iGAPES - Another Sius project.... - Early Days Notes


Question -What is the iGAPES thing, what does it mean?

Answer - iGAPES in the name of a project i'm working on and hope to involve other authors and artists along the way. At the moment of writing this is a project which is going to be a side step from the usual herm side of things and focus on the large stretched and swollen vaginas designs. This has its own world and characters.

Master plan - Plan on making the iGAPES a place for all gaping sources, a load of stories and art to go with this fun fetish of gaping and oversized vaginas. Still being worked on currently but the project is going solidly but still badly needs some more input and help from people, so come and help out!

It may lead to a full project release if popular - but we'll see on that. I doubt it myself because of being such a niche area... but we'll see.

So What's Going On Now?

Latest Information - iGAPES is coming on solid and strong so far, but still seeking feedback, authors and artists, see RR's main page

Old Information - OK, the current thing is now that the master cast have been created, a nice 16 or so mocks done of different girls and designs. I've not got to decide what's the best way to present all this. I AM BADLY in need of extra help from fans.

If you want to help out, please email or IM me and let me know!

Mock Images - Small Preview




Still very much in production, these early mocks are a focus on poss character designs, but also being creative with the deformed vaginal feel (did I just really type that?!). Anyhow, as mentioned these are not only mocks, but early works, thus it won't have many on display, just a few of the basics for now.

If you want more, then help out as mentioned just above. I have a great deal of girls and designs I could do with input on and help from people, as it maybe a good few months before any final results appear. I'm not displaying any more than these 3 because you people won't help out unless forced, so don't be a twat and help me out on these, if they interest you.

Oh, and mentioned, these are basic mocks, so the characters may change, so I'd be pleased and happy if people keep these images on this website only - being they are only mocks... ok...

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