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Sius Introduces - Hardcore Giga Sized Futanari Honeys!




Question - What makes this pack different from all the others?
Well it has HUGE futa girls, stories included, alternative versions and bonus material.... sounds pretty unique and special to me. My style maybe not as good as these ultra 'acme' artists out there, but really not many artists would dare to do what I've done in this pack, and I'm happy to deliver on a area people have obviously been crying out for, for so long.

Introduction - Sius is proud to present to you ' Hardcore Giga Sized Futanari Honeys' This is a pack which I have been working on since the start of 2008 and has been the center of my attention since.

Content - Massive huge penises that are so gargantuan that they put all the other fetishes mixed in the image to shame! A pack of a selection of all new dickgirls which, well... even your wide screen monitor can't view all at once!

Potency - The fetish content is a mixture inside this pack, however I've tried to keep it on the lighter side of things for the normal images but offered alternative versions of the image with extra material and sometimes making the image more weird and more warped than before - so it'll cater for the average size fan as well as the lovers of the more extreme.

Guest Artists - I've asked long time standing fellow artists and also other futa artist heroes to help fill up the pack and add their touch of class to my own works and I've been made up by the input from them too! M for Mental, Demon Man, Gamma, Halcy0n [A.k.a. Feline Space Pirate] and also the fantastic Dyvera and Linty have all helped in making these packs special!

Ordering - To get the pack here it costs a few pennys and started with a email from me. Just ask about the pack and away we go!

Click to email me to get the pack ^_^
( email@releasedreactions.com )



A little something to see what the whole pack is based on. If this is your kinda thing, this could not be more the pack for you!

Unique and original, I have composed something that is hopefully going to wattle the whole Futa community for some time. Be part of something different that you'd never get anywhere else but off me.

Giga Example 01

Example One - Original Image sizes in the extended pack showing the 1-1 pixel size and height of one of the girls in the pack.

As you can see, the scale has not been cut or reduced, only because the girls are just so big. That means more detail and more picture for your money. Examples 3 and 4 are a real contrast to the true sizes they are, shown in this example.

Giga Example 02

Example Two - Cut examples of the Bonus Comic Dojin. Example of the style and feel of this extra comic. These and the 2 full sized 'conclusion' images are only inside the extended version.

The story focuses on massive futa growth in stages and the most bizarre results which shows the stages of poor test subject #247 A.K.A. Alya's transformation.

Giga Example 03

Example Three - Princess Lily. This heavily reduced in size and censored heavily preview image should give you a feeling for what the packs all about!

Complete with her story along side her massive slong, Lily is but one of the many girls you see inside this bulging pack!

Giga Example 01

Example Four - Long time site favorite Banny is inside the pack and here's a very VERY small sized; censored taster!

It's funny looking at this image and seeing just how small this image is compared to the 100% true size, so much detail lost! Only the original sizes will do justice to this girl! (you'll see)

And with such a pose it was easy to then do 18 more versions of her! From cum shots to some more extreme body mod's!

Select Your Pack!

Two packs - There are two versions of this pack available. One is cheaper but lacks a lot of content, the other (the extended version) has 100% material, uncensored but costs some more.

Price - So what is the price of these packs and what about what you get in them. Well The price is below in the FAQ section and further details about the packs contents are also listed for you convinience

Which is for you? - Below there is a comparison of the two different packs. We also have the covers here with the differences listed plain as day time.

Power in numbers - As a note that 98% of people have ordered the extended pack version as of writing this text and all have been . I think the 'pull' of having such detailed and over sized futa sweeties being censored is a bit off putting to some.

Extended Pack Contents


Both have great colouring and huge girls but there are two packs which you can get but which should you buy?

Here is a basic and simple list of reasons why the extended version costs more but also about the vast content inside of it.

- Normal Pack -


- Extended Pack -


(0) CENSORED content.   (0) 100% UNCENSORED content.

(o) Basic Image package.


(o) All the Images, including Extended version only bonus extra characters.

(o) Cum theme alternatives images only.
  (o) Many many alternative modes and extra fetishes and fantasies. Extends the pack MANY times over. Increases the pack size and content vastly!

(o) Standard and Small Image sizes.

  (o) HUGE; 100% Image sizes and details, Standard and Small sizes on all images.
(o) CG Coloured only.   (0) ALL images from starting roughs to outlines and then the finished CG ones.
(0) Basic Huge cock fetishes.   (0) From gaping, insertions, piercing's, Milking and so many more extra fetishes added also.
(0) No Extras par the original images.   (0) Avatars images, Desktop Backgrounds Plus a Bonus Dojin also! Exclusive to the Extended version.
(0) 18 Characters in the pack (Not alternate versions, just standard images)   (0) 33 Characters in the pack (Not alternate versions, just standard images)
(0) 23 Images in pack in total.   (0) FUCKING HUGE amount of Images in total. Well over 250 images included!

In my own words - "This pack is ideal if you like the content generally but don't want to spend out - many images and cheaper than the alternative"   In my own words - "This extended pack is a MUST for any size fan. More images, added alt versions, maximum image sizes and no censorship, but it will cost more"

Ordering over seas /


There will be people from abroad who are concerned with ordering the pack. I can say that ordering so far has not been a problem, I've had ordered from Japan, China and even Korea (which is REALLY cool!)

So if you can understand basic english then I will be able to help you order. I have also had a friend of mine write some notes in Japanese

Frequently Asked Questions





Q) How Many images are in the NORMAL pack? What am I getting for my money?
A) There are 18 pages of 'Giga' Girls, this does not include extra material or the versions or anything along side it. There will be plenty images, and different 'cumming' versions too.

Q) How Many images are in the EXTENDED pack? What is the differences?
A) There is an extra cost with the extended pack however there's MANY more images in the pack, 6 more extra images from myself and comes with 33 images in total! unseen images as well as a VAULT worth of Alt versions, going well above the 200 images mark!

Q) What are the resolutions you are using?
A) REALLY big ones. random image plucked is 3288 x 1446. Bigger and smaller ones than that, but there will be shrunk down duplicate images saved also. - Smaller ones will be done along side the main images for anybody who feels their monitors going to blow up from the huge futa girls size too - woo ^_^ See Example 1 (top of page)

Q) Will do you do another pack like this?
A) Depends, I've been moaning about if sales are poor I not only won't bother is another pack but scrap my art all together. Can't say its looking so far (as writing this) so... by ordering your helping an artist out and help make more art like this appear a reality.

Q) How much are you selling it for?
A) Price of a simple commission, which is around £12 pounds for the extended pack, much much less for the other normal pack, but then its much less of a pack too. I can't say what the market is like at the moment, but £15 is most reasonable for the content in question.

Q) Where can I buy this pack?
A) Due to lack of call for the normal pack, and peoples obvious distaste for censoring images, DL site has been removed as an option for now. So you can buy the pack directly off me - more information is listed below, quick + easy; it's worked very well so far!

Q) This is going to be the most details and TOTALLY amazing images and CG money can buy, yeah?
A) Not overly - I am not going to say the material is poor, it isn't - but you can find better I'm sure. What you do get though is something so unique and fun and a little odd that that alone makes up for it all ^_^ I've yet to see any material quite this size, scale and scope. If you like my works, you'll love it! If you don't overly, know that this is probably the only place on the net where you can order something like this!

Q) I enjoy the size these girls are, but not the weird stuff, is it all 'weird' material in this pack?
A) Well this stuff is weird anyhow, but most of the normal images primarily focus on the standard fetishes and of course the huge futa thing going on. The Alt versions will more or less cater to the weird and odd material that you expect off me! I will also be offering different packs in both the extended and censored versions with content removed for them who don't like weird / gaping material.

Feedback / Opinions


Unsure what your getting for you're money? Here's a handful of comments of early viewers and 'after release' buyers who had their say on the giga packs thus far. - Comments unaltered and asked for permission to post on this page F.Y.I. ^_^

Comments on [Standard Pack] and [Extended Pack] separated (though 95% of people wisely pick the extended version)

- Person 01 -

Does it look good? I would say, yes. People who buy this will definitely get their money's worth! [Extended Pack]

- Person 02 -
This pack contains some of Sius's most impressive and 'biggest' work to date. Well worth the cost. [Extended Pack]
- Person 03 -
I thought the pack was pretty awesome. Herms of such size are extremely rare so I think it will be worth how much it is when it comes out. [Extended Pack]

- Person 04 -

heh, I love it; great mix of themes in the pack, while of course maintaining the 'hugeness' ^^ . [Extended Pack]

- Person 05 -

Q: ...anyhow, general though's from the pack, positive... generally?
A: yup, it certainly delivers lots of gargantuan cocks! [Extended Pack]

Ordering the Pack Information


Ordering Information - Right, 1st off the ordering of the material is done as a DONATION. Once you have kindly offered enough in this donation I will offer you this pack as a thank you as it were.

Email to begin - To order you must first email me and say your interested in the pack. I'll probably send a lot of information that's on this page, read over it and make a decision if you want the pack. Also if you don't state you want the normal pack, I'll assume, like many you want the extended pack instead.

Click to email me to get the pack ^_^
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Different ordering Methods - Because these packs can ONLY be ordered direct from me there's a few methods you can pick. All work, all are tried and tested. Look below to see which you feel would work best for you. All have been successful and have had no problems and people have picked up the pack and been delighted with it!

Way To Order - A Brief Guide



Ordering - In brief the pack is easily ordered online and received digitally. Many have been sold and all successfully.

For ease the current method is via gift card for the website amazon.co.uk (but if you have a .com or another amazon location not the .co.uk, it'll work just fine)

After emailing via the contact section on the above website then I'll check details with you and pass the link and details to use to aquiring the pack of your choice.

This has proven to be the safest and quickest method and have seldom ever had any issues, which is crazy good considering how big the world is and the range of people I've worked with.

There maybe other methods that can be done in a pinch and as a one off (such as maybe paypal) however that's kicked up trouble in the past and isn't guarantee success.

If there is anything more I can answer for you then send and email my way and ask. Anything I can answer for you I shall without hesitation.

Thanks once more for considering the pack and its contents and hope to hear from you shortly!