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Sius Introduces - Hardcore Giga Sized Futanari Honeys!


Question - What makes this pack different from all the others?
Well it has HUGE futa girls, stories included, alternative versions and bonus material.... sounds pretty unique and special to me. My style maybe not as good as these ultra 'acme' artists out there, but really not many artists would dare to do what I've done in this pack, and I'm happy to deliver on a area people have obviously been crying out for, for so long.

Introduction - Sius is proud to present to you ' Hardcore Giga Sized Futanari Honeys' This is a pack which I have been working on since the start of 2008 and has been the center of my attention since.

Content - Massive huge penises that are so gargantuan that they put all the other fetishes mixed in the image to shame! A pack of a selection of all new dickgirls which, well... even your wide screen monitor can't view all at once!

Potency - The fetish content is a mixture inside this pack, however I've tried to keep it on the lighter side of things for the normal images but offered alternative versions of the image with extra material and sometimes making the image more weird and more warped than before - so it'll cater for the average size fan as well as the lovers of the more extreme.

Guest Artists - I've asked long time standing fellow artists and also other futa artist heroes to help fill up the pack and add their touch of class to my own works and I've been made up by the input from them too! M for Mental, Demon Man, Gamma, Halcy0n [A.k.a. Feline Space Pirate] and also the fantastic Dyvera have all helped in making these packs special!

Date of sale - DATE STILL PENDING - The pack will soon be available to download very soon on DL Site and maybe probably off this website, direct from me and off this website. (with many added perks for paying for it directly - read on for more).

Pre-order - Temp message. With the pack coming out soon I will be taking email addresses of people are interested in the packs, ether normal or extended and will be giving them dates and information when they are released and generally is the 1st step in ordering the pack if you where to get it anyway - so drop me a email and I'll get back to you with the information you need to know.

Contact me and please ask about the pack and I'll be happy to work something out

Select Your Pack!


( email@releasedreactions.com )

Taking advanced orders!

Extended Pack Contents


Both have great colouring and huge girls but there are two packs which you can get but which should you buy?

Here is a basic and simple list of reasons why the extended version costs more but also about the vast content inside of it.

- Normal Pack -


- Extended Pack -


(0) CENSORED content.   (0) 100% UNCENSORED content.

(o) Basic Image package.


(o) All the Images, including Extended version only bonus extra characters.

(o) Cum theme alternatives images only.
  (o) Many many alternative modes and extra fetishes and fantasies. Extends the pack MANY times over. Increases the pack size and content vastly!

(o) Standard and Small Image sizes.

  (o) HUGE; 100% Image sizes and details, Standard and Small sizes on all images. Example.
(o) CG Coloured only.   (0) ALL images from starting roughs to outlines and then the finished CG ones.
(0) Basic Huge cock fetishes.   (0) From gaping, insertions, piercing's, Milking and so many more extra fetishes added also.
(0) No Extras par the original images.   (0) Avatars images, Desktop Backgrounds Plus a Bonus Dojin also! Exclusive to the Extended version.
(0) 18 Characters in the pack (Not alternate verions, just standard images)   (0) 30 Characters in the pack (Not alternate verions, just standard images)
(0) 23 Images in pack in total.   (0) FUCKING HUGE amount of Images in pack in total. [Still adding it up, but with alt versions] - Sriously, its going to be around 100 + I think with all the alts.

In my own words - "This pack is ideal if you like the content generally but don't want to spend out - many images and cheaper than the alternative"   In my own words - "This extended pack is a MUST for any size fan. More images, added alt versions, maximum image sizes and no censorship, but it will cost more"

Normal Pack Contents




Here's what's going to be in the final cut of the standard pack of the giga material.

This does not include any alternative versions / bonus notes / cover designs and the like.


01. Cursed Cock Heavy Futa Princess Lily

02. Condemned Dickgirl Sister Amethyst

03. Uncontrollable testosterone Flooded Jessica

04. School Days - School Girl Asuka / Headmistress Miku

05. Obscenely Changed Hermaphrodite Harlequin Asherlin

06. Genie Phalicia Three Phallic Wishes

07. Gargantuan Grown Hybrid Dickgirl Banny

08. Curious Incident of Futanari Love (Docking Image)

09. M for Mental Image 01

10. M for Mental Image 02

11. M for Mental Image 03

12. Demon - Man's Picture

13. Feline Space Pirate [FSP] Contribution

14. Gamma Image 01

15. Dyvera's Image 01

16. Dyvera's Image 02

17. Dyvera's Image 03

Frequently Asked Questions



















Q) How Many images are in the normal pack? What am I getting for my money?
A) There are 18 pages of 'Giga' Girls, this does not include extra material or the versions or anything along side it. There will be plenty images, and different 'cumming' versions too.

Q) How Many images are in the EXTENDED pack? What is the differences?
A) There is an extra cost with the extended pack and ordered directly off me, so maybe slower to get the product - however there's MANY more images in the pack, 6 more extra images from myself, unseen images

The extra content is marked on the cover of the Extended Version

Q) What are the resolutions you are using?
A) REALLY big ones. random image plucked is 3288 x 1446. Bigger and smaller ones than that, but there will be shrunk down duplicate images saved also.

Here is an example of size and scale in the pack ^_^

Q) Why has this pack not been released yet?!
A) Uck, the project started off a lot smaller than this, but as it grew in attention, so did the image sizes and the content. But I'm really happy with what's been produced and hopefully be something people want more of in the future.

Q) How much are you selling it for?
A) No idea yet. I may do a secondary pack which has more content / Alt modes and other bonuses for a slightly higher price direct from me but really its not been sorted out and won't till the end. It will be sold at a competitive price for the standard pack material.

Q) Where can I buy this pack?
A) If all goes well there will be 2 places, on the ever great DL site, and direct of me (if all goes well) getting it from my maybe more messing in the long run, but since I can sell it without censorship coming into play. More information as I get it. It's yet to be officially released - so be patient.

Q) This is going to be the most details and TOTALLY amazing images and CG money can buy, yeah?
A) Not overly - I am not going to say the material is poor, it isn't - but you can find better I'm sure. What you do get though is something so unique and fun and a little odd that that alone makes up for it all ^_^

Q) I enjoy the size these girls are, but not the weird stuff, is it all 'weird' material in this pack?
A) Well this stuff is weird anyhow, but most of the normal images primarily focus on the standard fetishes and of course the huge futa thing going on. The Alt versions will more or less cater to the weird and odd material that you expect off me! If you feel this way and don't mind a bit of censorship then DL site is the way forwards, if you like the funky weird material then I'd say extended pack all the way.


Quick Break down Info...

Images in pack = Total of 22 UNIQUE images planned
13 / Sius + 3/ M for mental + 1 / Demon man + 1 / FSP + 1 / Gamma + 3 / Dyvera - This applies only to the Standard pack.

Alternative views = Yes, All of mine will have different versioned images. These don't count towards the total amount in the pack

Smaller images = Yes, the original size and the smaller / 'my monitor can view it easily' versions will be available.

Layout = Making it a set of JPG pages which make up the appearance of it / have the details information in the pack.

Direct Bonus' / Extended = The extended version is ONLY available by being directly done though me. Harder effort to make work as well as extra price is rewarded with a much better pack - and best of all removal of the censored issues I have playing it in DL Site.

Feedback / Opinions


Unsure what your getting for you're money? Here's a handful of comments of early viewers and 'after release' buyers who had their say on the giga packs thus far. - Comments unaltered and asked for permission to post on this page F.Y.I. ^_^

Comments on [Standard Pack] and [Extended Pack] separated

[Temp note these are pre pre order or notes from focus groups]

- Person 01 -

Does it look good? I would say, yes. People who buy this will definitely get their money's worth! [Extended Pack]

- Person 02 -
This pack contains some of Sius's most impressive and 'biggest' work to date. Well worth the cost. [Extended Pack]
- Person 03 -
I thought the pack was pretty awesome. Herms of such size are extremely rare so I think it will be worth how much it is when it comes out. [Extended Pack]

- Person 04 -

heh, I love it; great mix of themes in the pack, while of course maintaining the 'hugeness' ^^ . [Extended Pack]

- Person 05 -

Q: ...anyhow, general thoughs from the pack, positive... generally?
A: yup, it certainly delivers lots of gargantuan cocks! [Extended Pack]



A little something to see what the whole pack is based on. If this is your kinda thing, this could not be more the pack for you.

Unique and original, I have composed something that is hopefully going to wattle the whole Futa community for some time. Be part of something different that you'd never get anywhere else but off me.

(1-1 pic size of extended pack material )

(example of dojin - ext pack)