Your guide to... Michu [Me - Chew]


Primary Information

Modification source
Favorite Fetishes
Fav. Modifications

Michu, Mi(e), Chu-chu.
A-Sexual semi Hermaphrodite [strong female sided mods]
Bi sexual with strong lesbian roots, 'Switch' behavior.
A collaboration of mixed elements, or a odd day at work.
Objectization, Verbal Abuse, manipulation, mass masturbation
Hand pussies, Swinging fleshy 'orbs', light torture / power play.

List of Bodily Modifications

Below is a list of all the elements of which Michu's growths change on her body from that of her original body.

Visually Obvious Changes
(o) Breast size - Bigger than the other herm girls and equal to Luci's when she grow out only.
(o) Clit cock - Growth of a demi penis - it cum's and looks like a penis, but it's a mutated clit 1st.
(o) Hand vagina' - Within the palm of each hand is a vaginal opening. Ideal for hiding things.
(o) Droopy flesh bulge vagina - More oblong than round, her giga cunt permanently gapes wide.
(o) Folded over libias - Both sides roil around the front and make up the bulge itself.

(o) Closure rings - piercing's that close 1/4's of her gaping pussy double up as rings as decor.
(o) Pussy opening - her bulge clit opens only 3/5's of the way, the rest is closed formed skin.

Concealed Less Obvious Changes
(o) Weight issues - Major one for Michu, her growths can be too much for her body.
(o) Vaginal sensitivity - somewhat less than Luci and Tia, constant attention is needed to get off.
(o) Lactation - like any good pair of sexually active herm tits, expect milk.
(o) Storage - Part of an 'object' fetish, inserting items and storing them inside her is her fetish
(o) Body pulling - tug on her sexual parts. Part of a torture thing but to grow / tease her body too.
(o) Cumming is a weakness - Mental and physical downside to doing se. Se below.
(o) Growth unchanging - Her body does not change, its like this always, just her mind sets.
(o) Stretchy nipples - Pull her piercing's and see them, before they compress back to normal size.
(o) No erection - Because its not a proper penis it doesn't have any graft, and thus no erection

Michu's Personality

This ones more a summary of what Michu is like, and Sius' opinion of her.

Michu was designed after a photomanipulation of a cute asian girl. Her look got altered and has been changed to fit as she's been drawn more. She was created to fill the whole in the Luci story / side making it have enough people in it to work nicely - plus 3 way titan herm sex is always fun to imagine.

Michu has been designed to be the naughty one... she's foul mouthed, manipulative and wants constant attention. This does not make her a bad person, just she comes over full force and does not mince her words.

A Brief History of Michu's Past

Lu Long Banner

Note - The history of how Luci came to be can be found in full and be requested directly if required. It is a long story, but I'm trying to keep it to a reasonable size.


We start where Michu after her a deep relationship failed, fell apart and split from her lover (not her desire to have happened to be noted) and had to re invent herself and her approach to life. Michu has moved from her mother country to work in lands a far for better money and so far it wasn't going well. Lack of skills and direction lead to a meaningless life.

inventing her sexuality to that of a lesbian in her spite of what had happened before and flowing into what seemed to be her life on a permanent bounce relationship. She knew she wasn't going to make it big - just to make it through another day was key - lack of funds didn't help.

Relationship followed relationship, each failing. Michu seemed like a shadow of her former self from the days when she was in that proper relationship, when she was secure, when she was what she wanted to be... but out here was was a girl with limited skills, broken asian english and not much money.

To bars, to clubs trying to seek another girl; like it was her next hit or fix. Her aim wasn't to find somebody wealthy, nor somebody to fuck, or really somebody to love... it was just a goal to do, something to attain, something to 'do'. Katie, Jasmine, Natalia, Ada... the dulled after that. Like an emotional teenage in she wasn't caring for herself or anybody else, just the next girl to relieve the boredom.

After years of the same old events her luck came upon a girl known as Ruth. Ruth was a pretty hard lesbian, but had some very dirty ideas, inventive ideas and even intangible ones, but regardless Michu fell in love with the ideas and fantasy's they lived out and what she had brought into her sex life. Yet, it seemed all familiar, a feeling she couldn't shake. Ruth was experienced and knew what to say and what to do.

Life seemed on the up and Michu was happy for the first time on many a year. Writing home her letters where filled with good news for a change. With guidance and focus Michu;' with Ruth's aid found a job in a customs office for a local shipping firm alongside the port. Badly understaffed, bad pay and nothing of a job compared to what it should be.. but then this was the price for her lack of qualifications. She was so happy to have finally a reliable source of money.

Working a night shift, finding goods as contraband and making them her own, she found unique items and objects she could never afford but could not call them her own. After work sessions the promise of nipple twisting, fist fucking and pussy grinding action. Life was good.

7 months in and cracks started to form in their relationship. Arguments would break out over nothing spectacular. Both arguing, pig headed and stubborn. Domination was the feature that brought them together and tore them apart. Michu stormed out in a fit of rage and found her feet pretty quickly afterwards. She's learn a lot from this last relationship.

The job was her life after this. Going for a pull had lost it touch and meaning. She found a little place she could call home and mourned her way though months of dullness and past pains.

A guide on the internet and a few adverts off the telly and she was onto another fad and play time experience, this one, entertainment and magic. Something drew her in and found the whole thing fascinating. She's never put much time or devotion into much in her life but this was something she rather enjoyed but surprise.

She practiced over and over, did tricks for people she meet on her travels, work companions and other people she knew at the shops.' A natural' the people called her, she was so made up that she actually had a place in the world. To make people happy this way, yes, she felt that she could do this.

Deeper lines of magic, harder tricks, the classics, the new waves and the spin off magic's, she loved it all. Michu was a mage, or as much a magic user as any other normal human (to note this is not magic missile kind of magic). She went out on a limb and tried street magic for a while... though rough to start and rejected from many people approaching them, she was soon found to do all kinds of fun things. Her dream was to gig and do it and it came true.

Over time she did it along side her normal job. Her main job was always the sure money maker, but even if she didn't make much cash enjoyed the magic like a crazed hobby. Student gigs, evening entertainment in a few drinking establishments, parties... it was all good fun to her.

Trained by a fellow magic acts in some good magic for free or limited petite case between gigs. She'd hate to admit how invaluable the advice was and how much had been learnt from sound advice. Taking control and knowing how to make the act flow as you wanted was an art form and she was shown how to perfect it.

The night job was hard going. In fact it was a joke. Michu was alone for the best half, looking atm moving cargo, checking its okay, setting any warnings up with the final leg of the transport runs, but dull work of waiting between waiting for shipments. The lack of presence of others, sometimes the lack of job content was a bit dull, but the things she found where weird and dynamic. A good day is finding erotic goods, ripe for swiping and using at home and inside the office itself.

Gigs where quite successful, though not much profit to be had her act was close to professional over time. One of the more dynamic areas she had oddly seemed to have a knack for was hypnotism. Unlike other areas this was something that worked nearly from the first time she tried it.

Her old ways came about from this gain of power however, taking over the crowd and doing rude things was her idea of fun, and often went too far. A crowd pleaser if nothing else. It was her actions outside of show time that she took the most advantage. Taking their bodies forcing them into sexual favors.

Luckily somewhere along the line she had another girl who fell into Michu's arms and crotch, Tammy, her new life and love. Tammy was a pretty dull girl in comparison to her past fuck's, but Michu was happy to take over and have a bit of action from all this

Tammy was her new project, a sub with a lack of experience, but Michu knew the ropes well by now. ever other day she's visit for a good fuck session and though content Michu's sexual lush grew again out of all proportion.

A slow night lay ahead of her. The sound of another boat come into dock, and Michu's shift was about to do another round. She buttoned up her suit, wiped the love juices from her pussy on the back of her outfit and got ready. Another odd sounding horn - another ship from miles away. At least the cargo tends to be interesting.

The stacks of boxes piled up. Michu moaned at the amount present and got on with it. Crates of food goods and drinks, some filled with cheap trinkets you find as tacky presents for holiday goers. some others she couldn't make out. A bit of a crappy load but it had to be processed and lugged about.

After over hour of hour Michu stopped and felt a tingle on her hands. Looking at them they where red. She looked down at the last batch of crates... nothing vi sable. She walked around and found damp marks at the bottom of one of them. She must have touched it while lifting. Panicking she looked over the box for any warning signs... nothing... Michu signed in relief and the throbbing seemed to numb.

In the past Michu had fallen with creates, smashed contents, bottles, and even got dangerous chemicals on her and the floor. Everything worked out ok in the end, even if she was docked for mistakes. Some days it seemed like the world was against you and accidents happened. She recalled a day where 11 things happened, big accidents, it was like a panto' and at the end not a penny of pay for all her hours doing the job, but that was the way the job worked.

After another 20 minutes of lifting, sorting and checking the contents of the boxes Michu was free again. No sound of the horn of a ship coming into dock while she was doing the last shipment meant she was on break time. Break time was any time no boats where is and no outstanding goods needed doing. As so she had all the time she wanted on her own time till the next one came on. A well earnt rest though, she walked to her break room.

Inside was all the items she needed to keep her mind at bay. Crossword puzzles, food and goods off the shipping cargo nobody would miss. This break time though would be her special time. Unlocking a locker the mass of toys fell onto the floor. She knew she had to take some home with her - it was getting hard keeping so many inside the locker.

What a range of beautiful items she had. Her prizes where the obscene dildo sizes she kept, really surreally large, nobody would be able to use them. Picking up a new vibrator she closed her eyes, slid it inside and thought of Tammy going down on her.

well over and hour passed when the horn went again, Michu had ample time over her body, touching, feeling, probing, inserting hands, fists and toys into herself. A common thing and something she liked to do. Always stopping before a big cum ejaculation on the floor, she mastered it and knew it would lead to trouble. she knew anyhow that cumming was a BAD thing - drips and close to is fine, but don't go over the edge. riddled in her mind but knowing any marks would be an instant firing.

More creates, same old stuff. Her mind drifted off doing the job. After a while Michu began to feel the painful throbbing sensation started again... no.. it was all over her body this time. Forgetting that what ever it was probably caused a allergic reaction was all over her hand and that was rubbed all over her body in her break. Mainly her tits, her clit and her pussy, out and inside. Grumbling, she went and got the special cleaning solution for the job - typical, all out. No medical staff on tonight as always too.

For fitting water knowing it could worsen it she carried on regardless. It was sore, but not painful at all. Looking at her body, yes it was red, and it bulged out, but it'd happened before, it wasn't anything serious. More an inconvenience.

The next create she went for had some pretty off fruit maybe... it smelt off. Michu opened it and check it out as part of her job. It'd totally gone off, the smell was a give away. Something must have been inside of it, eaten it from within. Picking the lid and about to close it something burst out the end of some fruit. Infested and useless, it's got to go she thought. Walking over to the incinerator to burn it suddenly a mite appeared on her arm. Damn that thing was fast! Before she knew it a paraponera ant had bit her hand and ran off.

"Little bastard!" she shouted. she was more fortunate than that with these kinds of crates, but... hay she thought. It bloomed into a little red patch on her wrist before long. not very attractive, Tammy's going to hate that passed through her head. It hurt like a bastard too, but Michu was also made of tough stuff - knowing it wasn't payment by the hour she had to get a move on.

Before long her vision became a little blurry and a line of sweat appeared on her forehead. She'd had worse. Long shifts and a lack of sleep where taking their toll on her. Back and forth with the creates for a few more minutes till she tripped, but caught herself before she hit the ground. Shaken by all this she placed the create down and sat on a chair.

She looked over and saw a 'fragile: don't vibrate violently' sign on it. again checking it over nothing appeared out of place. Michu pleased she'd saved herself from a docking of money she picked up the create after a moments rest and stacked it on the shelf. She noticed a different smell as she walked to get the next box, the normal smell. Michu wondered what seemed to appear in the air without her knowing it, what's that suttee smell was.

After 5 more minutes Michu's legs fell weak and gave in on themselves. At this point Michu decided that was enough... she wasn't up for this. After clocking off and going hone she felt better till she got home. There she stripped naked and looked as the swelling. It seemed a little extreme. It didn't feel hot and irritated till she saw the damage.

She sat around for a while but felt uneasy by what was going on with her body. It really started to pulsate now, really began to swell. If it wasn't for the pain Michu would have liked it, it exaggerated her parts and looked like she was ready for a good screw. These erotic thought. where short lived as after several minutes all that passed in her mind was the pain fluttering inside her.

Her body temperature sky rocketed before long, violent shakes took over.... Agony swept her body as she fell to her knees exhausted and rolling in pain and fear. Michu fell under before she could ring Tammy for help. Michu prayed for a deep slumber and that the pain would be numbed when she woke. She was not to be granted this wish.

Tossing and turning Michu threw her body around involuntarily as chemical reactions beyond her control ravaged her from within... only the sweet thoughts of Tammy holding her where any comfort. Essentially paralyses to move at all and completely burdened by tiredness Michu was lost to the world.

minutes turned to hours which turned to days which turned to years...

...,or so it felt. Michu opened her eyes. There was no pain... there was no throbbing, there was no screaming from her body, and she was alive. She broke a smile shortly before a gasp leading to a slowly elevating scream.

She looked down at her body... it was... a mess. mounds of flesh staring back at her. It was at this point that she fainted.

Hours later she came too. The hard part was standing up, everything was so heavy, her tits, all she could see weighed a tonne, but there was something else there she knew as she stood upright. Unable to see beyond her breasts she looked across at the mirrored inside of a open wardrobe to see a bulk of flesh staring back at her.

Without breath she stood looking at the image in the mirror, it's shape and form. Her hands rolled over the sags on her chest and probed them for how soft the material was. A sinking sensation came over her as the realization that this was not a fake body parted joke or dream.

She panicked squeaking her new found flesh bags to be rewarded with sensation, and pleasant sensation at that. At this point something moved in the mirror, something moved out of her, she felt it. A long deformed... something started to slide out of something round and massive below her at her legs. A mix of emotions, from aroused and excited, to feeling something unknown to her move to panic and confusion to what was going on. Tears began to trickle down her face, her emotion and mood where not known by any other of mankind, it did not have a name, it did not exist outside of these few seconds.

The next few hours was exploring her body, understanding that her mutations where actually her own body parts. She kept playing, touching, holding what she was now the owner of, her body. Like much of her life she drifted and so was the following days, drifting. Her brain did not understand truly what had happened.

Enough sense to call Tammy and keep her away reality slowly came to her over the next few days... what she was, what she is, how she works... if she is worth living like this and if so how would she do it. After failed deliberation and conclusion Michu cracked under the pressure and fell asleep. she never asked if she was worth living ever again.

When she awoke she felt like she was at peace with her new body. The things that happened at work, the swelling, the playing with her body at these points only, the ant bite the vile which must have mixed created a viral mutation virus... or something... she was no scientist and she didn't care. In fact it may have been that somebody planted some pills in her drinks... she would never know.

But what she did know is that from now on she'd be owning the worlds biggest breasts - massive heavy partly sagging and swelling with milk. She owned the worlds oddest clit / dick - grown out her body it was so very sensitive to the touch and appeared like a cock. Deformed she had the worlds widest vagina - complete with a mound of lippy vulva flesh around it and inside she gaped permanently onwards. Her last feature, the place she had a change as on her hands the only set of hand pussies was to be her legacy to the world.

Only afterwards was she sad she'd not played with more of herself and caused her body to well swelled in more places. Michu realize that she was more a demi hermaphrodite she came so violently aroused by the very sight of her disfigured body it flung her off her feet and cause her pussy to expel it's mess equally.

She learnt key things from that day - that the pain she felt of the swelling was revisited her on her body after that ejaculation, that standing was hard and near impossible in long stretches and was so much pain after cumming she would never be able to be mobile and ejaculate at the same time. Her body was badly flawed - then it wasn't designed to be this way and all the more reason why Michu loved it.

Rubbing her clit cock, pulling throwing and yanking on her tits and playing, expanding and gaping her pussy; this new play thing had a real work out for days at a time till Michu felt she was happy enough to show Tammy. There was risk involved, if she reported her Michu would be in a lab and studied for her life time. She was to keep quiet about what she was. More than this too even Michu was horrified with her freakish appearance and abilities now, how would little Tammy manage she thought.

A worried Tammy finally was given the Okay to visit. Michu had hinted that she was not to worry or panic and that she had changed. Tammy however couldn't comprehend what had happened and freaked out. Michu slammed the door, took her in and tired to talk her into what had happened.

Michu tried to calm her down and relative success, worried but listening Tammy listens to what Michu has to say. Tammy was obviously worried about her and though in the processes of going crazy told Michu how much she loved her and how she should get help. These kind words went straight to her head and before Michu could react her cock slid out of the base of the clit in a slow love juiced slimy fashion.

Before Tammy can make it to the door Michu pins her down almost throwing her ne clit over to trip her up. Over Tammy went. Michu tried as quickly as she could to tie her to a chair.. it was kind of exciting, but yet she knew that she'd stepped over a line and had last Tammy forever. She also noted that using her body like that caused a great deal of pain. If she wasn't so pumped up with adrenaline than Michu would be tending to her just whacked clit.

Michu enjoys what's she's done oddly, the feeling of power over another... put poor Tammy... Michu thought about what to do with her. She couldn't let her go, couldn't keep her there, Michu could barely handle herself let alone take over and watch another girl who wants to escape... and murder was out the question.

Then it hit Michu that she'd hypnotize Tammy into doing her bidding. She knew Michu could do magic, but not about this - if she could just hold her attention long enough to fall under then maybe, just maybe she'd be able to do something. When Tammy came to Michu began..

Tammy fell under very easy and ends up being the perfect subject for Michu. She couldn't believe her luck it'd happened so easily and quickly. After a think about it Michu ordered her to forget about her and being with her, she didn't exist and her blank spots where due to drug over doses, which should had just been able to stop.... this was all before Michu ordered her for one last play with her body.

Released and almost savage like an animal - unseen like Tammy reserved nature, she pounced on Michu and started to tease and fuck her with an unseen lust. Michu hoped that this was how Tammy really felt about her if she had put logic and reason aside. For 30 minutes Tammy was Michu's little fuck whore and it was some of the best Michu had ever had.

Rubbing her head of her clit dick, drinking from her nipples and Michu's personal favorite and through her back was her pussy grind into the mass that was michu's so much passion, even so much so she rubbed deep inside her gape and massive hole entrance.

Tammy had cum and cum all over Michu and it was about time Michu had her own spunk session, but knowing the pains called Tammy off so she could relax. Tammy still pounced on her with love in her eyes for Michu, it broke Michu's heart that this was all a lie and that when it wore off Tammy would hate her more than ever.

It took some time for Michu to get Tammy out and how best to do it, but after saying her key word Tammy work up a new outside and walked off if not in confusion not knowing what had happened with her and how she'd missed out on a life of fun and lust forever.

After wising up Michu had a think how she'd better focus on how to live her life. It Clicked that her magic and more hypnotism skills would be the only way to work and get around. Taking money and sexual favors from people under

The other way she could live is using the customs office (she was sacked but they didn't change the key on the door). Of a night she could creep in and take items to live off and items she'd collected. She knew the system and when to go on, and if they caught her she could just take their minds if push came to shove.

She often gets thoughts of visiting Ruth again, show her what she things of her new body, a true godsend for any sexually active hympho lesbian. maybe she'd give her a little something back, part as revenge for what she did to her, and partly out of thanks for making her something in this life.

Epilogue -

and its to be said she does, Ruth is the Ruth who is the lover of Luci. She find out about the other 2 herms, Luci and Tia and the 4 of them become a pact of lovers.

The chances of 1 herm existing in a life time is slim, but 3 girls changes is outstanding, and then they meet up the act can only be called fate.

however there is always strive, envy, lust problems which the girls encounter from this. the stories and chapters of these girls would continue into the ages.


A story note - The world which this happens is not of a secret land alike the other hermaphrodites prior to Luci's design.

Michu's Personality trades

Understanding Michu is not an easy feat, her personality is complex and key features show her in the complex light she is.

Domination -
It started as a show piece for extra money alongside her normal job as a entertainer. Her main trick next to magic was hypnotism. Along side student gigs and other parties it was her best trick and excelled at the act and was a big hit ; however would often take the acts a little too far in her gigs. Used originally as a fun thing this would serve as a way to function as a over endowed herm.

Now used to get sexual favors and manipulate girls for her own end was a dirty trick once, but now the use of this is her only way to have people in her life and function with her. Once the person has served their use they have their memories erased and sent on their way. This not only is something Michu enjoys as a sexual preference but is a key to making life more bare able. With grabbing people close by her residence or making 'offers' in a local paper she can draw people into her home and take over these people.

Michu also is well known for being strong with her words. shouting out lout how good that dildo traveling inside her feels, barely being quiet about it the whole time she's getting off. She's also known for saying what's on her mind and usually using very coarse words also making it sound much more sever. Foul mouthed and quite sluttish also come over from all this domination actions, however it doesn't seem a natural act for Michu to play.

Entertainer -
Often seen using her 'penguin' suit in acts and gigs has not stopped her adapting and using it now she's a herm. She likes to show off her body and play with it in front of people. There's a touch of voyeurism in this, as well as a showing of how randy and horny she is. This isn't just because people watch her, though a turn on non the less, she likes to play with her body and tease it heavily all the same.

Arousal and ejaculation -
Often very easy to please and often ready for playing with herself or causing stimulation. Michu enjoys a long fuck and teasing, holding back from a climax is a key thing. Stopping before she comes or gets too close is a common act. She isn't as sensitive with her body as Luci or Tia, but as a result can keep going but out of fear stops often well short. Cumming is a failing in her eyes, and equally her body punishes her. By cumming her body stopping natural bodies pain relief and help towards her mass weight which then goes into her cum reproduction again till that is back to level to ejaculate again and attention on her body is focused on her muscle pain. Michu doesn't like to cum for this reason, and is more than upset if she does.

Drugs -
Used to keep the muscles and pains of her body at bay. She needs them every so often when the pain gets too bad. Helped by motivation of the other herms to get off them, but sometimes it becomes too much. Michu on drugs can have adverse side effects on this herm sometimes.

Twin -
Michu is a twin on a small family. She's the spitting image of her and has a loving bond with her sister (non erotic I should stress) and opens up to her in her letters and e-mails. However from time to time when being more submissive she becomes a lot more relaxed around the girl similar to her sister. Something may develop from this personality trade of hers.

Hidden objective -
Never quite sure of her reasons from time to time, Luci and the others feel uneasy with Michu's actions. Maybe it is to make them feel dominated, maybe its something more however she comes over as a loaner with something she wants to get and is going about it to get just that.

Slave collar -
A most common feature of a slave is her place in the world and with others, enjoying this feature as a show of who and what they are. Michu however comes over naturally dominant. Anytime mention is talked about her collar she becomes violent as a defense action. The reason she has one may have come from her past and an ex lover, like many features of Michu it is not ever explained why this collar means so much to her and why it's so important to her and her state of mind. She is also recalled always addressing people as master, misters, miss, mistress giving them the full title of their position and a little more if she favors them. Unknown why it appears there was something in her past that still shines through now.

Switch behavior -
For they who don't know too much about bondage, subs and dom links a Switch is somebody who likes to swap from being a dominant to a submissive. In the case of Michu rather than being something her lover and her just decide to have a swap over from this is how she gets on with the characters. If she feels more at ease with the person she will be that of a submissive. If she doesn't feel this person is worthy of her attention and time then she becomes a dominant personality and is far less friendly with her partner. As a rule of thumb though she always goes into things assuming she's top.

Extra Information About Michu's Bodily Form

Details about more Michu and how she operates with such a body and form and some personal trades blow

Back and muscle pains -
A very unfortunate thing to be in such a state of bodily change constantly is that its just TOO much even for a body which is given pain killers and starting to adapt with the ridiculous pressure her body forces on her. Every day it gets a little better, however activities are cut short and long sitting lessons are a must. A good back rub does wonders for it. Also chemical reactions and hormones inside effect her strains also.

The 'Helper' device -
Custom walker device that she uses when not many people are around. To help with her weight problem, it cups her breasts, pussy and clit dick on it and is wheeled around in front of her. She hates to have it out when with the other girls as its a sign of weakness, and much of the time she is in pain she will not say anything around the others in she may lose face with them.

Hand pockets -
Inserting a item into a vagina causes good vibrations all around. Michu as part of her sneaky ways and objectization likes to put things inside of them, but as an excuse to be a pocket and keep her ticking over. Dildos to cans of drink have all been known to appear at the most unusual times from them and Michu uses them to tease all who see it - maybe its the entertainers blood she has in her?

Stupid Extra Facts Section

Daft facts about the character that make them more human...

(o) Music - Eighties pop and opera rock music's.
(o) Hobbies - Magic and entertainment, Computers, Flings, Dildo collection hoarder.
(o) Pet hates - Back pains / cumming to cause, snobs, people who are middle of the line.
(o) Perfect evening - Around with the other herms, entertaining them.
(o) Life influences. - Moving to a new country, her long past relationship and life focusing events.
(o) Education background / peak - Basic Asian Education. Learnt from experience.

(o) Types of movies - Action based and horrors.
(o) Family - Mother / father / 2 sisters and 1 brother. Alive, but in her home country.
(o) Phobias - Fire and birds.

If Michu was to have a job with the other herm girls she would be the :- Entertainer / ment

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