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Ruth, Ruthy, Slave
Strongly lesbian
N/A - body ware and modification off of Luci
Fisting, self bodily modification

List of Bodily Modifications

Below is a list of all the elements of which Ruth has changed in different ways. Ruth is not a hermaphrodite, however being close to Luci her body has changes in different ways, and her mental side is very strong from the experiences. Luci like Tia can not change another human being into another herm- while the old school girls could.

Visually Obvious Changes
(o) Piercing's - In a number of places, on the nipples, in the vagina and many more.
(o) Vaginally wider - Surgically cut some muscles to loosen her pussy.
(o) Sphincter ring droop - Partly due to ware and do to weighted piercing's, can can leave the body
(o) Cervical gape descent - Similar to the above, the cervix can be removed deep from within
(o) Perkier breasts - Minor change from the above

Concealed Less Obvious Changes
(o) Luci's cum used to help body growths - Bi product of Luci's cum, it help the body adapt.
(o) Dependant on Luci's juices for substance - Needs them for substance over foods now.
(o) Quicker state of arousal - More like the male 5 minutes to the 25 of a standard female.
(o) Quicker to ejaculation - Doe not take as much effort to orgasm as once she did.

Ruth's Personality

This ones more a summary of what Ruth is like, and Sius' opinion of her.

Inside my mind there's a love hate relationship with Ruth, as she's the villain, a evil shallow minded dyke who keep Luci all to herself in a warped state of mind, which has started to lose the realm of realism in her mind, which never effect Luci even in her harder moments

However she's also a stone of Luci and somebody who would do anything to keep her happy as she feels Luci deserves the attention, almost in a Goddess persona and will always be there for her. However Ruth will always holds Luci back and with her always there how could Luci ever be happy locked up in her caged world?

A Brief History of Ruth's Past

Note - This story has been linked in with Luci's story, except from Ruth's point of view. Knowing both stories may help an explanation


Ruth had just come out of a relationship which had lasted 2 years prior to her life changing events with Luci and was devastated by how quickly it happened and turned around, and shocked by also how little she was upset by it happening.

Understand that Ruth is a hardcore lesbian by nature. Her life is one of fast action, little remorse and dominating girls to bend to her will. She plays and works hard and has a very sexually active life.

Even from a young age she was a well known teenage dyke in her peer groups and often dressed to reflect it. She'd come over as a loaner, but also a very smart and capable young woman, but with a major grudge and chip on her shoulder (which has never left).

So why did this girl turn so bitter? Bad experiences with men when dating it seems is the only root cause. Ruth was blind to see things such as teasing and light insults and playing as a form of attention, taking it to heart and the opposite way to which it was mean. All very trivial but had an effect that would last and root itself for years to come.

Worked on all her life from when she could abe in between university. A hard worker she found her talents lay in finance and money and found employment in several building societies and banking firms.

Ruth has ambition to be the best at what she does, but to seek out power in and authority in her job as well as what she craves with her partners. BDSM sex parties where her thing when she was free and was known in circles for her acts.

Back into the fray looking for a new partner, she tried over and again to find somebody able to keep up with her level, but rumor had got around of her personality and usage of women. Soon Ruth found it hard to find any women who's give her any attention, let alone ones who where actively seeking.

Angry more than upset at people Ruth in frustration found herself striking out at people and was put under advisement in her job being a liability with her attitude... things where not going right.

In the weeks to come Ruth found herself masturbating allot with her time off - she felt it was below her but found a challenge in trying to make and maybe break her body to have extreme sexual feats done to them. One of these was insertions, BIG ones

Becoming a little glossed over from being inside and still on leave for behavior problems from work, she felt the need to get out into the world again... and what better place to try her new mega dildo sized harness. To the park to sit and get comfy with such a size inside her body.

After letting her body relax around them, she started to enjoy this new sensation as she turned, squeezed and contracted around these huge expanding monsters.But it also wasn't long before she started to see things she'd never be able to attain, a loving couple and a new baby passed her by... a life she didn't seek, but one that was well beyond her reach.

A rage started to build up as even seeing friends talking, being friends was enough to make her see that this wasn't anything she had now in her now shallow life. The final straw was a woman who was acting strange almost like she was mocking her, seeing what she was like... seeing what filth she was as her eyes gazed upon her...

Acting on instinct she called her over this lady and threatened her with police action for stalking her. It didn't take long for the other woman to run off in tears.. Ruth's heart started to sink as her empathy had a surge it'd not felt for years. She buried her head in her hands and released what she has become... what she was throwing away in her life.

Ruth kept working on her new insertion lust but fell into a depression over the days, no longer the fiery raged vixen, but a sad pathetic girl who's world was falling around her. Maybe it was time for a change? maybe this was not the way it was meant to be?

Inside her room, a single light shining though the gaps in the curtains was a reflection of her own life at this point. Ruth reflected on the other day in the park, and the beauty she cursed away. Maybe somebody like that would be good for her, it was make me see my life in context... maybe its better to have a calmer life, like hers? she through.

A new day came, and Ruth found herself in a trance like state in the park again. It was reaching 1:25 when out the corner of Ruth's eye caught glimpse of that outstandingly beautiful girl again.... maybe at least she could feel like she could make a mends for the last time...

Just before she opened her mouth Ruth saw that she trying to act unusually, be something she wasn't. Her actions where all wrong, her look didn't fit her... What was going on, like she was trying to act up, be more... Ruth realized what was going on, she'd seen it once or twice.... Who would have guessed she'd try and my attention Ruth thought. She called her over to site.

After teasing her vocally, Ruth dared see how this lady would act on her touch and more intimate questions. Ruth was stunned at how easy this was for her, and felt that maybe her redemption was hat hand. The other girl announced herself to be Luci

Seeing that Luci was indeed interested in her Ruth felt a longing to be content for a less active sexual life and that this girl would do her good... at least for a while. Ruth told Luci to relax and be herself.. ruth still could not believe she was the girl to girl loving type.

It started well, a little playful language and warming up to one another but before long something was amiss. Luci started to shake and look unwell, let alone uneasy. Burning up... maybe she wasn't ready for this, maybe the language used was a little much for her... how cute Ruth felt.

Before long Luci ran out after a light scream. - Ruth not letting her catch get away went after her... maybe she was just shy. Deep inside Ruth knew that this was something that was meant to be, something serious... and why would she run out like that, there where no problems. A feeling of unease passed over Ruth feeling that she'd ruined it all.

Some time later, after seeking her out, deep in an ally way Ruth's reality changed forever as she stood before Luci. In a state barely able to keep conscience as her body moved, changed into a new form.

Ruth was there was she watched a miracle, an hermaphrodite angel born out of this soul called Luci. It was a painful process to view, as it contorted her body into something abstractly obstinate and disproportionate. Luci was still breathing, but barely...

At that moment Ruth instantly knew what was to be done... she knew what the future would hold... knew what it all meant and why things had happened like this... Ruth was not the special one, she was the keeper of a goddess, a heavenly blessing. Ruth stood up and set off to getting Luci back to her home.

Months on Ruth find herself in a nirvana, knowing her place in this world... forever by Luci's side. Anything to be done to make her life more bearable, to help in any way possible, Ruth would do it... this was what her life and shall be.


A story note - The world which this happens is not of a secret land alike the other hermaphrodites prior to Luci's design.

Ruth's Mind Set Explained

Have to explain this one, as many people are kind od confused as how Ruth works, even after I've just explained it to them.

As as you know there are Submissive and Dominant people. This feature is there of Ruth concerns the swapping of one to the other. Ruth is and always will be a dominant person however around Luci she becomes the submissive one.

However Luci is always submissive neutral, and doesn't care for taking the lead, even when Ruth is around. However Ruth likes Luci to push for things and decisions and sometimes forces her hand to act or puts words inside Luci's mouth as a command.

However due to the nature of the relationship Ruth is even more hard core dyke personality than she ever was prior, because of only wanting Luci, keeping her to herself and also protecting her. Again, she see's Luci like a goddess in many ways and on many levels.

So all in all, Luci is now the dom in the relationship, and does call the shots when very necessary, Ruth is a very extreme sub but also forces events and is very much the dom outside in the real world.

Ruth has also had surgery as much as she could to be as willing with Luci's body - though this wasn't something Luci asked for, Ruth decided it was in the best interest to do just that. Luci enjoys it on some levels but would have been happy without all the changes she'd had done.

There also is a conflict internally over the male penis on Luci, at least to begin, she found it a conflicting love of hers... a male tool, and one of the main features of Luci is the thing she found to hate. As time has passed, though very much a lesbian, and not much catering for men, she has relaxed and found that though small, a window of possibility would be open for a male in Luci's life, if it made her truly happy.

Ruth's Caring of Luci

Ruth looks after Luci in many ways and as many as she can. She is a willing slave for Luci, doing, buying and acting in any way Luci asks (and sometimes acts alone for what she feels is the greater good).

She works for a banking firm and quite a high position, but also one which is open to abuse. Knowing the system she moved vast amounts of money though techniques into a fund. This fund is now easily big enough to care for Luci and herself for near a life time. A vast amount has been accumulated, however is just under a radar detection of big money watchdogs.

Ruth also has a penthouse suit as well as a normal home. She has no tied to family and keeps to herself, losing her friends and any ex lovers in the process of seeing Luci. Both of these areas are more like sexual fantasy lands and cater to their every sexual desire. They will commute to these building under the cover of darkness and Ruth driving Luci as best she can without losing her attention.

Within Luci's apartment allot has changed to make sure Luci can get around, wide areas, super big cock and cunt cum rooms and other crazy devices to make life easier for each other. This is Luci's world, and is a mesh of what she wants / remembers normality to be and what is ideal for getting her rocks off.

The space to live was very tight after her first changes (and even more so now they have been even more space consuming). Ruth approached the landlord and bought out the rooms around the building and paid good money for a no question asked approach. Inside after they where bought, the rooms get renovated and the walls came down. Now Luci owns a vast amount of space and different type of rooms for different fetishes - but all out of the way of normal viewers (of course all rooms sound proofed).

Luci is also kept from the outside world. She secretly used the internet to talk to people and post some material of herself to the world (of which Ruth knows and keeps under wraps from breaking out into the main populous.) She also speaks to people like the mail man and other people over phone but is limited to these kinds of locations.

Every so often Ruth may invite a person in ether to keep Luci happy or almost as an act of mercy or revenge and have Luci meet them. It is uncertain what happens to these people when they leave and why it doesn't get out to the greater world what's happening...

Stupid Extra Facts Section

Daft facts about the character that make them more human...

(o) Music - European death metal bands - 70's punk scene.
(o) Hobbies - Taking charge, hurting something, causing problems for others.
(o) Pet hates - Being corrected, being outclassed. Hates males for no reason too.
(o) Perfect evening - Being tied up, tortured and abused by her love Luci.
(o) Life influences. - Breaking her pussy and becoming a proper lesbian forever.
(o) Education background / peak - Graduan in fiance and business and marketing.

(o) Types of movies - Only porn films BDSM, snuff and hardcore only.
(o) Family - Foster child. Ran away from family at 16. Their well being is Unknown.
(o) Phobias - Children, stays away like a curse.

If Ruth was to have a job with the other herm girls she would be the :- Slave / worker.

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