**** Completed Project - Art Pack - Giga Sized Futanari Honeys ****
Details of this new huge art pack are avaliable - Progress can be tracked on all material inside and on the pack from start to completion. 日本からのお客さまは、ここをクリックしてください
**** Current Project - iGAPES ****
Still working on the details of this project - More information to come in time. Watch this space.
**** Halted Project - Bonus Art Collection ****
images which probably just too much for the standard website, and supplemented along with the dojin. These image will be released as a separate pack and will contain a range of material from the states of growth of the character to extreme overwhelming growth. Click the left image to find out more .
**** Halted Project - Dojin-shi - Project GX ****
Dojin Project GX
A Preview of a dojin comic which has slowly been worked on for many months on and off. Worked on slowly all the time, this large and heavy project will have updates and the latest inside here. Click on the image to the left to know more.

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