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This update section basically lists all the major events that have happened on the website, so you can check if you have missed any art / stories / news / links. Perfect for them who don't always have the time to check. The most recent is at the bottom of the list, please work down the page to see.


This update section basically lists all the major events that have happened on the website, so you can check if you have missed any art / stories / news / links. Perfect for them who don't always have the time to check. The most recent is at the bottom of the list, please work down the page to see.

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29 th May 2005 - Fine Update Details
  • Sius is Back in action ready for art work ^_^

Prior to this point I was working hard before the end of my commitments in the real world expired (yes, I'm now unemployed -_- ) but I can give more into this website and also hopefully give you some more fun stuff back

  • Rushed Website

Currently this is a quickly released mock of the website - this is because somebody posted on a major BBS post site one of my images, and needed something to show people my art works. What else can I Say. Expect some down time soon to get the mess sorted out! Won't be too long.


30 th June 2005 - Fine Update Details

  • Site back from the dead... *Insert Zombie website*

Sorry for the down time on the website. With some luck most the sections are now ready to view and good to go. Sorry for the mods and other tease of showing and removing some images, it was necessary.

  • New CG colour style introduced

Decided to play with a range of new ideas inside head and see what came out. Played with different layer techniques and the such. I was presently pleased with this effect and gave it a bright light feel, allot more.... acme colour I'm sure, however I shall use this as its more widely accepted. The link has images within the quick sketch area - they where mocks I played on with a luci changer image and tested in different ways. I guess its interesting to different people.

  • Website appearance changed - Frame layout now in action

Decided soon as many people moaned about the old layout that I'd change most of it so people would find it easier to get around. I hope it is the case. It has taken along time to do, but even I feel the results will be worth it. The old layout has been saved however should I wish to return to it. As reference, I confess I got my idea for the art section from that off Purple Bonus (see links - harder) so thanks for that inspiration, and took it further with my own ideas. Hope it pans put with time.

  • New Characters introduced from poll conduced - New Poll Released

From the poll which was released over the many months, the results are in they are...

So there you have it... Do harder images....? wow, who would have thought it, even do cuter art works on par with bio lab stuff. What an odd bunch of people you all are, going at me for mostly being too over the top, and yet that's what you all want hay. Glad to see the style one at the bottom as well as the CG Technique, which I had started to master while the poll was running, so makes it all good. So thank you all, 300 votes on this site is legendary

AND NOW.... A new poll about the new website and what you think about it. See the main page for details ^^ - Results to be posted as soon as there are enough to make some sense out of it.

  • Sections merged together - Update of the old

Not much to say but this is the new say the site works. now I have enough art work to show off like so, I will bunch each of the major sections together, makes it easier to get around and see all there is to see.

Also updating some of my older images (things the best half of you will not have seen) so they partly look better and doable for release. Watch this space

  • Luci changer pre rendered images available - Ranged in content
 After the many months of going on about the project... little has been done since due to time. I am uncertain if the project will ever come to pass without more input and the such. Still have all the images pre rended to date huh till and if I ever get it on. Warning, spoiler alert if you wish to download the program when its out this will remove some of the majik with and from it.  
  • Kiko - Unhealthy Obsession - Heavy / Extreme content
 Something of an extreme image, been doing all these so so images, and now something to really hit home with. Kiko doing her rounds to get her kicks.... not for the weak hearted ^_^
  • Phrase One - Commission Driven extra herm goodness - Medium content

 A commission from somebody who couldn't get enough of her, and I hope I delivered the goods. Fun to do, and proved my new CG style works nicely on this kinda thing. Enjoy.

  • Gift art for Jargon complied - Hard level of content

Finally got the change to test my new CG tech on this image after it was made. See the image for details. 4 available shots of the image - sizes and also hair and without. o my ^_^

  • Gift art for a friend - Medium content

Something of a little something to a friend of mine who helped me out so much during hard time net and hosting wise, it was the least I could do. So an alterative version of them they get.

15th September 2005 - Fine Update Details
  • Sorry for the Delays

Yes, a little shame on me for not updating this website, but allot has happened on the web. I'm at a new host now at HAS web, of which I deeply recommend. I also was maintaining most of my new arts at the yahoo group... which has now been destoryed... and as a result... I have and can focus on this group more. It is actually a good feeling, there is a lack of reasonability knowing now that I can relax and not worry about these things so much... and so lets hope I keep this place up and running for longer. - I WILL WORK FLAT OUT TO GET CG DONE ASAP

  • Downloads Now Available!

As stated, I have swapped to has web, and you get so much MORE for your money here, bandwidth and space wise, its silly, and so... I may as well give you people the easy ride on these things, make more accessible areas available. and just all that nonsense happen because I now can. ANYHOW.... in short, all the images in whole sections have been grouped together and available as a .ZIP for prople to download whole sections of images in seconds. This will be disabled as bandwidth goes crazy, but... until then, your welcome to download them. Will be updating them with the new turn over of images on the site also. Just don't piss my bandwidth off or I'll put sanctions on downloading

  • Update of Old Images

The boring soul destroying task of doing up old art pictures that I made many moons ago has begun.. just... o dear me... loads of mistakes on some of these babies... its horrible, I just want to move on... but its a crime not to show them, therefore I'd better make the effort, got more stuff to you, even it its a little old and rigid.

  • Luci in Loving Embrace - Medium + Content

Sius' own version of the traditional love shot. Many versions and mixes of Luci being held by Sius as well as Ruth.Even Sex goddess find love and happiness.... maybe like I draw... maybe not ^_^

  • Hisa's new headshot - Hard level of content

Part of a commission from a fan to make Hisa free from her state in the bio lab. This is one of the many pictures that will follow.

  • Tia's lose lipped - Medium + Harder content

My first image (in neat) of Tia, who is starting to be a personal fav like Luci is to me. though there are some changes made in the 2nd version, this was still kinda showing her her rather strange body fir the first time

  • Released Reactions Chibi's - Light Content

All your fav characters, but CUTE

  • Roll Call! - Light Content

A selection of my characters drawn for their head profiles in rows - this is mealy a rough of them, one day I'll have the neat's done and used ^_^ so therefore its hopefully only a temp rough.

  • Luci's Expressions

A quick sketch of a few of Luci's expressions, done for fun if nothing else from a inspiration source

  • Jolty Headshot

The headshot of a evolved idea of a Joltyon Pokemon, done as a request commission for a fan of mine

  • Tia Free hair range

The had time of picking Tia with one of the hair dos - I went for pink... but everybody had their favorites so thought what the hell, people can have some fun comparing, and moaning how I got it wrong.

  • Udder Girl Growth

The future art from Feline Space Pirate - and then... I had a play around on the tablet... you can see the beautiful image getting steadily more in the gutter as it goes along ^_^


07th December 2005 - Fine Update Details

  • NOOOO, Not again!!

*Starts to cry* Well just when I was able to get art coming out at a nice rate, and also felt I was on top of my CG colouring.... I got sent a A-bomb and blown all the way to hell for a month or so. In Short, I ether has a hacker hack me while my router firewall was down, or the OS did something stupid, hard drive was formatted... so I LOST SO SO MUCH WORK and then shortly after, the computers power pack (PCU) died, also blowing out MANY bits of hardware too.... so all in all... yes.... I'm lucky to be back. And THUS.... that's the reasons that things have been so much fun as of late. Nearly on top of things now.... but what a waist of a two month and so much art.

  • Dojin in the works.... again

Once again trying to see my artist dream of doing a small so so and hard heavy content dojin. I'm also looking for help, of which I've advertised for a while, and getting a little let down by the lack of contact from people who wish to help me out, but still it remains. So please contact me, if your interested in it (and don't worry if you see this post late and decide to act on it, I'll probably be working on something like this, regardless how later on it is) - so please see the contact details for getting in touch.


  • New Colour Sheets

Right, this is just a little note for the funny fans who notice everything - when I lost my HD and its works, I also lost colour sheets, which hadn't been backed up lately.... thus anything new maybe not as spot on as it was before, so no moaning if a character drops a shade of colour in their skin or hair. Your lucky I have the will to continue at this stage once again....

  • Tia - Baby Oil Shine
Second image of Tia, decided to show off some of her features, to get her up to speed with the other characters and I used oil to get this connection.... *cough*...
  • Gift Animation from M for Mental - Princess

Another something VERY special from the master of multi media herm in the western speaking world. A real treat this one, really special, and I have the rights to host it - happy days ^_^

  • Gift DOJIN from M for Mental - Clara (01)

Lost for words.... just... and... yer.... WOW!!! - see what its about with the related link fool. You'll really enjoy this rare treat. A first for this site, and a pleasure to host.

  • Freedom on Hisa - Hard level of content

Idea of Hisa shortly after being cur free from her restricted 'stuck' state and power over her new body (and that's why no nipples on face) . Wanted to show her having fun, trying new things, almost like a kid learning so much, all at once.

  • BIO LAB - Hisa's Open Future - Hard + Extreme Content

Taking lip'age to a whole new level. Something more biolab than the past image, happy enough to put my mark on it. yes, also... well pretty intense this one, and multi versions, but all hard content no matter which.

  • Luci's Extreme Gape Dojin Images Concept

Something a little rough, but wanted to share for all the extreme lovers out there. this ones, well hard, say the least, VERY over the top action. Unbirthing and all, so best not look if your so so on this kinda thing!. Oddly like this rough image... it inspired me to do the image above and to use in the future.

23th December 2005 - Fine Update Details
  • Moduloks Joins the Released Reactions Party - Woooo!!

Moduloks, or maybe you know him as Udderlimits has joinned the RR site with his own sub domained site - with me offering to be his host and well... offer him my site for all to see. I've made a section at the base of the Art Gallery to get to his section of the site (of which I've jazzed up myself) and just... well.... its a pleasure to be with another artist ^_^

Please visit www.moduloks.releasedreactions.com to visit his site area

  • Change In Site Art Production

Because this dojin is kinda official, I've decided that I'll try and clock off a few pages per update - and get it out maybe a sex act per time.... and thus keep the thing on track and get it out so people can view it. As a result, I'm not going to be doing OVER amount of normal standard one off images and instead will be looking at this dojin production much much more.

  • Forum Up! (and Contest moved)

Right, because all is going well, and that I miss the connection with the fans that I had in the yahoo group, I have gotten a forum on the go - which I don't think will ever be realistically a big deal, but it however IS there, so if people want to use it, they can - and that's great, I'm all for it. Its still a little rough around the edges, but the ones willing to put up with that, I can offer a fair bit on this forum. So don't be shy, just go in there and GIVE IT A GO!! O yes, the contest area has moved to there, maybe easier to post entries anyhow ^_^

  • IMPORTANT Decision On Dojin.........

Because this is something I am enjoying in doing and I believe the net should be free I will produce this dojin free of change, therefore all people who want it CAN get it. That's the way I believe it should be. That's right and fair but I will do something else for the true fans and people who want more of it.

I will be producing 2 versions. A COLOUR and a BLACK AND WHITE version. The colour version also will have more sex scenes inside, some of the harder bits plus it being in rich colour. The black and white will be slightly cut down but will be free.

I have decided that I don't want to charge for this, but I can use this to generate funds to keep this site with any extra income. THEREFORE... I've decided that anybody who donates ( and its up to you how much you do donate - I'm not very picky at all - to give is to show interest as far as I'm concerned ... as long as its not a single penny or something silly ) you can get the colour one with all the extras at the end of production and while I'm making it. So you pay ( little or large ) and the extras can be yours.



  • New Poll

Not sure how long this ones going to go on for... but.... well its a 'how do you like the dojin' poll - what do you think so far, kinda jazz. Answer and help the cause people!

  • Updates Dojin Pages


  • Xmas and 2006 image ^_^

Sius' own version of the traditional love shot. Many versions and mixes of Luci being held by Sius as well as Ruth.Even Sex goddess find love and happiness.... maybe like I draw... maybe not ^_^ - Promise to colour it soon


  • Flower Dryad One

A personal request and commission drawing for one of my fans ^_^

  • Beefy Tia

Can't be bothered how I got to this stage from the original Tia image - but its here for anybody who enjoys a muscle sketch - rough as it is.


06 th Febuary 2006 - Fine Update Details

  • The Leechers Are At it Again... This time - Paypal Regarding Donations / Commissions

It's true what they say, you don't ever get anything for free. Paypal's amended its rules in 2006 and so I can't have my donate buttons on the site any more. Just perfect for somebody in my position, working with no money as it is. BUT... yes, the things have come down... I don't want to annoy people, but.... how irritating.


I will deal with the rest after the first email. Again, I need the contributions to keep this site afloat - so please do not let this deter you from helping me out or asking for a request. It's just something that's a little harder to do now... and I know I'll end up losing more potential generous people because of it *Sigh* Take it from me, artists art always poor.


  • Links Updated

Small thing, just that I've finally updated the links lists I've got. I've updated where I could see need, and removed a few dead links - otherwise, enjoy.

  • Dojin Bonus Art Started

This is something I've startred to do, and enjoyed. Going to be doing this along side the release of the dojin / maybe a little sooner than it's release. Inside it has all new images of Luci and Tia in stages (the stars of the dojin) in all the growth stages you do not often see. These detailed growth images have note expalining why their bodies are doing the growth and explaining what it must be like. I have placed many hours into it - so should be good for them who can only see a section of Luci where shes truly huge in the dojin on full page.

MARK THIS THOUGH - the bonus art, like the colour dojin will only go to them who donate to the website, to keep it alive. To donate, just E-MAIL me and tell me you are interested and that dojin will be yours.

Anybody who had donated in the past will automatically be alowed to recieve this art work and any other bonus' in the future - Sius repays peoples kindness.

  • Old Art Works FINALLY Released... finally...

Yes, the thumb nails inside the line art section have finally been released. Made some solid decisions... I was going to CG them... but times moved on, I've goten better - and I can not justify spending that kind of time on old nonsence, even if it pains me to admit it. Therefore, there are many new luci old images inside the line art section, and a few banny ones in the quick sketch area. See below for them... but take tyhe warning of, I've gotten better since, I promise!

  • Xmas and 2006 image - CG'ED^_^ - Hard / Extreme Content

Finishing off the colouring of the pic released before the end of 2005, this most enjoyable picture has finally been clocked off

  • Luci's Street Adventure - Hard Content

Actually, bit of an old image this one... was ment to be a hits image, and then things happened. Sad thing is, I liked it alot more when I made it than I do now....

  • Flower Dryad Two

2nd half of this commission for somebody. Still not sure if I'm doing it right now... flower girls.... I don't know ^_^ still people are happy with it, so, all is well. Enjoy

  • Gift Art for Sreaming Organism 01

This is my little something for a return in art trade for Screaming Organism. Has two if his characters, Konoko and Alison with some Sius extra mods having it off....

  • Nasty old images finally released

Some of these images have been teasing people for a while now, sadly decided that the best half of these are not worth CG'ing. See how I've come along huh...

  • Suki, The Eternal Misery of the Cancer Cock Slut

This image, well actually is a sketch to prove somebody wrong thats somethings... the big big cocks on characters don't always work. I personally dis like the size of it... seems a bit pointless - but I know it will float peoples boats.

  • Screaming Organism Gift Art 01

This image, well actually is a sketch to prove somebody wrong thats somethings... the big big cocks on characters don't always work. I personally dis like the size of it... seems a bit pointless - but I know it will float peoples boats.

  • Jargon 2006 Image

This image, well actually is a sketch to prove somebody wrong thats somethings... the big big cocks on characters don't always work. I personally dis like the size of it... seems a bit pointless - but I know it will float peoples boats.


21 st Feburary 2006 - Fine Update Details
  • Small dojin update

Something, I hope will become a regular thing, for the next good few months to come. Aiming to do 3 pages of a dojin a week, and so we can have this dojin monster done sometime before I get old and die. Please see below for the new pictures.

This time, we have the end of the two staring lightly with each others bodies, not before its the start of a very insertion based few pages to come

Maybe a small week next week, going off to Poland for a 5 day break, and thus, won't be around to draw. If you never hear from me again, assume I'm lost / dead / married or something bizarre in Poland.... ^_^ fun thought huh

  • Forum Back in ACTION!

Yes, as people had pointed out to me, I had a problem with the forum, in short, I nuked it ¬_¬ total mistake mind, but yes... and so... I have had to start again. I'm sorry people. Anyhow, still need peopleto take a gander at this forum and GET INVOLVED

  • Updates, Dojin Pages


  • Dee's Tao, New Story

Something a bit unorthodox, and a bit of a STRONG story, really is, but for them who like that kinda thing I give you this wonderfully different story by Andante. The Story Section is what you need, near the bottom.


28th March 2006 - Fine Update Details

  • Can't Keep a Promise...

My apologies, since being away on holiday, I've not had time to do much art, sort of. At least on the dojin. Funny how it goes. I go on holiday to escape life and work and relax, had an ace time, but also... now.... however... I seem to have many many things happen to me, lest not as much is more hours in work, so less time to draw. however, anybody waiting for more art, I'll see about pumping it out ASAP once again. Just the way it goes

  • New Poll Time

Ok, done with the last poll... little disapointed with the SLOW feedback. but still thanks to you all who voted. 49 votes, never manged to makew it the 50 before I lost my patience ^_^


anyhow, new poll here, see it on the main page, or on the dojin priview!


Little disapointed that all this talk of the forum being down off fans for the weeks it was gone, and now I've paied money to get back my mistake, nobody is bloody well using it. COME ON PEOPLE! it doesn't have to be anything special, but people try to look interested in it. Post whats on your mind, have an opinion, says what you feel. I am trying to get the heart to throw content after content into it, but there seems no point now. So if I see an improvement, I'll start posting free and rare things in there but you have to get involved first!

  • Competition Time!!

Posted in the forum, and its ether the easiest competition or the hardest one, depending on your claity.... TO THE FORUMS PEOPLE, GOT A PRIZE FOR POSTING A FEW LINES OF TEXT. Not hard, and everybody can be a winner, well... kind of. LOL - just have a look and see if it takes your fancy.

  • Bonus Art is Coming on a Treat

Well as you can see, I've been working on the bonus art along side all this dojin, as a special pack of growth processes. Sorry no prievews par the heads, just to show you, I've been busy ^_^

  • Another Classic image relased, in the limelight - Luci's Suited-up Offering

Simple but effective picture of the Luci changer.... man its a real shame that project never took off. Sorry, but I'm blaming the lack of effort from the fans for not seeing that this dream ever got realised. Shame on you all... infact... why should I even give you this picture now I think about it... *Grumbles!*

  • An old classic I loved ... Kiko Smoking Sil

Have to admit this is more for the effectiveness and finding old picture, but I just loved it, so it had to come back, even in the sketch area. Nothing special, but made me smile ^_^ .



21 st April 2006 - Fine Update Details

  • Lagged But Still Here Update

Right... well... yes.... its all good. I've had a little time to do art and scribbles as of last due to a heavy work timetable, but had a few days off... so another few pages done in line art once again. Also got another commission on the go, so for the phrase peoples of the world who liked the last, we have another coming your way soon I guess. Have also done a fun headshot background image, see below and well... yer, also worked up the time to get at least 3 of the character design pages, FINALLY done... oh... it took so so long, but its done now.

  • YEESH, Stop With The Bad Mouthing!

Ok, getting a little sick of people posting the dojin preview and getting bad press and bad backlashes from it on open forums, obviously not used to gape and herm art work of mine. I know most of 'these' people won't read this section, but peoplez of the net, this is starting to ware a little thin... should it continue, I'll just cease the posting of the new images to it, and you'll all have to just wait till I'm done, or something. Honestly, not in the mood to care much more, so... you know, if you see some posted out there with a bit of bad mouthing, then chances I've seen it also, so...

In short, 'Just DON'T post it around, ok... IT'S 'THIS' SITE ONLY, done for MY fans... alone.'

  • Links Updated

Another small update, nothing TOO major, but a few more updates in most sections, removing dead links and replaying with other jems I hadn't placed in the mass o list - enjoy.

  • Poll on Dojin

Gota be honest with me here people... I thought like with every new poll I start that it would... well... work... BUT... got to 15 votes and its stopped. I don't want the answer that suits me, BUT I DO want some honesty.

the more accurate answers the more I can gauge the final output of this dojin at the very end.... so please... help by voting, and say how you feel about it. Goes along way in the end, something I need.

  • Character Design Pages

The thing which has been somehow always a burning pain, I've managed to finally bite the bullet and do the Normal world characters pages finished. That's Luci, Tia and Ruth... and goes into great detail about their beings, personalities, bodies and histories and so on... it taken along time to get from my head down onto paper... always just been a hard going task, but their done. May enhance the dojin more

Click here for the character Designs main page
(Information -> Character Designs)


  • Updates, Dojin Pages


  • Bonus Art (For the Fans) special - Muscle Luci

Something I never thought I'd really do, but I decided to do it. Muscle Luci.... who would have thought my sweat innocent Luci would have this happen to her. Loved the pose so much I spent the time doing it into a full bonus art image... shame that the extra muscles I didn't go TOO overboard - but That's a story for another time. However its 'For the Fans' this one (and more importantly, the people who have paid for the bonus art - sorry, just I needs to eat and drink too you know).

  • Phrase Commission (Number TWO)

Still at it again, this skunk is as kinky as ever... 'she just need to learn where to land her nuts for the winter more' (Mo hoo ho, my little pun joke, Doug Winger style - I am such a devil! *sigh* ) but yes... errr... had some great fun with this one. CG'ed soon folks and well... enjoy another rare taste of Sius furry drawing skills!

  • New Bio Lab Picture (I KNOW its been so long, hasn't it)

The latest deformed female joins us. Amp'ed girl with heavy mutation.. but small frame.... a little less 'messy' than my normal girls... but still quite happy with it... could have this one up on the wall and play with it before you went to bed.... *cough* sorry, dark side coming out again ^^

  • Gift Art from Angelguy - Kite's Tendrils Attack!?

WAAAAAA, RUN FOR THE HILLS....! Kites at her same old tendril tricks again... but wow, its nice to see some of my old characters again no? have to be back to my roots as I mentioned before after the mass of Luci, Ruth and Tia business. WITH MY THANKS to 'Angelguy' my new artist mate, who game me this along side hoping to cheer me up. What a hero! and again, my thanks for the art spud!

  • Artistic Luci + Tia Background (set for a 1600X1200) - Non Futa Porn (I.E Safe)

Started out as a minor doodle for Feline Space Pirate, an idea from this was using outlines as shaded areas only and no outline... not a new idea, but I think it lends itself to a very simple background very easily. Made at a 1600 X 1200 res, but mostly good OS's will shrink it down for your typical 1024 X 768.

  • Story Section Introduces ...

A new story from the Author Manx - who posted this wild futa girl world story in the 0bsidian forums, with some attention, and now it's ready to go on my site.


18th May 2006 - Fine Update Details

  • Small CG Update Mostly - With A New Character

Seems that I have my CG groove back this month, and so time to catch up on outstanding things with it - oh yer, also big cocks also... don't ask.. ^^. However, as you will read, no dojin pages this month because of all the issues below. All the same, enjoy people ^^

Oh also, as a checklist just to know that the many people I need to do commissions for / gift art shall be done very soon. I've not forgotten - just decided to make this a small update.

  • Over Worked.... ¬_¬ - No Dojin pages

Ok, this is a problem, out the blue over the period of a week I had somehow my work load turn 3 times more than I needed (on commission, gift arts and the such) and so.... I am lagging on the dojin because of it. I am keeping people waiting at the best of times, and I hate to do it, and so I've had to push the button and get things done ASAP on them to keep people happy.... *sigh* I swear this dojins never getting to get done if people keep pushing me away. Probably have to get the rest of some commissions done - only some done in this update, BUT THEN some more dojin pages.

  • Phrase Commission (Number TWO) CG Completed

Done and done - CG'ed in all her spender. Took so many hours to do... but happy with this one in the end.

  • Introducing 'Esmeralda' The Hermaphrodite Princess

She was a doodle to get me started again after a lack of art week depression, and was so happy with her look, I decided to make her a full character. She's meant to be a little comic relief, a not so serious character and well... I have a history and so on made up... if I use her more, you'll get to see it in the character design section. AND LOOK! CG!!! <-- ^^ I'll not tell you how many hours it took, but needed the practice - but anyhow, enjoy.

  • Quick Sketch of Esmeralda

See the original Doodle - it was going to be a design for a commission, but due to some key words, some lack of understanding and a 10 minute scribble while at work, we have the final result here ^^

  • Yet ANOTHER Stupidly Sized Doodle Sketch Hermaphrodite?!

All I'll say is, see the purple square first.... the other ones..... just... stupidly big. ^_^ Really big cock picture - muscle girl too if you look close. For the record, Luci can go this big too ^^ (but even for me, this is... almost pointlessly sized, hard to really get much out of it... but you know....)

  • Adelle Finally Comes Out - Just Not The Way I Wanted

Adelle, my cow girl - I wish I had time to colour her, but with the dojin means I better show this off sooner than later.... ¬_¬

  • Babette Finally Comes Out - Just Not The Way I Wanted

Babette, the snob reap what you sow girl - like AdelleI wish I had time to colour her, but with the dojin means I better show this off sooner than later.... ¬_¬



12th August 2006 - Fine Update Details

  • Gentle Site Jazz Up and Other Update News

SORRY FOR THE SLOW UPDATE. Nothing major to report, but here and there I shall be making mods to the site, with like the frame and also background in the main page section, just to liven the place up. I know its not much, but I think it look better for it. Going to be used to promo the upcoming projects I have in mind.

Oh yer, while I'm here, stress to a few paysites who wanted to advertise their site here, try not to bother. If I want to add you, I will do so myself when I decide their good enough to keep on my links list

2nd thing is an apology for it being a VERY slow update.... when I've been ready to update, something 'else' has come along, and so... I'm getting these things out the way before I hit the dojin big time again .Nothing to hold me back when its done.

I also am expecting the NEXT UPDATE will take a month or so longer, like with this update also... may be true... may not happen.... but I'm going to try and clock off the mock of the dojin ASAP, and leave the normal art (par photomanips) alone for a while. I have to make a start on this thing, its been a slow last few months because of backtracking and sidetracking distractions.

  • Dojin-shi Project GX Go Time

Ok, so I finally got it together, and this dojin and bonus art, its ready to be done and all planned out more or less. Ready to go at it, and doing the planning for the whole thing soon'ish - and I have to admit its going well so far, even the roughs look promising. Previews of the very rough WON'T be shown on this site (you people are like a pack of dogs throwing the art to the forums to be... ravaged) no...

So... it you want to be a part of it mind, not going to cause me any problems, throwing it on forums and the like, to help me out make sure the things going to be well made by the end then CONTACT ME one way or another Looking adamantly for peoples feedback, but only them who are interested.


Ok, I know the forum maybe pretty dead from time to time - but PLEASE, if you JUST sign up, even if you never use it again, just to show your interest Sius will be much happier, and produce more art and the like. So please go here and sign up if your reading this, it'll only take a second, do it now! PLEASE! LINK TO FOUMS

  • Photographic Manipulations

Yes... you read right... started doing some photo manipulations.... I'm certainly not the best - nor do I want to do them on massive detail depths, but... yer... I have some extra 'art' work to show now. See below for some of the new things (and also, just general 'weird' / gape images, not solidly herms in this one)

  • Esmeralda In The Peoples Princess

Decided to produce another Esmay image, as I think I love her design - and was a little relief away from the dojin (as I have found that's key to my sanity) and well.... she's addressing her subjects... like a enthusiastic princess only can.... bless the custom balcony.

  • Futaba Narumi - Commission From 3pyon / www.futanari.org

Really happy with the outcome with this one, looked more... fun and composed, together and... more bold than most normal things (as in, thick kined) but I know its down to being the pose I don't draw too much these days. REGARDLESS, it was a good commission to have made.

  • New Dojin-shi Cover

Trying to do another cover for the Payment version of the dojin. My stab at doing a trashy magazine and mixing of a dojin cover, as a joke if nothing else. Enjoy this experiment...

  • 2 Line art big tit commissions

Commission Time strikes again with a big tit lovers fantasy come true. Not any futa, and only a minor hint of what I normally do, but.... yer, you know, its been a good commission all the same and everybody was happy ^^

  • Photo Manip's - My 1st Trys

Not much to say, but had fun doing them, and they take no time to do compared to my normal art so.... good oh... ^^ So yer, I'll be adding to these / this section when I get bored of the normal stuff.

Commissions can be asked for for photomanips - and I'll have them fairly cheap too, as they take no time to do compared to hand done art. Maybe something to think about ^^.

  • Story Section Introduces ... The Futa Academy by Manx

A new story from the Author Manx - who posted this wild futa girl world story in the 0bsidian forums, with some attention, and now it's ready to go on my site.

It's a fair bit late, but Manx finally gives me his story. Its sitting up in the story section now, and you can also download the RTF doc around here.

  • Links Updated

Updated again, looking all nice and ready for more futa adventures. All areas have had a one over also

Errrr, maybe coming soon ^^ - see the bottom of 'dick girl' for my to be sorted list


18th Dec 2006 - General Sius Overview


  • Ok, lets see… 1st this is kinda a temp message, as a full update will be done in the upcoming days / time. Watch this space for more info and more added to the site soon.
  • This is a small update, as I feel I owe it to the fans that check this place out, give them some sign that I’m still alive and well. So why has it been so long, why the long wait? Let me break it down…
  • So 1stly, after the last update I needed a little time to give the whole art thing a break, as sometimes it feels like its all too much, and so a little break was a good start, just sadly its been way to long before I got back into the swing of things – and for that I am sorry. Much of the art I have done is for dojin donators only to have seen, and it hasn’t had the full attention and clean up on it all deserves… this will be sorted sometime soon.
  • Next we come to work work… now though I’m not really in a full commitment job (even though that will change over the next year) the extra hours and commitments I’ve had have strangled my time. They will be dropping like a rock starting new year, thus I will have more time to draw for a while, thus a good thing drawing… bad money wise ¬_¬.
  • Lately, and currently I’ve had a computer problem… mainly the motherboard died on me, and only limited hardware can be sent over to the new computer, thus I had to buy a new one… and my god, great as it is, it cost a lot, AND it comes with its problems being a dual CPU machine on the OS… still…. Anyhow, it’s a case of that’s the reason late into the year this update has come.
  • I’ve also decided to change my practice of art, more how I do it at home than the style… though I do need to change my CG’ing sometime again soon… still… anyhow I’ve decided on 2 things…. 1st is that I should draw more at my main PC – which should give me more a feeling to do art as I feel like, feels less like a hardship. The 2nd thing is that I’ll be doing more random characters / changes more often than drawing the standards like Luci, Tia, Esmay and Banny and so on… hopefully this will make for a GREAT amount of material given out.
  • As for the Dojin, well some of the new stuff was on the old comp, and only a fraction of it has been retreated… however, it won’t stop me from working on it… just need to get back into it once again… watch this space… ^^
  • I’m also looking to plug and advertise the forums once again… they have had such little attention, though I’m not expecting too much, more would be a good start – SO… for now, we have a new contest going on in there… have a look, see if you would be interested and see where it leads…
  • One last thing in this long blog type thing, I could do with a few more peoples contacting me, seem to be very… isolated lately, and fans have been more than quiet… so… a bit of the old chit chat never went a miss…


  • I’ve updated the links list again. A few more I jotted down quickly, which need turning into proper places on a links list lie at the bottom of the dickgirl links… I’ll get around to it soon
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31st Jan 2007 - Fine Update Details

  • General Thanks..

Shout out and thanks to a few people who has still been donating or hiring me for art - its not anything near a torrent, but its really appeciated (especially some of the donations given, there are some down right generous people out there I can tell you, which makes you feel its all worth the pain) so again, just to say thanks to all who have helped me out so far.

Also thanks for the fans for being patient - this transistion periods taken too long, and I know... I'll buck up soon

Not Uploaded the zips with new content, as I'm more focused on sorting the site anew.


Ok, I know people are pretty horrified by the forums or something, but to let you know that the stories will be moving there in the near future and trying to bring some more content into them in the near future, so if you's have another look at it, that'd be nice ^_^

  • New Site Design Concept

New Site IdeaThis is more a general conecpt image at the moment and probably won't be relased as it is, however this was what I had in mind, nothing too radically different to what is here now - but enough to make it feel fresh again.

The HTML has been done on it and just needs people to vote to see if you'd like it or keep the old current one or not.

Time to get voting people!





  • Links Updated

Finally got around to finishing them from the time before - a new batch of links have been updated on the site, and well... yep, enjoy and use them people.

  • Old / New Poll

Poll ResultsThanks to all the people who had voted in ther last poll - was disapointed by how long it took to get to 100, but regardless all the input in greatly recieced.

New poll out, see the yellow bit above...

...and thanks again...




  • New CG Method

Finally got around to finishing them from the time before - a new batch of links have been updated on the site, and well... yep, enjoy and use them people.

  • Four Years Passed its due, but its finally done

image Started off as a gift art colour swap (where the artist does the outline of the image, and you colour it youself) - and many a year back I got this image of mental - I wasn't all that hot at CG back then, but now... it was used as an experiment to see how some colouring I'd done would turn out - so here we are.

  • Cel colouring on old images, and 1 new one - Commissions

Having a hard time contacting the person who hired me to do the pictures for him, coloured these a while ago, and feel I best just place them on the site and hope he sees and gets them, and IM's have failed. Oh yer, I guess that means you guys can have a look too.

  • Story of Jenny - Commission

image Real fun on to do this one, give or take the ammount of time it was to get to this stage with the client. So not a herm pic, more a very over the top gape image based off a story. - Watch for the CG to be done soon.

  • Photographic Manipulations

imageA few more easily done manips done here - not quite upto futa kitty or shanadrac (two titans of the futa photomanips) standard, but as a general thing, workable. A bit more of a gape thing going on in this batch, so a general warning there.

  • Bonus Art / Dojin News

PictureJust to say I have been working on the bonus art and such, but the next weeks will be trying to go a big crazy and push for it and sort this site out. Watch this space.

  • Esmeralda - CG Test

Esmay HeadshotLatest image of Esmay was actually just a CG test, moving into 2 new areas of modification of my colouring. Ten points for anybody who can spot them ^_^

  • Doodle 1

thumbnailJust a Random character, big tits and balls and... just having some fun really... probably will be CG'ed sometime soon.

  • Doodle 2

Just a doodle I did before I got all update website panicie...

  • M for Mental Animation

thumbnailTo celebrate M's move into a site, he's gifted me with some of his material, and so I present to you, ladies andf gents "A hornny cumming Hermaphrodite" Who would have guessed ^_^ .... nice animation though.

  • DLG Update

thumbnailOk, new pictures from DLG, who I'll try and push for some more when he can. The images at the best half way down the art gallery page.