTHING like this.” said Mikyu in awe. She scooped up some of the clear liquid leaking from its head and tasted it. “Wow, it really does sorta taste like precum, well at least sorta how mine tastes. Its definitely doesn't feel like a plastic or rubber dildo, maybe its some type of weird synthetic flesh or something.  Its so much like a real dick I wonder if it can cum like one too,” said Mikyu in wonder. “Well, I wanted to get something for my dick, but I have just GOT to try this one out.”

Setting the dildo on the ground, she dragged the tip of her foreskin over it, drenching it in the precum oozing out of her cock. “You can never have to much lube,” chuckled Mikyu to herself. Honestly her pussy was easily wet enough to render any sort of lube pointless, but she just really wanted to lube one up using her precum.

Picking up the dildo from the pool of precum on the floor, she sat it upright and walked in front of it.  Reaching her arms behind her back, she used her hands to tilt it towards her pussy, and slowly began to back into it. She grunted as the dildo bumped against her swollen outer pussy lips, struggling to shove it inside her super tight pussy. After a few tense moments Mikyu moaned in delight as the dildo finally stretched her cunt wide enough to penetrate it.

Mikyu paused after she shoved the head of the pseudo dick into her pussy, almost overwhelmed by the initial feeling of having her pussy stretched so much. The sensation was so incredible she thought she would cum if she took another inch. Taking a deep breath, she gritted her teeth as she slowly forced the massive dildo deeper into her fat cunt. As she felt her pelvis stretch to accommodate the massive toy, she was afraid for a moment that the dildos size would break her small frame, but her fear was overridden by the intense pleasure brought as it pushed deeper inside her.

Mikyu took the huge toy inch by inch, grunting and moaning as she forced it deeper and deeper into her body. Her own massive four foot long fuckstick belched gallons of precum on the floor, making a large pool around her which the streams of milk shooting from her nipples added to with every inch that she took.

“Oh...god,” grunted Mikyu again she felt the toy penetrate her cervix, a sensation that was just as pleasurable as she hoped.  Putting a hand on her stomach, she felt her belly start to bulge as the dildo journeyed deeper into her body. The gloosh dildo seemed to have almost a life of its own, as she could feel its hot, throbbing mass, that seemed to wriggle around a little inside of her as it spewed gobs of precum into her womb. Her pussy was so sensitive that she could feel every contour of the dildo, down to the veins along its shaft.

She stopped after taking over two feet of the huge toy, Mikyu basked in the slew of new sensations. Wrapping a hand around her four inch thick, two foot long monster clit, and the other around her huge nippled, she furiously squeezed and stroked both of them as she pumped her body up and down the dildos shaft. Wild fantasies started to spawn in her mind as she rode the massive toy. She started to envision that the dildo was Telsa's big fat cock, thrusting into her eager pussy. Taking her hand off her clit, she used it to wedged gigantic member between her overgrow watermelon sized jugs, imagining both of their huge tits rubbing against her shaft as their hands and lips rubbed and kissed it.

With the combination of Mikyu's fantasy and the huge dildo, in less than a few minutes Mikyu was screaming in ecstasy as a monster orgasm ripped through her body. Her cock spurted a stream of precum so high it hit the ceiling, and showered down back on top of her as gooey girl cum sprayed out where the dildo met her swollen outer lips. She grabbed her belly in shock, as she felt like the gloosh dildo cumming inside her. Her belly swelled outwards as the gloosh dildo pumped her full of cum, making her look like she was nine months pregnant. 

After about two minutes her orgasm finally started to subside. Falling to her knees, she pulled out the dildo with her hands, panting and moaning loudly as the cum the gloosh dildo flowed out of her gaping pussy onto the floor.

“Wow... that was fantastic!” sighed Mikyu happily. A few seconds later she groaned, as she felt a strong aching feeling around her penis and testicles. “Gawd, they’re really getting sore,” said Mikyu rubbing her member. “However, it kinda feels different this time, its really starting to hurt,” said Mikyu groaning again as the pain became more intense. She felt her dick get so engorged with blood that it ached, the urge to get off quickly pushing all of her other thoughts aside.

Desperately looking around the room for something to ease her dick's pain, she saw the section for penis sex toys and scrambled to her feet, trying to move as fast as she could towards it. She quickly glanced over the section, trying to get whatever would get her off the fastest.  With the gradual intensifying pain coming from her genitals, she didn't have the luxury to be choosy about which toy to use. Spotting the familiar sight of the hollow tube pocket pussies toys that she had so often seen the mangas, she quickly grabbed the closest and biggest looking pocket pussy off the shelf and got on her knees

Pulling back her cock's thick external foreskin with one arm so quickly that it almost looked like one motion, she bent her cock some so she would be able to slip it the pocket pussy over her dick.  Holding her dick up with one had, as she tried to slip her dick inside she immediately realized that the one she got off the shelf was too small. While it was plenty long enough at a length of three feet, her humongous eighteen-inch mushroom shaped dickhead couldn't fit through its opening that was only eight inches wide.

“Dammit! I gotta something bigger,” said Mikyu frustratingly. She was about to get another one but stopped, groaning as she felt another jolt of pain shoot through her dick. “Oh, fuck it. I going to make my dick fit in there if I have to break this fucking thing.” declared Mikyu.  Getting on her knees, she grabbed the pocket pussy with both hands, and exerted all her strength to try to pull it over her oversized glans. “Oh...come...on,” said Mikyu through gritted teeth as she tried to force it on. With a last forceful tug her dick finally slipped into the pocket pussy.

Mikyu sighed in relieve, as the throbbing pain in her cock was replaced by pleasure. The pocket pussy's small opening that had made it so hard to put on, was now a great boon, as her huge thick cock made it so tight on her cockflesh that it feel immensely delightful. Looking back at the pocket pussy she smiled at the sight of her fat dickhead stretching it to its limits.

She fucked the pocket with wild abandon, relishing in the sensation of having her dick buried in something so warm and tight. Her imagination started to run wild again, visualizing herself in Telsa's office, fucking her on her own desk. “Oh baby, is my fat dickhead too big for you,” moaned Mikyu to herself, thrusting her dick in the pocket pussy harder as she imagined it to be Telsa's tight cunt.. She could see those beautiful long legs up in the air, Telsa's huge chest bouncing with each of her thrusts, her face a mixture of pain and pleasure from taking Mikyu's massive piece of cockmeat.

Taking one hand off the sex toy, she squeeze one of her bloated nipples, her breathing starting to quicken as she felt her orgasm drawing near. “Oh...god,” said Mikyu panting heavily as she slowly stood up. “I...I think...I'm about to...I'm about to...” Looking at her dick she saw the clear precum belching out of her cock through the pocket pussy start to turn a milky white color. Shuddering as she felt her testicles spasm violently, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she let loose a ear splitting scream as her cock erupted with the plethora of cum that had been aching to be released.

The overstretched pocket pussy burst into a shower of pink fragments when the first shot of spooge erupted from Mikyu's cum cannon. Each wad of cum was so huge that it visibly distorted her shaft as it shot through its length. The torrent of cum spewed from her cock with such force it knocked dildo's and other toys off their shelves. When her Mikyu's pussy came for the fourth time today, combined with the explosion of pleasure she felt from her dick finally cumming, she had to use all her willpower to keep herself from blacking out.

Her already wobbling legs collapsed, and she fell on her back, her screams of ecstasy unceasing as her cock shot cum up to the ceiling, showering the room in her cum. Even though she only came for a little over a minute and half, which was the longest minute and a half of her life. She was so weak from her orgasm that all she could do was lie on her back. It took her two minutes before she could move her hand again, three before she could move her arms, and almost five before she had the strength to speak.  

Weakly getting back on her feet, she started to laugh softly to herself. Her laugh became louder and louder as more of her strength returned, till she was guffawing like a manic. “That...was... so... totally AWESOME!!!” shouted Mikyu with her arms up in the air. She laughed as she almost fell backwards, having to use a shelf to steady herself. While she felt incredibly relieved, her breasts, pussy, and dick all felt really sore, and she felt tired, almost like she had just ran a marathon.

“Whoa, that is one experience I will never forget. Just look at what I did to the room,” remarked Mikyu looking around. A good part of the room was covered in her egg white nutbatter, pools of cum in some parts looking to come up halfway to her knees. Looking back at her body she saw all of its lust had been spent. Her clit and nipples both returned back to their “normal” size and her giant flaccid cock lay at her feet like a huge brown anaconda.

Scooping some of her cum off a nearby shelf up in her hand, she was surprised that her cum was so thick that it felt like she was picking up really warm snow. “I'm surprised any cum didn't fly in my mouth while I was screaming my head off.” chuckled Mikyu to herself. “I wonder how it tastes though,” mused Mikyu with a grin on her face. Leaning her head back, she swallowed a huge mouthful of her own cum. It was so thick that it felt like drinking hot molasses. 

Its taste was superb, its warmth going from her tummy throughout her entire body like a cup of hot coca on a cold day.  Eager to taste more she got on her knees and scooped handfuls of cum into her mouth. “Gawd, I could bottle this up and make a fortune off this,” proclaimed Mikyu laughing as she licking cum off her hands. “It not only delicious, but sorta refreshing too,” said Mikyu noticing that the fatigue from her orgasm started to disappear, and she started to feel full of energy again.

“Woot, I feel great!” shouted Mikyu jumping back to her feet. “Gosh, I wonder if Cera and Sheryl are going through the same thing I'm going through. I mean they have to be awake by now,” said Mikyu her thoughts turning to her friends. “Man I just gotta see how they look now. Maybe they have like four tits and two dicks or something like that,” pondered Mikyu aloud.

As she thought about who to see first, she decided against seeing Sheryl first because she always considered her to be sort of a prude, and imagined that waking her up would probably involve a lot of screaming once she saw her and herself. Mikyu opted to go to see Cera being she was a lot more open minded, and with all the crazy porn Cera had seen Mikyu thought she would cope better with the changes.

“Well before I go anywhere I definitely need to clean this mess up,” said Mikyu looking around the room. “It seems like a good time to try out that automatic cleaning system the nurse told us about.” Turning towards the door to walk back into the main bedroom, she took a step and tripped over her huge limp dick, falling face first into a pool of cum.

“Ugh,” groaned Mikyu wiping cum off her face. “I still haven't gotten use to walking with this thing,” said Mikyu giggling. As she stood up, an idea to solve her walking woes popped into her brain. Grabbing her flaccid cock she threw it over her shoulder like a towel, and started trudging through the layers of cum on the floor she made her way to the main bedroom.

Walking to control panel for the room near the door, she punched the big cherry red button to activate the cleaning system. Mikyu didn't know what to expect since it was the first time that she'd used it, but what she saw next was definitely much more than she ever expected. A bunch of hidden panels on the walls near the floor opened up, and a bunch of sliver spider like robots that were the size of small dogs emerged from each panel.

They scurried about, cleaning up the fluids all over the room with amazing speed. Mikyu watched astounded as the robotic spiders even made up her bed, and looking in the dildo closet she saw them putting all the toys she had knocked off neatly back on the shelf.

“Whoa...I hope Cera hasn't tried the cleaning system yet, she would so totally freak out seeing all these spider looking robots,” stated Mikyu watching the little robots work. Despite what a tomboy Cera was, she hated insects, especially spiders, though no one except Sheryl and her knew about her fear of them.   Done with cleaning up the room, they retreated back to the panels whence they came, except for one. Slightly bigger than the others with blue eyes instead of red,  it walked up to her and stood in front of her, seemly expecting her to do something.

“Um...can I help you?” asked Mikyu.
“Do you wish for me to clean your body, or will you use the cleaning facilities located in the bathroom?” replied the robot in a monotone voice.
“Thanks for the offer, but I'll just use the shower.” said Mikyu being as nice as she could. The thought of being cleaning by a robot like that was just too awkward and uncomfortably sounding for her. 

“Is there anything else you wish for me to do before going back into hibernation?” asked the robot. “Well um... what exactly can you do?” asked Mikyu.
“Besides my vast array of cleaning functions, I can act as servant and a cook as well.” replied the robot. “Hmm, you know now that I think about, I'm sort of hungry, is there any way you could get me a fresh apple croissant with some butter? Asked Mikyu.
“I shall begin preparations to make you a fresh apple croissant that is lightly buttered. Is there anything else?” asked the robot.
“Can you say that in a more... urbanish?” asked Mikyu curious to see how it would respond.
“Yo, I'll mix yah up a frenchese mad hatter with a burning tire on the side,” replied the robot, Mikyu laughing at how it sounded in the robots monotone voice.
“Now gimme yo money!” shouted the robot, raising one of it legs threateningly at her.
“Whoa, too urban,” said Mikyu trying not to laugh at the little robot's display.
“I apologize. Do you wish you have your croissant waiting for you after you finish your cleaning ritual?” asked the robot. 
“Yes, that will be all,” replied Mikyu.

She watched the little robot turned around, walking to the door and opening it without even touching it, closing it the same way as it left. 

“Whew, that was kinda weird,” sighed Mikyu. “Well at least I don't have to worry about cleaning up after my messes, and I got a little robotic servant which is pretty cool. Anyway, time to take a quick wash and go see Cera,” said Mikyu heading for the bathroom.

As Mikyu stepped inside the bathroom she remembered how Cera and her had joked that was big enough for a elephant. The bathroom, much like the closet, was almost as big if not bigger than the main bedroom, with the bathtub taking up most of the space. Jumping into the tub she looked at the array of buttons and dials to control the shower. There was a main showerhead on the ceiling in the middle of the tub, with another extendable one on the wall. Turning on the hot water on for the main showerhead, she busied herself with washing all the cum and whatnot out of her hair and off her body.

The hot water felt fantastic against her sore breasts and pussy. Mikyu squeezed and fondled her boobs, massaging her huge puffy areolas. “Having such huge boobs is so fucking awesome,” said Mikyu kissing her breasts. “I kinda hope bigger though,” giggled Mikyu. “Oh, don't want to forget wash out my foreskin,” said Mikyu going back over to the showers control panel. Turning off the main showerhead, she grabbed the retractable one and turned it on.

Sitting down on the edge of the tub, she set the showerhead by her feet and grabbed her foreskin and stretched it wide open. “Wow, I can't believe there is still some cum in there,” said Mikyu looking at the huge, egg white gobs of semen still sloshing around her in foreskin. Grabbing the showerhead, she sprayed water deep into the depths of her foreskin. She softly moaned from the feeling the hot water hitting the sensitive inner walls of her foreskin, producing a sensation that was immensely pleasurable. The soreness that surrounded her huge phallus started to depart as she immersed in warm water.

“Ohhh, that feels sooooo goooood,” moaned Mikyu spraying more water into her overgrown foreskin. She felt her body start to burn with lustful desires, watching her breasts beginning to bloat with milk again, followed by the swelling of her areolas and her nipples growing rock hard. Feeling her pussy throb, she let go over her foreskin and lifted up her leg and sprayed her aching pussy.

She smiled as she watched her outer labia swell up, and pressed the shower head closer to her fat pussy lips as she rubbed her two foot long hard clit with a finger.. She moaned as she felt her leviathan cock belch a wad of precum to herald its awaking. Dropping the showerhead, she pulled her external foreskin back to watch her monster grow to its four-foot long, eight-inch thick glory.

Grabbing her penis, she bent it towards her so its enormous eighteen inch thick head was level to her own. Mikyu kissed her humongous dickhead, nuzzling and licking the light beige skin of her second foreskin. She truly and absolutely loved her new dick. She loved how her dick smelled, the bulbous mushroom shape of her almost disproportional large glans, how it almost continuously oozed precum, and how it throbbed and pulsed with the beat of her own heart. Mikyu ran her fingers along the ridges of her glans, massaging her penis with her watermelon-sized jugs.

She grunted as her cock shot a huge wad of precum that hit her right in her face. “Oh baby, we only just met and you already want to have another go,” said Mikyu lovingly kissing her cock. “I bet you're just aching to cum again, aren't you?” whispered Mikyu to her dick, nibbled and kissing the ridges of her huge dickhead. Grabbing her second foreskin she pulled it back just far enough so she could see her wide urethra.

Precum gushed over her face, almost drowning her in its goo as she stuck her tongue inside her piss slit. She rimmed its hole with her tongue, immensely enjoying the taste of her own cock and her precum. Withdrawing her head as she got a kinky idea, she thrust her huge erect eight-inch wide, five-inch thick nipple into her quivering dickhole.

“Oh fuck,” cried out Mikyu, fucking her dick with her massive nipple. She squeezed her breast hard as she nipplefucked her dickhole, spraying huge streams of milk down into her urethra. The sensation was so intense that she had to take out her nipple after a few seconds so she wouldn't cum. Opening her mouth wide she greedily swallowed the mixture of her milk and precum that was spewing out of her dick.

Mikyu gently let go of her huge dick, hoisted her two foot wide nutsack onto her lap. She rubbed her twin spooge tanks, giving them each a hard squeeze. Don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys either,” said Mikyu looking at her bloated breasts and aching pussy. It was almost like her dick, pussy, and boobs were competing for her attention. “You guys will get you chance to have plenty of fun when we go meet my friend Cera.”

Pulling both her foreskins back over her cock, Mikyu got up from the edge of the tub and finished washing off. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself with a towel sitting on a nearby rack.
“Hmmm, I'm going to need to do something about that,” said Mikyu looking at the precum oozing onto the floor that was quickly becoming a little puddle.

As she walked out of the bathroom she was greeted by the sight of the little robot spider holding a plate with the croissant she asked for.

“Your croissant is ready, madam” said the robot walking up to her and presenting her the plate.
“Oh thank you, I'd almost had forgot about it,” said Mikyu taking the plate. She gobbled it down so fast that she almost surprised herself by how hungry she was.
“Thanks for the croissant,” said Mikyu handing the plate back to the robot.
“You are welcome, is there anything else you require?”
“Well...would you happened to have like a really long ribbon I could use?”
A panel opened up on the robot spider's back, and it produced a long, sliver colored ribbon and handed it to her.
“Wow, thanks,” said Mikyu taking the ribbon. “That’s all I need for now Mr. Robot.”
The robot nodded to her and turned around and scurried back into a panel in the wall.

“Man robot servants are so cool! Now that I got a bite to eat, its time to take care of my little leaking problem.” said Mikyu looking at her dick. Walking over to the dresser she heaved her cock on top of it. Using the ribbon she got from the robot, she tied it tight around the tip of her foreskin, tightening it till no precum leaked out.

“All right, now that that’s taken care of, I should put on some clothes to at least stop my boobs and balls jiggling around so much when I walk around,” Taking her cock off the dresser, she pulled out its drawers. Each of the drawers were full of bras, organized into the three sizes of big, huge, and giga. 

“Holy crap, any woman with big enough to fit in this bra has to have boobs as big as them,” said Mikyu holding up a giga sized bra. It was so huge she could have made tents out of each bra cup. Putting the bra back in the drawer, Mikyu guessed that her boobs were in the big category being the huge category looked to be too big for her. 

“Maybe I should calm down a bit so my nipples don't look like little tent poles in these bras,” remarked Mikyu looking at her still hard nipples.

Closing her eyes, Mikyu started to think of anything not related to sex or just about stuff she hated. Slowly her body's raging lust calmed down bit, her breasts squirted milk onto the floor as they deflated to their normal size, her dick growing flaccid again as well as her nipples and clit. “Alright,” sighed Mikyu, opening her eyes. “Let’s see what they got here. I guess I'll try fit in the big category first being that the other two look too big.”

Picking up a bright blue bikini top she started to put it on. The top just barely stretched enough for her to get it on her tits. She was contemplating going a size up, but she looked back at the huge category again she saw they were still way too large. “I guess they stock this place with the same types of tops like the ones Telsa was wearing yesterday,” said Mikyu looking at herself in the mirror

The bikini tops just barely covered her four-inch long, four-inch thick nipples, and on most of her huge brown areolas were visible for all to see. The strings of her bikini top dug into her titflesh, she couldn't help feeling that her huge boobs might even snap her top.

“Then again, I can kinda see why Telsa dresses the way she does. Having my huge boobs in such a small top does look really sexy,” said Mikyu jiggling her rack in front in the mirror. “Well anyway, gotta get something to keep my balls swinging around so much.” Closing the drawers of the dresser, she walked over to the other one and opened its drawers up.

This dresser was full of thongs, which were organized exactly like the bras.  Guessing that she was at least in the huge category, she found a matching bright blue thong and picked it up. “Extra roomy in the front I see,” said Mikyu smiling at how huge the front part of the thong was. Trying it on, she walked around with it on, noticing how much easier it was to move without her balls not swinging around.  “Oohhhh I like,” said Mikyu with a big grin on her face as she looked at herself in the mirror. The thongs left little to the imagination, as the thong was so tight and form fitting that she could see almost every detail of her cock.

“I can't wait to see the look on Cera's face when she sees me.” said Mikyu as she posed in front of the mirror. “I wonder what she looks like now though. Maybe she got a huge dick like me, or maybe she even got two dicks!”

The more Mikyu started to think about Cera the more she started to think about her feelings towards Cher. For a about a year now Mikyu had harbored sort of a crush on Cera.  She had always loved how outgoing, funny, and easy going Cera was. While she wasn't as nerdy as herself or Sheryl, she often watched and did things that would be considered nerdy with the both of them, having fun alongside them. However, her feelings for Cera had only really blossomed during their last summer vacation.

It had started one day when Mikyu had gone over her house to see if Cera wanted to go see movie. Like most of the time, Cera was home alone, but when she opened the door Mikyu was surprised to see Cera only wearing a top with a dildo in her hand and a big grin on her face. Cera said Mikyu had just caught her in the middle of watching some strange porno, which is why she was half-naked, and Cera had jokingly asked her if she wanted to watch it with her. 

Mikyu had reluctantly said yes, and then they went up to Cera's room. She had kept her clothes at first, but Cera convinced her to take them off and masturbate with her. One thing led to another and the next thing she knew Cera was eating out her pussy and they were scissoring each other. To this day Mikyu couldn't even remember what movie they watched, only that is was her sexual experience with someone.

Cera was pretty nonchalant about their “encounter” afterwards, but after that day there seemed to be sort of a sexual tension between the both of them. She often wondered afterwards if she was a lesbian, being how much she was into dickgirl porn, but guessed she was at least bisexual. She never really felt any feelings towards any girl other than Cera except for Telsa, but that was mostly a physical attraction.   
 Cera seemed to drop her little hints from time to time, leading her on a little, but Mikyu was always too afraid to go after them, as she didn't want to ruin their friendship.

“Well I have nothing to lose now being that we're trapped here for the time being. She is probably just as horny as me right now, so... maybe I can convince her to do a little fooling around, and...we'll just see where it goes,” said Mikyu with a big grin on her face. Checking herself out in the mirror to make sure she looked good for a few moments more, she headed for the door to her room, eager to go see Cera and how she had changed.


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