DyaTech, Chapter 2.1 by McFruit
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Chapter 2.1 - The first part of Chapter 2, coz tis a big damn chapter! Focusing on the mutational changed of Maikyu the morning after as she paints her room with all the new equipment she's acquired overnight.

         Disclaimer: This story contains a wide variety of sexual fetishes centering on hermaphrodites, unrealistically gigantic and oversized boobs, nipples, cocks, gaping and other such things.

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Chapter 2.2

            Standing in front of Cera's bedroom door, Mikyu took a deep breath to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Though she was pretty sure Cera wouldn't freak out too much, she was a bit nervous about the whole thing because she didn't quite know quite what to expect. Wanting to make a sexy impression on Cera, Mikyu stuck out her chest, making sure her basketball plus sized mounds and her plate sized areolas barely covered by her bikini top would be the first thing she would see. Looked down to check how her cock looked her thong, she was happy to see its bulging form looked like she was smuggling fire extinguishers in her thong. Working up her courage, she put her hand on the doorknob, and slowly opened Cera's door.

Almost immediately Mikyu was hit with the overpowering smell of sex, and opening the door wider she gasped as she saw a mess even bigger than the she made in her room.“Woooooaaahhh,” gasped Mikyu in awe, looking at all the cum stains on the floor, the wall, and even on the ceiling. Sex toys were littered about on the floor, and a mix of cum, milk, and pussy juice had been spattered on almost every item and surface in the room. 

“God, I wonder what Cera looks like to make a mess like this,” said Mikyu taking a step inside. Some of the dread that she was feeling about meeting Cera melted away as Mikyu saw that judging by her room, Cera was at least as horny as she had been when she woke up if not more so. “Eww, I just washed my hair too!” said Mikyu wiping a gob of cum out of her long black hair that dripped down off the ceiling.

“Hmm, I wonder where Cera is,” said Mikyu looking around the vacant room. Walking further into Cera's room, Mikyu quickly found herself becoming utterly entranced by the sight and smell of so much cum. Enormous loads of cum was something that came with the size fetish type porn that she loved so much, and she found it intensely erotic that one person could cum so much to cover an entire room in it.

Oh I shouldn't, thought Mikyu, biting her lip as she tried to beat down the rising urge to just play around and masturbate on the cum covered floor. It would be sooo awkward if Cera caught me masturbating in her cum. But then again...I suppose tasting a little bit of couldn't hurt, thoughtMikyu smiling to herself.

Walking over to a nearby dresser she scooped up some of the still wet cum off of it with a finger and tasted it. “Wow....it tastes...kinda weird,” commented Mikyu licking her lips. It wasn't as sweet as her own cum, but had a really odd aftertaste, that made little pangs of arousal shoot through her body. Curious about its taste, she scooped up a little more off the dresser of it and licked it off her hand. Mikyu groaned faintly as she was suddenly hit with much stronger pangs of arousal then before, and soon it felt like her entire body was heating up.

“Ohh...I'm not sure if it was tasting Cera's cum or seeing so much of it all over Cera's room, but man I'm feeling soooo fucking horny,” moaned Mikyu, her hands rubbing her soup can sized nipples through her top. Mikyu moaned softly as felt a familiar warm feeling surging in her breasts, and looking down she could see and feel them swelling up from the pressure of the milk building inside of them.

She gently caressed their skin as she happily watched them expand, causing the light blue strings of her bikini top to dig deeper into their light tan skin. The dark brown flesh of her areolas billowed outwards in a dome shape by six inches, a multitude of tiny bumps growing across their surface as her nipples started to create a tent pole effect with the cups of her top as they started to harden.

Mikyu's breasts ballooned till they preceded her body by two feet, each a few inches less than that  wide while retaining their melon shape. Seeing that there was no real reason to wear her top anymore, she started taking it off, sighing in relieve as her breasts bounced free of the constraining piece of fabric, and threw it to the side. Grabbing her now one and a half foot wide areola's, she moaned deeply as she squeezed them, causing her thick creamy milk to gush out of her huge eight inch long nipples, each now as thick as a two liter soda bottle.

“Maybe...maybe a quick little fap couldn't hurt. Cera's probably in the dildo closet or bathroom still fapping like crazy in right now, and as long as I'm quiet she probably won't even notice. I just got to get this urge to masturbate out of my system,” said Mikyu sqeezing her its. She groaned as she  felt the string of her thong becoming sandwiched between her swelling outer labia. Taking off her thong, her huge flaccid cock plopped loudly against the floor, and she winced as her bowling ball sized nuts bounced against her huge erect clit, causing her pussy to gush juices over her thighs.

Grabbing her flaccid member, she lifted it up and rubbed it between her breasts, relishing the feeling the heat coursing through its length as it started to get engorged with blood. She gasped when it finally  reached its full four foot long glory, still awed by the fact such a massive thing was hers. Six inches of its fourteen inch thick width belonging to her massive foreskin, its overgrown form hanging two feet off her dick looking like a reservoir tip of a condom with to all the precum trapped inside by the ribbon that she had tied up at the tip of her foreskin.

Squatting down on the floor with her tits sitting on her knees, and she scooped up some cum off of it with and smeared it all over her huge puffy areola's. “Oh wow... that feels really gooooood.,” murmured Mikyu as she rubbed it against her titflesh.  Strangely Cera's cum made her nipples and areolas tingle delightfully, and she groaned again as she felt a another surge of milk building up in her breasts.

“Wow...it almost feels like...feels like they are growing again,” moaned Mikyu, putting her hands on her breasts. Her breasts swelled out a few inches more, their skin becoming tighter, making the big blue veins underneath the skin of her breasts stand out more. Mikyu bit her lip a little so she wouldn't cry out as huge arcs of milk burst from her nipples shooting halfway across the room, causing her little body to tremble in pleasure.

While her breasts felt full before, now they felt like they were about to burst from all the milk inside them. Mikyu's nipples were leaking so much milk it was almost coming out in a constant stream. Mikyu squeezed her breasts, trying to alleviate them from the pain of being so full. Her breasts seemed to produce more milk in response to replace all that she squeezed out, making her efforts mostly futile.

“Wow I can't believe Cera's cum did this to my boobs,” said Mikyu squeezing her bloated teats. While her breasts ached, she loved how they felt so full and heavy, the feeling of it making her feel so sexy.  “Maybe they have some sort of  growth agent on something in it. Oh, I wonder if can make the rest of me grow!” said Mikyu excitedly, grinning as hundreds of possibilities blossomed in her mind.

Curious how Cera's cum would effect the other parts of her body, she scooped some more cum off the floor and rubbed it all over her pussy. She moaned as same strange tingly feeling spread across her crotch, and moved her dick to the side to get a better look at what was happening.

She watched as her two foot long clit started throbbing harder, turning a darker shade of red as it grew thicker. She put a hand on her now four inch thick clit, admiring how swollen in it. Mikyu shuddered, moaning as she was hit with what felt like a mini orgasm, her pussy ejaculating huge white stream of gooey love juice onto the floor.

Looking at pussy she was surprised to see how much her outer labia had swelled. They were so big they almost looked like halves of a pie between her legs, especially with the light tan color of her skin. Her outer pussy lips bulged out five inches from her crotch, the oval shape of her vulva almost a foot wide and the bottom of it touched her upper thighs. Mikyu's huge cunt took up so much of her crotch that it was impossible to close her legs without squishing her pussy between her thighs.

She gasped softly at the sight of her huge dangling inner labia. They now hung almost a foot out of her  four inch wide slit, dangling down so far they touched the floor. Mikyu was amazed that her pussy seemed to even be oozing more of its juices, her pussy almost rhythmically spitting white gobs of her love juice that ran down her inner labia and formed a pool on the floor. She tugged at her long inner  lips, moaning as more juices gushed out of her pussy onto the floor.   Before she knew it she was furiously pumping her fist into her fat cunt, and it took her a few moments to even realize what she was doing.

“Whoa, her cum is really having a effect on me,” said Mikyu a bit shocked at her action as pulled her fist out of her pussy. “Hmm, I wonder what it'll do to my dick,” pondered Mikyu, lightly rubbing her shaft. “Well at least I don't have to worry about making a mess when I take this off,” chuckled Mikyu quietly to herself as she grabbed the ribbon at the end of her cock and pulled it off. There was a loud slapping noise as the precum contained inside hit the floor, Mikyu's clear prespunk mixing with Cera's sex fluids as its flowed over the floor.

She pulled back her thick outer foreskin till the huge mushroom shape of her dickhead and shaft were revealed. “God... I wonder what Cera will think of my cock,” said Mikyu rubbing its huge bulbous head,  its massive shape twice as thick as her eight inch thick shaft. Scooping up some more cum she slather it over her huge nuts and cock, groaning from how good it feel on her dick.

Veins along her shaft and her ballsack starting bulging as her cock start to throb intensely. Putting her second foreskin back a little, Mikyu expectantly watched her dick, hoping it would grow a little like the rest of her body. It turned a darker shade of pink, her urethra gaping and ungaping like a mouth gasping for air. Just when she thought nothing was happening, she cried out as her six inch wide piss slit gaped wide like a yawning mouth, belching what had to be gallons of clear thick gooey precum onto the floor. She felt the incredible need for the taste of Cera's cum, and quickly picked up a used pocket pussy of Cera's near her, opening her mouth wide and squeezed the cum still left inside into her mouth. She shuddered again as her dickhole gaped once more, spewing more gallons of prespunk onto the floor. The urge to masturbate pushed out any other thoughts in her mind, and she dropped the pocket in favor of a huge black dildo nearby.

“Ohh Cera...your pussy smells sooo good,” moaned Mikyu as she licked its one and a half foot length. Getting a rather freaky idea, she grabbed the ribbon she had used before out of a pool of juices and pulled her foreskin back over her dick and tied it up at the end. “Ohhh, lets see how big this thing can get,” said Mikyu grinning at sight of her foreskin slowly filling up with her precum.

Sitting the dildo upright on the floor, and moved over it and lubed up her asshole with a mixture of Cera's cum and her own cunt juice.  “Oohhhh ffuuucccckkk,” gasped Mikyu as the head of the dildo entered her tender asshole, as she had forgotten how much more sensitive her asshole was compared to her pussy.

Mikyu's face was scrunched up in a mix of pleasure and pain as she pushed the dildo deeper inside her ass. While she took a six inch thick dildo in her cunt easily before, the four inch thick dildo in her ass felt like she was taking something  three times as huge. It was so intense she almost thought she was going to past out for a moment as the dildo stretched her asshole making a big bulge in her stomach.

“Ooohhh fffuuccckkkk,” exhaled Mikyu, fitting almost all of the eighteen inches of the huge dildo in her ass. Panting from how intense having the dildo inside her ass was, she rested for a few moments trying to get used to its pleasure. Lifting her body a bit off the dildo, her put her hands on her wide hips, and very slowly starting pumping her body up and down a little on its tip, taking it a few inches deeper each time.

“Oh yes Cera, fuck my big ass you bitch,” moaned Mikyu slapping her huge peach shaped butt. Getting  use to the intensity, Mikyu starting pumping her ass faster and faster on the dildo, grinding her huge pussy against her ballsack as she fondling her breasts. She watched her four foot long schlong bob wildly in the air, her cock was spewing so much precum that her foreskin was inflating like a balloon. The flesh balloon that her foreskin made was getting so big it started to look like a beach ball at the end up her cock, bobbing up and down flinging tiny amounts of precum that started dripped out the tip of her foreskin.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oooooohhhhhhh ffffffuuuuuccccckkkk,” screamed Mikyu as she climaxed. The ribbon tying off her foreskin flew off as the huge pressure from the volume of precum became too much for it to keep her foreskin closed.  Enough precum to fill a bathtub twice over crashed onto the floor, with more jets of precum still shooting out of her cock as her nipples and pussy exploded with their own juices.

“Oohhh ggooooddd!” screamed  Mikyu as she held onto her cock that was still shooting precum even after her breasts and pussy had stopped shooting their own respective fluids. Pulling back her foreskin, she grunted as she suddenly felt her testicles spasm violently. She screamed as her dickhole gaped open, this time shooting a huge thick ropey white stream of semen far across the room. Mikyu kept screaming as her balls spasmed two more times, her cock shooting two more streams so far that they hit the wall.

She collapsed on her rump as her legs gave way beneath her, screamed one more time as the dildo was shoved back up her ass, causing her nuts to spasm once more, sending another huge stream of cum up in the air that came crashing down right on top of her. Mikyu quickly pulled the dildo out, still squealing as the last of her orgasm subsided. 

“Holy shit,” panted Mikyu, throwing the dildo to the side. “That sure as hell never happened before! Cera's cum definitely had more of an effect on me then I thought. It doesn't even felt sore like last time,” said Mikyu happily rubbing her cock. Looking at her ballsack, she noticed that they looked a bit bigger then before, her one foot wide nuts still feeling a bit bloated.

“Hmm, I wonder if Cera's cum was what made her so horny that she almost covered her room in cum from fapping?” pondered Mikyu aloud. “I mean god, I just came and feeling like doing it again.” As she remembered about looking for Cera, her face turned red in embarrassment as she realized what she had just said out loud and how much noise she made when she was masturbating. She quickly got to her feet and composed herself, looking around to the room to see if she saw anyone.

“Whew, I'm glad Cera didn't hear me. Even though I don't know how she didn't with all the noise I was making,” said Mikyu.  Seeing how she looked in the cum splattered mirror, she saw whatever effect Cera's cum had on her body seemed to had lessen a bit. Her breasts were still looked bloated, they seemed a little less swollen then before,  her nipples only heavily dripping milk now. Her balls hung lower than before, her nutsack now resting on the floor in front of her feet, and had to kept her legs spread a bit so her thighs wouldn't squeeze her cunt lips too much.

“Maybe... I should wash off or something,” said Mikyu seeing that her body was pretty much covered in cum in the mirror. “Well, I don't think Cera will mind too much anyway, especially after what she did to her room. I'll go see if Cera's in the dildo closet first,” said Mikyu waddling over to the closet.

Mikyu's balls swung from side to side as she walked almost like a goose, her pussy squishing loudly between her legs. As she got closer to the doors she heard the sound of someone faintly moaning, the moans increasing in volume she got closer to the open door. Walking inside the closet. she saw a scene that was almost straight out of the weird dickgirl mangas she read.

Mikyu's fear of Cera possibly hearing her little masturbation session. Died away as she realized that there was no way Cera to have heard her, as Cera was too busy fapping herself silly. Much like the main bedroom, cum and other such sexual fluids were splattered all over the room along with a bunch of dildos and other sex toys already inside on the shelves and floor. She put her hands over her mouth to stifle her gasp as she saw the moaning figure of Cera squatting in the middle of the floor furiously masturbating.

Cera's body had changed just as drastically as hers, if not more so. She was grinning like a lunatic, her big green eyes wide and her short jet black hair almost white from all the cum in her hair.  The first thing she noticed was Cera's humongous breasts, each as big if not bigger than the pair Telsa had yesterday. Amazingly each breast had three big floppy nipples jutting out of the center of their dark pink plate sized areolas, milk squirting out of all six of them in an continuous stream.  The second thing she noticed was the fact Cera now incredibly had four arms, her second pair right below her first. Moving her gaze downward Mikyu gasped once more as she saw that arms and nipples weren't the only thing Cera got multiples of. 

Cera had not just one, or two, but three huge dicks. Each of Cera's cocks were about the size of one of her arms, three of which were vigorously pumping pocket pussies up and down each of them. Cera's huge ballsack blocked any view of her pussy, and not only was it bigger than Mikyu's, but it looked like it was carrying way more than two testicles inside. Cera's last arm was busy thrusting a huge blue dildo that was barely visible under Cera's sack from where she was standing into her cunt.

Cera was so absorbed in pleasuring herself she didn't even notice Mikyu who was standing in front of her. Mikyu couldn't help being transfixed by the sight of Cera masturbating, Cera's arms pumping her dicks as she licked her breasts and sucked her own nipples. Mikyu unconsciously rubbed her own dick, as she watched, her pussy literally aching with lust at the sight of all of Cera's dicks. 


“Oh god, oh god, oooooohhhhhhh gggggooooooooddddd yessssssssss!” screamed Cera as each of her dicks erupted with huge ropey streams of cum. Mikyu was so mesmerized Cera's display that she didn't see one of Cera's cumshots coming her way till it was too late. Mikyu squealed as a huge stream of cum hit her, landing heavily on her tits and splattering all over her face and breasts. Still screaming in ecstasy, Cera fell on her back, thrusting her hips into the air still pumping her dicks as she shot spunk all over the room.

Cera screams continued for a few more seconds before they stopped, and wiping cum the off her face, Mikyu saw at Cera lying on her back heavily panting. Her eyes went immediately to Cera's dicks which stuck up in the air little flagpoles, still shooting little spurts of cum. She stared in awe at Cera's dicks, a part of her wanting to just run over to Cera and kneel down and play with them.  She sorta wanted to say something to her, but was drawing a blank about what the hell to say at a moment like this. Mikyu waited a bit for Cera to get up or do something, and after a minute of waiting she felt like she had to said something just to break the awkwardness she was feeling.

“So um....hey Cera. How are you um...feeling?
“How am I feeling?” muttered Cera in a low voice. “How am I feeling?” said Cera, her voice getting higher. “I'M FEELING FUCKING AMAZING,” shouted Cera, Mikyu jumped back in surprise as Cera sprang to her feet with the huge grin on her face.
“It feels like I just chugged fifty energy drinks followed by thirty cups of espresso.  When I woke up I first was all like HOLY SHIT I HAVE HUGE BOOBS, THREE DICKS, AND FOUR ARMS WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SSSHHHIIIITT! And then I was all like NO REALLY WHAT THE FFFUUUCCCKKK!  After that all I remember being hornier than I've ever been in my entire fucking life, and curious about how a cock felt like.  I started rubbing one of my dicks it felt so damn good I just couldn't STOP fapping. It like a can of goddamn pringles, once you pop you just don't motherfucking stop.” said Cera so fast she almost did it in one breath. “Also FOUR MOTHERFUCKING ARMS MAN!” said Cera happily waving around her arms making Mikyu break into laughter.
“Really though, I can see why guys jerk off so much now. Hell if I had one before I would just sit in my room jerking off all the time and sucking my own dick. Even after cumming so many times I still feel so fucking horny,” groaned Cera, one of her hands kneading one of her breasts while the other three fondled her genitals.
“Wow... man I thought I was horny when I woke up, but you turned your room into a winter wonderland with how you plastered the place,” said Mikyu looking around the room that was just as cum soaked as Cera's bedroom. “Just how many times did you cum?” asked Mikyu.
“Hmm, maybe....... fifty or so times,” said Cera taking off the pocket pussies on each of her cocks that were still rock hard.
“FIFITY TIMES?!” shouted Mikyu in disbelieve. “How long have you been awake?”
“Well I think I've been awake for about an hour or so, and honestly I prolly came more times then that, I just lost count after fifty,” said Cera casually.

The fact that Cera had came so much left Mikyu speechless for a moment, and she was immensely jealous at fact that Cera could cum so much when she hadn't even reached ten orgasms in the same amount of time.

“I don't know how that doctor lady works with a body like that. I would just sit in my office being all like 'fuck you guys, I'm a doctor, and I'm spend all day jacking off if I want to'.”

“I know what you mean,” said Mikyu chuckling at Cera's comment. “Ever since I woke up I haven't really done anything but play with myself too.”

Both girls stopped for a moment, Cera paying the extra attention to Mikyu and her body.
“So…I see you definitely got an upgrade in the chest department. I mean damn, just your areola's are bigger than most girls boobs and your nipples would put mosts guys dicks to shame. Why are they so bumpy?” asked Cera stepping closer to get a better look at her breasts.
“Oh, the bumps make my areolas really sensitive, see,” said Mikyu caressing their flesh, causing milk to squirt of her nipples. “But look at yours, I'm mean their bigger than mine and you got three nipples,”
“I'm kinda liking having huge boobs with hardly any of the drawbacks, “said Cera squeezing her tits. “But the three nipples thing makes me feel some sort of freaky cowwoman”
“And your arms don't make you feel like freak?”
“Well...yeah, but I LOVE having four arms,” exclaimed Cera flexing her arms. “I can just do so much more now than I could before.”
“Yeah I saw you putting them to good use when I came in,” chuckled Mikyu.
“You know, I honestly thought you would be shocked to see me. But with the kind of stuff your into this is probably a dream come true for you.”


“Oh I just love my new body!”exclaimed Mikyu squeezing her breasts. “I bet my dick now is as big as Tesla's.”
“Wait you got a dick too?” asked Cera with a surprised look on her face.
“Yeah, don't you see it?” said Mikyu confused at how Cera could not see it. “I mean freaking gigantic, how could you miss it?” said Mikyu pointing at her huge erect dong.
“Oh, sorry, had a bit of boobie block with my range of vision,” said Cera stepping back. “Hoooolllyyyy shit!” gasped Cera, staring wide eyed at Mikyu's member. “That is one monster cock. Damn it is probably is bigger that doctor lady's dick from yesterday.”

Mikyu thrust her hips out a little further to give Cera a better view of her cock. She had to say she loved having Cera gawk at her cock, and the look of shock on Cera's face made her feel huge and sexy.

“Whoa, your foreskin...your foreskin is gigantic,”gasped Cera bending down to get a better look at it.
“Yeah its so long and thick that when I first woke up I actually thought it was my dick,” chuckled Mikyu.
“I assume that pink...dick thing is your clit?”
“Yep,” said Mikyu as she moved her cock to the side to give Cera a better view of her clit. “If my balls didn't hang so low I would probably be having non stop orgasms from them hitting it all the time. And speaking of balls, just how many are you toting around in your ballsack?”
“I think I got a pair for each dick or something like that, so I would guess six” said Cera rubbing her head. 
“Wow...it looks so weird with all of them in one sack.” said Mikyu trying to count Cera's testicles”
“Oh you think thats weird, get a load of this,” said Cera opening her mouth wide.

Mikyu she watched in amazement as Cera's tongue extended, growing both longer and thicker. It grew till it was almost as long as her cocks at two feet, and was so thick that she couldn't even close her mouth.
“Holy crap, that's amazing!” gasped Mikyu watching Cera move her tongue around. “Can you even talk like that though?”
“Nnaaahh reetehhy,” mumbled Cera. “ I mean not really, “ said Cera retracted her tongue lighting fast back into her mouth. “I can sorta talk when my tongue is like that but its sorta hard.”
“I can see why, “giggled Mikyu. “So um, Cera, being that were are both horny.... I was wondering if you wanted to...to maybe do a little exploration on each other,” said Mikyu looking at the ground, rubbing her foot around in a circle on the floor.
“Oooohhhh you little horndog, is that why you came to see me?
“Well I....um...,”
“God Mikyu, I've always found it amazing how such a little pervert like you can still get so embarrassed. HELL YES I want to fool around,” shouted Cera throwing her hands up in the air.
“Really?! You don't know how long I've wanted to do this with you.” said Mikyu jumping in excitement. She paused realizing she had let a bit more of her feelings out then she wanted Cera to know, she tried thinking of a way to play it off. “ I mean um....” mumbled Mikyu, scrambling to find something to say.

“Oh the feeling mutual,” smiled Cera, making Mikyu blush at what it implied. “Anyways, how about we start at the top and work out way to the bottom,” said Cera in a sexy voice as she grinned at her while she shook her tits.   

Without further encouragement, Mikyu rushed over to get her hands on Cera's tits. As she got closer to her, she quickly remembered how much shorter she was compared to Cera. At a measly 5'1, Cera easily towered over her at 5'7, and her head was at the same level as Cera's chest. Mikyu felt a small tinge of jealously seeing Cera boobs were a little bigger than hers.  Cera's huge breasts were shaped so round they almost looked sculpted, jutting out a little over two feet from her body and near the same across, with the bottom of them going down almost to her waist.

Standing on her tippy toes, Mikyu pressed her chest up against her friend's bosom. They both moaned as they rubbed their nipples together, Mikyu's huge brown nipples squirts milking over Cera's trio of floppy nipples as their breasts touched. They both reached out and grabbed the other's breasts, starting to knead each other's boobs. Cera's breasts felt so soft they reminded Mikyu of huge marshmallows,   Cera's pale skin making her big ten inch wide dark pink areolas really stand out. All four of Cera's arms fondling her breasts felt fantastic, and Mikyu could see why Cera liked having four arms so much. 

Sliding her left tit in between Cera's, Mikyu moved her torso back and forth, “fucking” Cera's breasts with her own, thrusting her huge brown nipple into Cera's face. Mikyu started licking the cum off of sensitive skin of her friend's areola's, using to tongue and hands to play and tug at Cera's trio of big floppy six inch long, two inch thick nipples on her right breast. She took one of Cera's big nipples in her mouth, caressing it with her tongue as Cera's hot milk gushed into her mouth. Cera's milk tasted incredible, more like sweet cow's milk then her own thick, yogurt like milk. Mikyu was so enthralled with Cera's milk that she sucked Cera's other two nipples in her mouth, her cheeks bulging from fitting them all into her mouth. She sucked them vigorously,  lightly biting them as squeezed Cera's tit hard to gorge on more of her milk.

Cera started to return the favor, and Mikyu felt Cera's extend her tongue and swirl around her huge nipple, lapping up the milk leaking from it. Mikyu's own moans were muffled by Cera's big nipples in her mouth, and she pulled her head off of Cera's nipples as she felt a incredible sensation coming from her nipple. Looking up she saw Cera starting to swallow the first few inches of her nipple, and was a bit surprised that Cera was able to even fit her five inch thick nipple into her mouth, its spongy flesh seemly sliding easily into Cera's mouth.  Mikyu started slowly thrusting her nipple in and out of Cera's mouth, going back to sucking three of Cera's nipples while she tugged on the other three with a hand.

She loved feeling Cera's dicks rubbing up against her flat tummy, and she could feel the heat emanating from Cera's dicks as they rubbed across her stomach, spewing hot sticky precum all over it. Mikyu rubbed her own gigantic member between Cera's legs, grinding her dick against Cera's nutsack feeling the warm juices of Cera's pussy drip onto her cock.   Mikyu was enjoying herself immensely, playing with Cera's breasts as she played with hers, each of their faces sucking the others nipples.

Suddenly Cera pulled her head back as she cried out, and Mikyu looked up, surprised to feel hot streams of cum shooting all over her stomach and the bottom of her breasts. Mikyu was even more surprised at herself when she found herself getting a little angry at Cera for cumming so soon, as Mikyu had sorta wanted them both to cum together.

“Wow, it really doesn't take you much to get off huh?” giggled Mikyu as she squeezed Cera's boob. “Man, I wish I could get off so fast.” said Mikyu disappointedly. 
“Its tis both my gift, and my curse,” sighed Cera mockingly, to which Mikyu laughed. “Now that we had some big boob fun, lets get to the good stuff,” whispered Cera bringing her face close to Mikyu's. “I know you're probably dying to get at my cocks, and I'm being dying to taste that cute pussy of yours for sometime,” said Cera flicking her tongue out for added effect.

Mikyu grinned at the implications in Cera's statement, her hopes rising a bit about Cera and her having the sort of relationship that she dreamed of.

“So top or bottom?” asked Cera.
“I think its better I get on top being that I'm smaller than you,” replied Mikyu.

Stepping back from Mikyu, laying on her back on the floor so Mikyu could get over her in the 69 position. Hmm, gonna have to do a bit of maneuvering, thought Mikyu thinking about how to sit over Cera. Grabbing her huge ballsack, Mikyu turned around and started to walk backwards over Cera, slowly squatting down over Cera's face. 

“Gah, I never thought I would need goggles to eat out a pussy,” spluttered Cera.
Looking behind her to see what Cera was talking about, she blushed as she saw how much of her creamy white pussy juice was oozing out of her huge cunt. It ran in streams off her long dangling inner pussy lips, and Mikyu was practically drowning Cera in her love juices.

“Sorry,” giggled Mikyu moving herself forward a little so her pussy wasn't directly over Cera's face. She kneeled down over Cera's neck, pushing her nuts off to the side of Cera's tits. She pushed her huge cock down between Cera's tits till they sandwiched it. Grabbing Cera's breasts, she squeezed them around her cock, moaning as she rocked her body back and forth as she fucked Cera's big tits a little

“Whoa.... your pussy is huge,” gasped Cera from behind her.
“I know, it looks like those girls who pump their cunt up with those vacuum pump things,” said Mikyu, with a hint of pride in her voice.
“I was wondering why you were walking a little funny before, can you even close your legs with your pussy like this?”
“Well...sort of,” replied Mikyu. “But I don't mind it because I love having such a big cunt,” said Mikyu looking back at Cera, using her hands to spread her asscheeks to give Cera a better look at her pussy.

“Mmm...beefy,” said Cera touching Mikyu's dangling inner lips.
“You don't have to worry about getting fat eating this roast beef,” said Mikyu grinning at Cera rubbing her meaty flabs in her face.

Mikyu moaned as she watched Cera extend her tongue and run it across her long inner lips. Cera's hands probed her pussy, two of them fingering her as the others squeezing her swollen outer lips. Cera sunk her hands into her watermelon halves sized outer labia, kneading their sensitive flesh.  Mikyu sat back and enjoyed her first experience of having oral sex preformed on her, loving the sensations of Cera sucking on her dangling inner labia and feeling Cera's tongue lap up the creamy juices that ran her pussy.

Turning her attention to Cera's three cocks, she leaned forward to get a better look at them. They sprouted out of Cera's groin side by side, and while they all looked the same when she first saw them, getting a closer look Mikyu was amazed at the differences between them. Each one of them were around two feet long and four inches thick, however none of them were the exact same size or shape.

Cera's left most cock was the fattest of the three, looking almost six inches thick, and was a little shorter than the other two. Big veins ran across its shaft, its bright pink head peaking out of its foreskin.
Cera's middle dick was completely covered by its foreskin much like her own, and its foreskin hung about four inches. Her right most one the longest of three, a couple of inches longer than her middle one but thinner than the other two, and was the only one of them that was completely out of its foreskin erect.

Moving Cera's cocks aside, she leaned farther to get look Cera's huge ballsack. She gasped as she ran her hands along Cera's nutsack, counting six cantaloupe size testicles contained within. Not wonder she can cum so fast and so often, thought Mikyu squeezing Cera's testicles inside her sack. Curious about how Cera's pussy looked she shoved Cera's ballsack aside, surprised a little that Cera didn't have multiple pussies being that she had almost multiple of everything else. She leaned in closer Cera's beautiful pink pussy, which looked rather normal besides the fact it now had two hard, normal dick sized clits blooming out.

She shoved her face in Cera's pussy, feeling Cera shudder a little beneath her as she started sucking on her clits and digging her fingers into Cera's cunt. Wow her pussy tastes better than I've dreamed of, thought Mikyu sticking her tongue into Cera's pussy.  She loved the scent and the taste of Cera's pussy, her was nectar sweet and delicious and Mikyu lapped it up as it oozed from her love box. Lifting her head up she went back to Cera's cocks, eager to see what they tasted like.

She yelped as she felt Cera insert a finger into her asshole, groaning as a second and a third followed it. Her pussy gushed its juices over Cera's face in response, and Mikyu started bumping her big ass into Cera's hand, letting her fingers penetrate deeper inside her ass.  Mikyu put a hand on Cera's middle dick, her small hand unable to wrap completely around its lareg girth. Moving her head close to Cera's middle cock,  she kissed it and slid her tongue up its shaft, and swirling her tongue inside its foreskin. She licked up the leftover cum that had been trapped inside its foreskin, her tongue caressed its glans as its sticky precum started to spurt over her face.

“Oooh ggooooddd......are you sure you haven't sucked dick before?,” said Cera from behind her.
“Are you sure you haven't eaten out a pussy before,” replied Mikyu back.
“Actually....once or twice before. But yours is the best tasting....anything that I've had. 
“Ohh, well you shouldn't mind having a huge helping of my pie!” shouted Mikyu as shoving her pussy into Cera's face, the huge size of her vulva almost smothering her. Honestly she felt a little jealous at the fact Cera had eaten out another girl before her. She grinded her pussy into Cera's face, making sure Cera got an ample taste of her gooey cunt juices.

She moaned as she felt Cera tongue extending inside her, starting to wiggle around in her pussy. She put her hand on her stomach, feeling the bulge made by Cera's huge tongue that was now easily about a foot long wiggling inside her.  Looking back at Cera's dick,  Mikyu wondered for a moment if she could if fit one of them in her mouth. Wanting to at least try, she brought her lips to one to Cera's middle cock and kissed it. Pulling back its foreskin she licked its cherry red head, savoring the taste of Cera's cock for a moment.

Closing her eyes, she open her mouth wide and slowly started wrapping her lips around Cera's dick. She was surprised by how painless it was to take it, and felt her jaws easily stretch to accommodate Cera's member. Mikyu moved her head forwards to take more of Cera's dick, noticing that she seemed to have no gag relex now, and Cera's cock moved easily down her throat making it large bulge in it as it went down.

The feeling of having something so big in her mouth was fantastic, and while she couldn't hear Cera moan with her pussy shoved in her face, Cera's dick was throbbing so hard she could swear she could feel Cera's heart beat. Mikyu started pumping her head up and down Cera's cock, loving the feeling of Cera's warm precum shooting down her throat into her stomach.  It became harder and harder to suck Cera's cock as Cera's tongue got longer and thicker inside her pussy, and she could feel herself about to climax.

This time Mikyu came first, drenching Cera's face in her pussy juice, Mikyu's moans muffled by Cera's cock in her gullet. Mikyu eyes widen as Cera cock came inside her mouth, her cheeks puffing out and cum oozing from the sides of her mouth from the sheer volume of cum. Mikyu tried swallowing it all, but had to pull her head back when Cera's load became to much for her. Big ropey streams of cum shot all over Mikyu's face from Cera's still spurting cock shot ropey streams all over Mikyu's face for a few seconds as Cera's climax came to a end.

Just as Mikyu thought her orgasm was over, she screamed  as her huge balls spasmed violently, her foreskin popping up in the air as her dick erupted with cum. Her cock shoot six thick streams of cum all the way across the room till it hit the wall.  As the last stream of cum shot from her cock, she screamed again it belched a huge load of precum on the floor.

Mikyu winced painfully as a burning feeling spread across her male set of genitals, making it feel incredible sore. God, what the hell happening to my dick, thought Mikyu caressing her dick. She would definitely have to ask Tesla about it when she saw her again. She groaned as a really warm sensation engulfed her nuts,  that was somewhat similar to what her breasts felt when they bloated with milk. Looking down at her nutsack her eyes widen as she could have swore they looked a little bigger than before.

“Are you alright?” asked Cera seeing Mikyu's expression as she sat up.
“Oh I...,” said Mikyu trying to think about what to tell Cera about her cock, but she really didn't know what to say being that she didn't even know what the hell was going on with it.
“Oh.... I'm alright, just a bit surprised by how much I came,” giggled Mikyu nervously.
“Yeah I see what you mean,” said Cera looking at the huge pool of cum Mikyu made. “Speaking about your dick, I've kinda been interested in getting a look at it myself ,” said Cera getting on her knees.
“Really?!” asked Mikyu perking up at the idea.
“Yeah. It looks really freaky but in the interesting type of way.”
“Oh your gonna be sooo surprised when you see,” said Mikyu quickly getting to her feet, almost completely forgetting about the soreness in her dick.

Mikyu stuck her dick out in the air in front of Cera, and she scooted towards her, picking up the tip of her overgrown foreskin.

“God.... its so thick,” gasped Cera looking at the donut like tip her foreskin made. “And its so wrinkly too, like those Shar-pie dog,” said Cera rubbing her four hands in the rolls of its dark brown skin. “Does it always ooze precum like these,” asked Cera,  her breasts and hands quickly becoming drenched in the precum oozing of her of cock.
“Yeah,” giggled Mikyu. “But I just LOVE how much it oozes.”
“So how long is your actual dick anyways?”
“I think about four feet long.”

Cera gasped as she opened Mikyu's foreskin wide with one pair of her arms.
“Told yah you would be surprised when looked at my foreskin,” said Mikyu
“Wow.....its so hot and sticky inside,” said Cera reaching one hand inside as her lower pair of arms held her foreskin open. “What they hell is up with all these ridges?”
“I don't know.... but I think its sorta like a natural version of a pocket pussy things.”
“No fucking way,” said Cera in disbelieve.
“Well stick one of your arms inside and feel for yourself.”

Mikyu moaned as she felt Cera rub the sides of her foreskin, making her cock quiver with pleasure.

“Wow...and I thought my body was freaky,” said Cera taking her hand out of Mikyu's foreskin. “Whats all this sticky goo stuff coating its walls?” asked Cera rolling the goo in her fingers.
“I don't really know, but if you think thats weird your gonna freak when you see the size of my dickhead and my other foreskin,”
“Your other foreskin?” asked Cera looking at her with a questioningly look on her face.
“Yeah, pull it back and see for yourself,” urged Mikyu, grinning in anticipation.

Grabbing the edges of her foreskin, Cera started to push it back. Cera gasped when she saw the sight of her enormous dickhead, so shocked that she paused for a moment and just stared at it.

“Well, fuck me, you do have two foreskins,” said Cera staring at Mikyu's dick. “Gawd, your dickhead is bigger then my own head,” said Cera touching it curiously.  “Its just so freakishly huge...”
“Hey, I think my dickhead looks sorta cute.”
“You would think something like that,” chuckled Cera. “So anyway, why the hell do you have two foreskins? You just hit the freak of the week jackpot or is there a reason for it?”
“Well its kinda both,” said Mikyu watching Cera pull back her second foreskin.

 “Uh Cera, I wouln....,” was all she could get out before Cera touched her exposed glans. Mikyu's body jerked as her dick shot a huge wad of precum at Cera. Cera yelped, vainly trying to cover her face as Mikyu's cock belched gallons of precum all over Cera.

“Well.... I guess that's why,” said Cera wiping Mikyu's  prespunk off her face.
“Yeah, my penis is so sensitive I just keep it wrapped inside,” said Mikyu, still panting a little from her mini orgasm.

Cera gasped again at the sight of Mikyu's gaping uretha, precum oozing out of its wide hole almost non stop.

“Whoa....I could probably fit one of my arms in there,” gasped Cera moving her head closer to Mikyu's dickhead. Cera put a hand out under it, and precum flowed down from Mikyu's glans onto Cera's hand like a waterfall.

“Hey, Cera,”
“Yeah?” said Cera looking up.
“I kinda wanted to try out...that....that docking stuff using my foreskin.”
“Docking stuff?”
“Oh come on, out of all the porn you've seen you haven't heard of docking?”
“Uhh....drawing a blank here at the moment..”
“You know, Its when one person puts their dick in the other person's foreskin.”
“I think I kinda know what you're talking about.”
“Anyways, a foreskin like mine is perfect for it. I mean its so long and plus it has all the ridges on its walls that feel really good against your dick.”
“Hmm....it definitely sounds interesting,” said Cera standing up. “I guess lets try it out.”

Pulled both of her foreskins back over her cock, and Mikyu stood with her dick facing Cera. Cera pushed her three cocks together with two of her arms, while the other two stretched opened Mikyu's foreskin. They both moaned as Cera slipped her cocks inside, Cera wrapping Mikyu's foreskin tight around her trio of dicks with her arms. Cera slowly pushed her cocks deeper into her foreskin, Cera's cocks feeling incredible rubbing against the ridges along its walls.

“Holy shit....this is really better than your pocket pussy things,” moaned Cera sliding her cock farther into Mikyu's foreskin. Mikyu yelped a little as she felt Cera's cocks bump against her dickhead, and they nuzzled their dickheads against each other. For some reason it felt so wonderfully intimate for Mikyu to have Cera's dick rubbing against hers, their precum shooting all over the other's dick inside her foreskin.

Cera started thrusting her cocks in and out of her foreskin faster, making loud wet squishy noises each time.  Her foreskin slowly started to inflate from the mix of Cera's and her precum that was trapped inside due to how tight Cera had her foreskin wrapped around her dicks. They both watched Mikyu foreskin balloon as they filled it up just with their precum, the inside of her foreskin so hot Mikyu almost felt like her dick was sweating. 

“Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum...” moaned Cera, her face tensing up.

Mikyu's foreskin bloated up as Cera's shot her huge loads inside of it, and she could feel Cera's hot cumming shooting all over her dick.  Mikyu came right after Cera, her huge pussy cumming first, covering her balls hanging by her feet  in milky white cream.

“Keeping holding it tight,” groaned Mikyu, feeling the cum surging from her ballsack to her dick. She screamed as her balls spasmed, her cock spewing huge streams of cum, making her foreskin inflate more as her cum mixed with Cera's inside it. She looked down, trying to stifle her moans as she watched her foreskin inflate with each burst of cum. She shuddered, her legs still wobbling as her orgasm subsided.

“Whoa.....” gasp both of them in unison, looking at how their combined fluids inflated Mikyu foreskin so much it looked like two beach balls put together.
“Wow...I'm glad this thing is so stretchy, I was afraid you were going to blast me away with your cum for a second. Should I step back first, or should you?” said Cera looking down Mikyu's foreskin that she was just barely holding around her cocks to keep the cum from spilling out.
“I guess with both should so it doesn't go all over you,”
“Alright, lets do it on three. One, two......”

They didn't get reach three as they both jumped back at two in case the other jumped too late.
A tremendous amount of cum and precum flooded out Mikyu's foreskin onto the floor, and there was so much stored up inside of it, it looked like they were emptying a miniature pool.

Mikyu was about to tells Cera how great that was, but winced as she felt a sharp pain in her male set of genitals. Man what the hell is happening to me, thought Mikyu worriedly putting her hands on her dick. The pain started to increase, her balls feeling like someone was pouring molten lead into them. Looking down she was shocked to see her balls were actually expanding a little as they grew bloated with cum.

She was suddenly hit with the same feeling of desperately needing to get her dick off that she had felt before, and starting furiously masturbating her dick as she looked around for something to ease her dick's pian.

“Are you alright,” asked Cera, noticing the shocked expression on her face.
“Its...Its my dick,” grunted Mikyu painfully.
“What about it?
“Well, after I cum a few times for some reason it really starts to hurt, and won't stop until I make it cum”
“Well didn't you cum before?”
“Well... yes and no,” grunted Mikyu feeling the pain increasing. “Anyway just get one of those dildo's, over there,” said Mikyu hastily.
“This one,” asked Cera getting a big black dildo. “
No something a little bigger,” replied Mikyu.
“Is this big enough?” said Cera holding up a huge blue dildo that was about two feet long and eight inches thick.
“Yeah,” said Mikyu sitting on the ground. She lifted her dick up in the air and pulled her foreskin back.
“Weren't not going to do what I think we're going to do?”
“I....I need you to stuff the dildo it in my dickhole,” said Mikyu pulling her foreskin back.
“Are you serious?”
“Deadly serious, please just hurry up and do it,” pleaded Mikyu.
“Alright,” said Cera reluctantly, walking up to Mikyu's throbbing member.

“Go...Go slow okay?” asked Mikyu to which Cera nodded in response. 
Mikyu gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she braced herself for what was to come. Mikyu screamed as Cera inserted a little of the dildo into her cockflesh.  The feeling was so intense that her pussy instantly creamed itself again, and her nipples shooting thick streams of milk. 

“Woah..... are you alright,”
“Yessss..... Pu...Push it de...deeper,” moaned Mikyu.

Cera plunged the dildo deeper into Mikyu's cock, its oversized shape visibly bulging in her cock.. Mikyu started to pant franticly, her body shuddering uncontrollably from pleasure. Her toes curled up and her fists were clenched tight as Cera pushed the entire dildo into her shaft. Mikyu's vision started to swirl with colors, her whole body feeling like it was going numb and the only sensations she could feel were those coming from her cock.

“Cer... Cera?”
“Ye...yeah Mikyu?”
“I...I think I about to...,”

Luckily Cera managed to get what Mikyu was about to say, and moved out of the way the seconds before Mikyu eyes rolled to the back of her head as her orgasm hit. She emitted a ear shattering scream as her cock exploded with cum with the force of a fire hose. Her fountain of cum carried the dildo lodged in her cock with it high up into air halfway across the large room before hitting the ceiling and falling onto the ground

Mikyu had to fight to keep from blacking out as pleasure overloaded her senses  as her her dick spewed cum nonstop like a hose. She thought she could hear Cera shouting something, but all her senses seemed to deaden, colors started to fade into pure whiteness. Mikyu didn't know if she went unconscious or not, but when she finally came to, it felt like she was waking up from a deep sleep.

She saw that she had finished the job Cera started of covering the room in cum. It felt a little surreal to see the room covered with cum, almost like heavily snowfall had engulfed the room. Saw Cera throwing cum up in the air as she played with it like it was snow. Cera looked at her and said something, but she was still too dazed to make out what she had said. Slowly her senses started to return to her, and she could start to see the green in Cera's eyes again.

“Hhhoooooolllyy shit!” shouted Cera getting to her feet. “ I've never seen so much cum in my life. You could almost float a little boat on it there is so much of it. And its so damn thick, we could probably make snowmen out of the stuff,” said Cera rolling some cum into a ball.

Mikyu's mind was still too muddled to form a reply,  and she as watched Cera threw a big cum ball clear across the room.
“Are you okay?” asked Cera with a little worry face.
Mikyu shook her head yes in response, smiling weakly at her. 
“I know this isn't exactly the best time, but Mikyu, there has been something that I'm kinda wanted to ask you for a while,”
“Y...Yeah?” asked Mikyu, beginning to regaining her voice.
“I wanted to ask you before but honestly I was a bit scared about what it would do to our friendship,”
“What?” asked Mikyu groggily, her eyes still half closed,  not quite making sense of what Cera was getting at.
 “Well being that were pretty stuck here, I wanted to ask you if...if you wanted to take our relationship to the to next level, and be my freaky girlfriend.”
“What?!” shouted Mikyu her eyes popping wide open, not believing what Cera just said.
“Oh yes, yes, YES!” said Mikyu smiling happily  “Oh I wanted to ask you the same thing!”
“Yeah, this is so great!” said Mikyu hopping to her feet. However her body hadn't quite recovered from her orgasm, and she almost fell on the floor if not for Cera catching her hand. Mikyu hugged Cera, and Cera leaned in and gave her a long deep kiss.

“I don't mean to ruin the moment, but how the hell are we going to clean all of this up?” said Cera looking around the room.
“That's no problem, just hit the clean button on the control panel and little robots come out to do the dirty work for us.”
“Cleaning button?”
“Didn't you listen to what the nurse said when we got here? Anyway, just follow me and I will show you.” said Mikyu turning towards the door.

They trudged through the ankle deep level of cum  to get out of the dildo closet back into the main bedroom. After wiping cum from the control panel, Mikyu paused before she hit the button to start it, wondering if she should tell Cera about the spider robots so she isn't too shocked. “Well what are you waiting for,” shouted Cera from behind her. I'll just let her find out herself, thought Mikyu, smiling as she pressed the button.

“Holy shit!” yelped Cera and she jumped up on the bed as the dog sized robotic spiders came out of their hidden panels. Mikyu broke out in laughter at Cera reaction, laughing even harder as she jumped off the bed and onto the dresser as the spiders cleaned off the bed. As the robots started to go back into their hiding places a single robot slightly larger than the others approached Cera who was still cowering on the dresser.

“Query: Is there anything else I can do for you madame?” asked the robot.
“You can get the hell away from me!” shouted Cera back at it.
“As you wish,” said the robot skittering back whence it came. 

“Oh my god, I can't believe you acted like that!” said Mikyu still laughing as Cera started to get down from the dresser. “Oh look at me, I'm Cera, and I'm such a big and tough girl, who is into hard rock and love my grim and dark stories with vampires and skulls, ” mocked Mikyu, making her voice gruff and flexing her arms. “But lordy, lordy, at the sight of anything that looks like a spider I run like a little pansy,” said Mikyu laughing.

“You could at least had told me about the robotic spiders beforehand. I was just expecting some shitty robotic maid or something like that,” said Cera.
“Well anyway, lets get washed off,” said Mikyu walking towards the bathroom.

Jumping into the bathtub, Mikyu turned on the water and stood underneath the huge showerhead,  enjoying the feeling of hot water washing away all her soreness.

“Wow.... this bathtub is so huge you could probably set up a little soccer field  in here.” said Cera stepping in the tub.
“Well I guess it has to be big. I mean there is prolly some girl here who has boobs as big as a small car, or maybe a guy with like a ten foot dick or something,”
“Hmm...you think we will get bigger?”
“I don't know but honestly..... I kinda hope so.”
“Why, won't be happy till you have a dick so long you can fuck someone in another state?”
“Well not that long,” said Mikyu laughing. “But maybe just a little bit bigger.”

For a few minutes they stood in silence, in washing themselves off. Mikyu picked up her cock and let the water spray inside her foreskin, washing out white gobs of cum still left inside. As she looked at Cera who had her back turned to her a the moment, Mikyu was awed by how beautiful Cera looked. While she thought Cera looked good before, her new body was the stuff of her wildest fantasies, and she felt her nipples perking up again as she watched Cera wash off.

“So, as of today with are total freaks, aren't we?” said Mikyu breaking silence.
“Yeah, I would have to say so.”
“We'll probably never be able to get non porn related jobs.”
“Well usually employers don't want to hire people who are just going to drench everything around in cum sooner or later, makes it harder to get work done and its just not good etiquette,” said Cera followed by both of them laughing.

“So are you really fine being turned into some sort of freaky hermaphrodite,” asked Mikyu.
“Well there really isn't a damn thing I can do about it now. Besides, having both a functional dick and pussy is kinda awesome, “said Cera holding of her dicks. “Sex wise, it definitely is the best of both worlds.”

Mikyu was about to say something, but moaned as she was hit with a momentary weakness, and had to use the bathtub wall to steady herself.

“Still tired?” asked Cera.
“Yeah, my orgasms take a lot out of me. The first time I came it took me five minutes just to get up.”
“Mmm, I know a little something that may pep you up” said Cera.

Mikyu felt Cera's boobs pressed against her back as she embraced her from behind. Mikyu moaned softly as Cera's arms lightly fondled her breasts and rubbed her cock. “Oh that does feel good,” said Mikyu turning her head around to kiss Cera. Cera's semi hard cocks grinded up against her legs, rubbing against her fat pussy lips. Mikyu felt her nipples and clit quickly getting hard again, with her cock not following far behind.

 “I...I want you to fuck me,” whispered Mikyu in Cera's ear.
“I was wondering when you were going to ask that,” whispered Cera back.” You wanna do it doggystyle  or missionary?”
“Missionary, I wanna see your face when you cum in me,”

Breaking away from Cera, Mikyu walked over to the water knob and turned it off.  Lying down on her back facing Cera, she shoved her cock and ballsack to the side to give Cera easy access to her pussy. She lifted her legs up till they were behind her head, her hard clit sticking up like a flagpole in the air.

“I want them all it my pussy,” said Mikyu looking into Cera's eyes. Cera nodded, ands he kneeled down in front of her, Cera's cocks heavily oozing precum in anticipation.

“Lets make sure you're nice and wet before we fuck,” said Cera inserting her fingering into Mikyu pussy. Mikyu moaned as her outer labia swelled up, her vulva making a ten inch wide oval shape. Cera pushed her fist into Mikyu's pussy causing her juices to gush out over Cera's hands. Cera removed her hand after Mikyu's pussy was heavily oozing juices, and Mikyu used her hands to make her pussy gape open wide.

Using her pair of lower arms Cera pushed her dicks together, and slowly she started inserting them into Mikyu's eager hole.

“Oh God!” screamed both of them cumming, right as Cera's cocks started to penetrate her. Mikyu's dick spewed streams of precum over the bathtub wall behind her, while the cum Cera's cocks was shooting inside her pussy being pushed out the flood of juices coming out of Mikyu's pussy.

“Fuck,” gasped Cera panting. “I didn't think you would be so tight.”
“Your fucking me with all three of your cocks what did you expect?” said Mikyu grinning at her. 

Pulling her cocks out a little bit, Cera started slowly pushing them back into her cunt. She gritted her teeth as she felt her pelvis stretch as Cera's dicks went deeper inside of her. She loved the feeling of pussy getting stretched, Cera's cocks making a huge bulge in her stomach as the pushed deeper into her. Mikyu thought that Cera's cock were going to split her apart as Cera's dicks hit her cervix. Cera thrust again and again, finally penetrating it both of them screaming as they came for a second time.

Feeling Cera shoot cum into her womb was fantastic, and it felt like she was being filled with hot soup.  Mikyu's stomach bloated pushing her breasts to her sides as her nipples shot huge streams of milk into the air. Mikyu pushed down her stomach making cum spray out of the sides of her pussy. Cera paused for a moment before she started slowly thrusting in and out of Mikyu again. The speed of Cera's thrusts started increased, along with the volume of their moans.

Both of their huge tits smacked against each others as they bounced around squirting milk. Mikyu could feel the cum surging inside her balls as she approached her third orgasm. Mikyu let loose a huge scream as her cock erupted with fountain of cum that shoot hit up into the air hitting the wall. Cera grunted as Mikyu's pushed clenched down her cocks making her cum instantly. Cera kept fucking her, cumming again before Mikyu's orgasm even finished. 

Cera quickly pulled out of her pussy, with cum and Mikyu's own juices flooding out of her pussy. Mikyu's craned her head to watch the cum flow out of her pussy, and her stomach slowly deflated back to its normal size.

“God that was fantastic,” exhaled Cera rubbing her dicks.
“Yeah, it was just how I imagined it would be,” said Mikyu sitting up. She was kinda shocked how she wasn't as tired as she had been from her previous orgasms, but noted that her orgasm was less intense the the other ones she had. She didn't think about why too much being that her body didn't seem to follow any really rhyme or reason, and put in on her list of things to asks Telsa.

“Wow I think that's the first time I've seen your cocks soft this whole day,” said Mikyu pointing at Cera's groin.
“Hell, its the first time I've seen them soft all day,” said Cera moving her tits to get a better look at them.

“Well lets hurry up and get washed off and see how Sheryl is doing.”
“Wait, you haven't seen Sheryl yet?”
“No I came to you first, as...well you know how crazy she was about this whole thing yesterday.”
“Yeah I know what you mean, hopefully she will be mostly done with the hysterics when we get there.”

Turning back on the water, they quickly washed off and got out of the bathtub. After drying off using some towels on the rack, the both walked back into the bedroom.

“Oh, I had forgotten I left these here, “ said Mikyu going over to pick up her bikini top and thong.
“You mean you weren't naked when you came in my room?”
“Well I...you see it was...,” mumbled Mikyu trying to come up with a excuse.
“Oh so that was my cum you were covered in,” said Cera laughing.
“Well it wasn't all yours. Its just that...when I came in I tasted some of your cum it made me so horny, as well as a few other things. I mean didn't you notice it have any effects on you?” asked Mikyu putting on her top and thong.
“Well I was already horny as hell when I woke up,” shrugged Cera. “So if it did have any effect on me I didn't notice. Anyways, did you purposely put on clothes too small,” said Cera looking at how Mikyu's clothes fitted her.
“Naw, there kinda all like that. You can look in the drawer and see for yourself.”

Cera walked over to one of the dressers and opened a some of its drawers and looked inside.
“Wow, they have a interesting choice of size categories. Big, huge, and giga. What size do you where?” asked Cera holding up one of the bras.
“I wear a big, but its too small for my bust and the huge size is just way too big,”
“They only have bikini's?”
“Yeah that all that I saw.”
“Hmm, I'll guess I'll try a big than,” said Cera picking out a black bra. Cera struggled putting it on, the black top only barely covering her areola's.
“Damn your weren't kidding when you said none of this fit,” said Cera's trying to adjust her top. “Are you sure the next size is too big?”
“Oh yeah, but It does look really sexy on you though,” said Mikyu checking her out.
“Well that is one good thing about this top,” said Cera squeezing her breasts. “Now time to find something to cover up my dicks,” said Cera looking through the thong drawer.

After picking out a matching black thong Cera slipped it on, and went to go look in the mirror to see how she looked.

“Wow, they don't leave much to the imagination,” said Cera checking herself out.
“I think its sexy,” said Mikyu coming up behind Cera.
“I just hope we won't shock Sheryl too much, as I'm sure she is already shocked enough. Anyway lets hurry up and see what type of freak Sheryl turned into,” said Cera heading for the door.
“This should definitely be interesting,” said Mikyu following behind her.
“No doubt about that,” replied Cera opening the door.



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