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Happy 10th Birthday RR

Ten years and counting - Damn, 10 F'ing years people. Yep, it's official that RR is now 10. Born originally on the 7th of July 2000, this project has been running for all this time now, amazing huh! My thanks for all my fans who have been with me for all these years!

Celebration - Sadly I was going to do a little something for the day, but my rig is dead and a new one being built as we speak, so just isn't going to happen, but maybe once it is setup I'll try and get something out, but don't hold me to it. - Cheers, Sius July 10



Audio Update - Sius speaks directly to you (for your sins) and save pages of text- as mentioned, still here, some plans and things to do, hopefully soon, but no moaning if it doesn't happen instantly or even at all. If you want to get in touch the contact section is all here - Didn't mention that the Giga pack is still going on sale, checked £6 (pounds, not dollars) see here for info on that.

Don't forget to check out iGAPES too if you like that fetish - June. 10

Seeking - Story checker


Story checkers wanted! - Came to the conclusion why this keeps on being a thorn in my side, why limited stories have been updated and released and all that mcguffins - I have too FRACKING MANY! I am after some peoples to help me out by reading some of the piles I have and giving a simple review for me.

Mcguffins! - The content will be mixed between normal / weird / herms and maybe some gaping - generally I'm just after some people to read a few, give a basic opinion and list what fetishes are inside. If you enjoy a good read you'll get a kick out of it too and help out. Any help will be most welcome!

Jimmys! - Sius lacks time and is looking to the masses to help - Help Sius today and be a hero, contact email@releasedreactions.com today!!1 Oct. 09

- Minor update, Links have been weeded, dead links and links with no obvious location where the artists site has gone has been removed. Hope to add some more links soon, but not been massively looking - if anybody has any sites they want added to links, just email them to be on the address listed just above. Cheers- Sius Nov. 09

My God... an update?!




An Update?! - Right, yeah, I know. Its been no secret that I've been planning for the iGAPES website and such for along time and this place has been put on the back burner. I'm not dropping RR and don't intend to. but things are going EXTRA slowly.

Explanation - So basically I'm running two sites, and no major help from people (which I'm still after anybody to help out of they can!) and RL is taken over a little bit, so.... yeah, just the way it goes. I'm always around if people want me or to hire me, but things are not like they once where. Sure it'll be more streamlined in months to come.

Photomanip Update - Done 3 HORSE cock girls manips for a commission, the guy kindly let me post them, so I know how you people love them, so enjoy

iGAPES Update - As mentioned, putting more effort into that place (sorry RR people, it needs more attention ^^) so if you enjoy your gaping action keep eyes on the site, as updates will be posted and I'm trying to make place keep busy. www.igapes.com

RR Future Update - I've not the time just yet, but I plan to FINALLY get the stories sorted out, maybe tweak a few links and tidy up (like the polls, which barely work ¬_¬ crappy poll code, bla!) - but hope to get on it soon, to keep your eyes peeled! Sius -Oct. 09

iGAPES.com Has Launched!

iGAPES, Site ready ... ish - Okay people! So yes, probably about time I released this, or at least said this site it up and running. iGAPES.com is a GO! If you like gaping then this hopefully will be your source for it!

Community website - So while this site is kind of ran in a way by me and some others, it is designed to be with others in mind. If you enjoy what you see, say so! if you have a link to somewhere cool, then post it. Its all done in work press so ANYBODY can get involved.

Anything Gape - We have art from other sites and artists, stories, links, Fiction, Real and generally will be input on the while spectrum of gaping as a whole, vaginal, anal, surreal hyper sized to normal gapes - anything that is pretty outstanding. so it isn't just my material but a HUB to the fetish area and hopefully another much needed source for gape lovers.

Size - Its very much alive, but for the time being not much on it with regards to MY art work just yet (give it time, I'll outline / colour the MANY roughs I have before long) But in time that'll change. I'm hoping just as much that more will get involved.

Input - Still looking for others to not only help out but artists and authors. I'd much rather you give it a shot than to never try at all, so come help out this community which plainly needs all the help in unifying this unusual fetish area. Just get in touch (see post below) because I can't run two sites at once successfully!

RR Update - Yes, I know, there's not been much work as of late, but I've been busy in other ways. I plan on getting some new stuff for RR soon as I can, but chill, I'm going nowhere.

iG/ RR - Oh, and lastly I may be posting some sole gape images here from now on, maybe only on iGAPES - I'll think on it. - Sius. July. 09

R.R. Update + iGAPES News

Report - Hay crew. As many of you have noticed its been a little quiet on this site the last few months. Currently in myself I've been a little... down I guess. I have been working on the iGAPES website and stuff, but because of lack of input, complications in RL and a feeling I should be doing more with my art I'm taking semi-offical break.

Commissions - I have a few outstanding commissions which I full intend to honor and complete (and some fun ones planned too ^_^) and I would be interested in anybody who still requires any commissions from me - Contact me if you want.

General Output - In a nutshell, Still working on art, still working on iGAPES but saying I will be updating next time when I can, but not putting a time on it, taking much stress away. Sius isn't leaving his projects, just a time out is all.

iGAPES - Ask again, I BADLY need still people who enjoy this kind of material to contact me if they feel they can help (in any way - not just writing or art - See entieries below for more details).

Input from people ATM is so low it's not inspiring me to work on it (I've done many, MANY images, yet having few others help out on a community site is a recipe for failure). So yes, please get in touch and help out. See you all on the other side - Sius. July. 09

Temp Update

Update - Ok, its been ages... and I know, I'm sorry. I've been in work constantly and days off playing catchup and RL problems. Basically no updates because no time. I had prepped some material but lost it all when my data key *Sigh* get lost and so because of that you'll have to wait even longer till I get time to update the site.

iGAPES - Project is slowly moving along, not much done the last few weeks but hopefully some more results in the weeks to come. Still urgently looking for more help, so see below, see if you can help in any way and get in touch would you. Need your help people! June. 09

Update + iGAPES Authors / Artists / Feedback ask again






iGAPES - I've been thinking and working on material for this for a little while now - seems its.. well grown in demand and popularity with people I've been asking, so much I think it could be a great community project, maybe even a community website?

People who have helped out so far are really behind it and as long as I get the help I'm sure it'll be THE gaping source to head to for anything this fetish. I am STILL after feedback people and authors and artists (mentioned below) so if your able to help out do so ^_^

Seeking iGAPES ARTISTS - Looking for artists to help with the iGAPES in a range of ways in the art department. If you enjoyed the mocks and gaping as a whole then get in touch, anything you can offer help on would be very much appreciated!

Seeking iGAPES Authors - Enjoyed the mocks of the iGAPES? felt you could write something with girls like this? - Sius has a world made, ideas and a guideline to help out and we'd love to have your help. Just get in touch below and we'll take it from there ^_^

Email address - email@releasedreactions.com

Messenger Services - Any of the ones listed here

Update? - Slow for a update I know. Things have been snail paced, from a commission which fates doesn't want to be completed, to update of stories and general material - I'll be on it, just work is heavy and I'm making the most while the usual demand for my time is requested. Just wait a little longer please ^_^ May. 09

Quick Poll Update
See how art is made...
would you be interested in watching a video of how Sius draw or manipulates his art? Step by step construction....
Yes, I would love to see how it is made!
Nope, I will not look at the video.

Poll - Answer the poll right - Not many have the other 2 and its kind of annoying, so if you have not voted on the other two then go below and do it!

Update - just while I'm here, yeah... just plodding along when I can. Few bits and keeping busy, still working a lot on iGAPES and commissions bits, as always looking for input and help oh and any authors also, so please get in touch.

Stories - Should have updated more but not been motivated for the site for the last week or two (you lazy viewers fault!, if you say nothing then why should I care!) so there's me excuse there - you all failed me ^_^ See you next update.

IGAPES UPDATED - NEW - Still looking for people to help on the iGAPES project, ether as a viewer of my material (means looking at a load of porn drawn and telling me if its any good, real easy!) or a writer if you feel you have the skills for it. Get in touch damn it! I can't release this stuff unless I get MORE opinions, so see the Contact Section and contact me about it, right! Apr. 09

**** Latest News - Quick Links ****


(o) Site Updated

(o) Giga Pack on Sale!

(o) Latest Polls

(o) 2009 Update





Finally, read what's new and what's going on.

Information on my unique epic futa sized pack.

Two poll, take a second to vote please.

Read about the new problems of 2009 for the site.

Website Update + Manips Released ... finally






I'm still alive - Hi crew, sorry about the silence and downtime. I'm going though a bit of a interesting time ATM. My current Job is VERY uncertain, and time to draw has been so-so because of it but really I'm a little in a daze, wondering around without focus and direction ATM - something I hoped to end once the giga project was done.

So just bare with me... not working out like I planned... but does life ever go the direction you think it (and need) to go?

i.G.A.P.E.S. - Kind of a gape heavy project I'm working on. Still going though the motions of it but it seems to have inspired a few artists and authors so far, so that's great. Working on that in spare time. Want more details, see the author / input wanted post (Below - currently) and give a artist a hand huh? Some basic notes and small amount of previews available now ^_^ - get in touch and help out!

Commission Projects - I've been approached by some fans and pass clients to do some big comics in the future, with luck they will be both on the site when done. We have a gaping comic (of many pages) and as a cock spawning girl, both focused on growth and changing. All fun fun stuff, but big projects. So yes, in talks about them - see if they come to pass. Maybe doing some light art around the edges to release on the site for the hell of it, so busy plans at least ahead - bare with me.

New layout - as mentioned before, I've not gone and implemented the changes, a few things moved around and the like to compensate and draw the most used sections of the site forwards. Most are in the updated navigation frame (left). And tidied up the site generally.

Photomanipulations - I've had a few of these hanging around for a while, and I felt I should work on many of them more and do some interesting things with them, but alas time has not been great, so I'll just release them as they are, something for the people who have had their say in the recent poll.

Stories - Still some time to getting them ALL on and inside the story section. It's not a long job, just a little dull - I'll try and get more added to the section as soon as I can. As always, I'll try and keep you all in the loop with plans - Apr. 09

Giga Pack On Sale!


Giga Pack Completed! - Hardcore Giga Sized Futanari Honeys is ready after months of work done to it! HUGE Sized futa girls like non drawn before (and some other fun Sius fetishes thrown in too!) are finally here and ready for sale! -

More Information and Examples, Click Here!


Basically, What's it's Content? - The extended version [which 98% of people have ordered] has; in a nutshell the following inside :-

(o) A Massive 33 Unique Images, All Gargantuan Sized Futa Girls!!
(o) 100% Uncensored Images, 100% uncompromising details.
(o) 6 Guest Artists, (Demon Man, M for Mental, Gamma and more!)
(o) Hundreds of Alternative Image Version -Something for Everyone!
(o) Original Bonus Weird Futa Growth Comic Included
(o) Crisp Mammoth 1:1 Image Sizes (and smaller versions too ^_^)
(o) Truly Unique Styles, Sizes and Pack! Nothing else is even close to this, or Artists Attempted the Scale of this Pack!

How do you order it? - All enquires and orders are done though email. The (current) price for the extended pack is now £12. If you want to order it or just ask some questions drop me an email - email@releasedreactions.com and we'll go from there!

New Polls Double Wham!


iGAPES Feature
Soon I shall begin work on the iG.A.P.E.S. material with promises of stretching, maybe some unbirth insane sizes and insertions and so on - what are your thoughs?
Happy - I love the big pu**ys freaky sizes you draw, sure it will be epic!
Interesting - a little diversion from the normal futa stuff cant hurt. I will have a look at it when it's drawn.
Curious - It's not my usual thing... but I will check it out all the same quickly.
Worried - I was more here for the futa, this isn't my kind of thing at all!
Podcast Idea
I am tempted to do a simple podcast idea - Not going to be ground breaking, but curious what people would think of such a thing.
Yes, I'd love to hear what's on your mind, hear a voice to the madness.
Yes, I'd tune in and listen for the hell of it.
No, I don't listen to podcasts.
No, I cant see it being anything I'd want.

New Polls - Had to change from the old polls because of failing to work critical problems. So for a rare treat we have 2 on the go (something I couldn't have done before) and to make up for lost time, two at once!

Have a vote and let me know what you think. I check the polls a a source of information from you people so please take a second to read and vote for me.

....And Another Year Passes. Happy 2009



Time To Relax - I'd like to say I hope everybody had a nice xmas and a good new year. Sorry no images out as a xmas present image or something, had no time to do any art -_- . 2009 huh, sadly I recon it'll be a year of change for this site, not for the better.

Shout out - Just a quick one to the giga pack buyers who ordered. Thanks so much once again to them and their help and words of praise. It's been great and I'm delighted you like the pack so much!

New Layout - I've going to be updating the site in small ways. From Links updated and weeded, new updated navigation bar and locations and also going to try and get a story section setup sometime soon - still working on the deign (authors, I still need authors - give me a email if you recon you can write!)

Commissions - Been bothered by a few about these and still saying, if you want a commission email me, and I'll think about it. I may do it, may not but it'll not happen unless you let me know.

Old Poll - Completed the voting at 255 Votes, quite a high number. I'll begin drawing here sometime soon with her new mods. Thanks once again. Interesting Experiment and may do more 'grow-a-girl' later on. (oh and BTW she won't be as huge in the cock department as a giga girl, you'll have to buy the pack for sizes that big!)

New Poll - Your honest opinion about them would be appreciated. If you don't like them, let me know, if you do, gota say - DON'T GO STAY SILENT! Cheers

Future Talk - I've gained enough from the giga sales for another years site payment but not enough for me to stay drawing like I have (at least on current giga sales anyhow), Urgently need more money and thus a better job - which will lead to less hours to draw.

I can't say what the future holds for me or site long term. I don't plan to run away, but more input / giga sales or donations will help me pool more time into this site / help with a decision. I'll keep you posted with any decisions reached ^_^


Delays!! - Drat and double drat! Not going to make a BIG deal of this. All you need to know, not been at home much due to work. Not at home, not working on giga pack. I'm on the slightly better sced (not hard) but my wish to get it out at the end of October was foiled by work. Working hard to make up lost time now I'm able. still pissed about it myself, so don't moan about it, I know already!

Forum - Not that anybody used it, but its kinda dead. Due to spam overdone, lack of attention and me not flogging a dead horse its been put down. Stories and things will be moved to a HTML page or otherwise but yeah... just... now you know. Sort it out soon I will.

Poll - Last poll was cool, thanks to you the new name of 'Violet' shall be used. New one is a test. More votes = bigger size, more of it. I have myself a doodled sketch, VERY quickly done. What would you add to her on the final. More votes = of of it, bigger the size of the thing voted for. If it works I'll do more of these to come.
*** UPDATE *** - As you can see I've had to conceal the words with *** stars. Its like a first for this site, censoreship... woooo. Anyhow as you can imagin the words are - breasts, nipples, cock, testicles and pussy. You CAN vote more than once for this poll, and remember that the more votes we get, the bigger that part gets. Get voting!

Question - I was asked how many characters are inside this pack but wasn't able to give a solid answer, but for the extended pack there are 30 girls / Unique images in it, NO ALTERNATE modes included with them, ADDING THEM will take the thing closer to 100+ images all in all - so you may see why its taking a while to finish...

Update Time and a Giga Q and A Session



Q and A - Right with the imminent release of the giga project I've had a few questions which I'd like to answer to help dispel any confusion and that, all based off emails - so lets begin...

Q1) - How do I buy it, and how much?
A1) - Ether off me for DL site (link has differences) - Price; not 100% but close to price for hiring me for a commission [Ext pack].

Q2) - How much content am I getting for the extended pack?
A2) - A HELL of a lot. I've got over 30 girls or unique images alone. This won't cover the extras and alt modes which I think will take it more towards 80 when said and done, probably more...

Q3) - You say Alt modes, what do they entail?
A3) - Different versions of a image. Something for everybody. Mixed additions, added fetishes and Messy cum shots. Pick and mix ^_^

Q4) - Content, I like them light / harder will this cater to my tastes?
A4) - totally! I have gotten a real mix of versions and alt fetishes that you'll be pleased if you like them lighter or harder. Been a common question and I can say if you like my art generally you'll LOVE this!

A5) - Sorry, really am. It's MONTHS overdue I know but trust me I hope the wait will be WELL worth it. There's NOTHING else in the world quite like the stuff in this pack, hee hee! All goes with my next few weeks relatively quiet well it'll be released ..... soon.

Q6) - Errr, you don't sound sure about that release time are you?
A6) - No, I am, really soon. I just may have to release it like 95% done and just clock colouring the 2 final images of the pack which will take a while and ask people to re-download it once again to get it 100% (free of course) , Long as they understand this its all cool. (ether that or I leave them uncoloured - so understand that too)

More Info --- Ordering / Buy Info --- Add yourself to the order list

Story time! - OK, so as I've been promising about some authors and stuff, one of them has released the 1st chapter with 2 with work in progress. Its a hyper themed story, so you like my stuff, you'll like the stuff this Authors has written. It is a author by the name of Mc Fruit and I'm delighted to present for your entertainment DyaTech (01) Having trouble loading it? see below

Poll - So close to the next hundred, lets just get that number up and then I'll put up a new one. Thanks all for the votes!!

Forum - The forum which hosts stories and little bits off me is getting spammed to hell here and there ¬_¬ nothing but hard work so I am starting periodically close it for section of time during spam waves. Be patient and it'll be open again if its closed right now.


Oh YEAH! Finally the time and the goods to start to get the promo wagon for this giga project rolling. Note I still have more work to do on it but only a few images to add colour too, touch up and I'll be able to release the pack - but generally it'll be done quite soon providing the free time to get it done stays that way.

So check out the giga promo page with updated information and idea how I'm doing the packs. I will also be taking emails from people for the advanced orders on the extended pack. If you want to put your name down for it and will be informed on the date of its release and reserve a copy for yourself then EMAIL ME A MESSAGE AND SAY SO! ( email@releasedreactions.com )

With a little luck I'll have the final images done soon and be able to release the thing and... yeah.... so thanks guys and girls for the patience once again.

Though the story is left in waiting ATM I have TWO authors who are both willing to help out and add their writing finesse to the site and the project ATM - but more from them guys as we go along.

I've also been BLESSED with being able to present some more works from tsuzuki - so check them out on your left and also inside the a good few more have been added inside the art gallery!

Hope to update soon with some more material on the pack or some stories when it's all done and done ^_^ Sept 08




Small major; last minute request - I am BADLY seeking authors, or people who have a ounce of writing talent to help out on the Giga project.

The last few people I've gone too have been less than productive and I need some help, and SOON. There will be perks and benefits to being on the team and I am doing a shout out for help from the community.

If you think you can offer help or be of assistance then email me ( email@releasedreactions.com ) and mention it. If you have any work also (just a snippet of your best will do) please send that.

Don't be shy to get in touch - rather I had too many people than too little. The work isn't hard or long, but it would help to have somebody who's got a flare for creative words and a way about them.

If nobody applies or gets the post expect further delays on this project. Don't make me lose total faith in writers totally! . July 08

Getting there...


Dear Zod, this has been a fairly depressing month of work and work and then some work on top - sadly very little of it going into the project, but still.... some stuff to report at least for you - keep you up to date - So lets begin.

A Little Comedy - Something to get the bowl rolling - MP3 jokey radio thing... enjoy - oh, and before you ask, no that's not my voice / me. But I laughed very hard when I heard it on this AWESOME radio channel I listen to. Apologies to them for this...

Adding Another Guest artist - Despite some unsure motions to begin with; I can confirm that Dyvera has also decided to get such into the Giga girls action and submit some glorious works, 3 in fact! and so the project grows ever bigger! [Pun intended]

MORE Guest art ! - Along side the awe that Dyvera will be adding to the project I can also confirm that GAMMA will be adding a creational touch to this project also. This really is shaping up to me something extra special as a pack!

POLL - BETTER from last time. I'm still really made up with how much people are going to go for the full package deal - but I am a little worried about the numbers... I mean as great as it is to have what we have (and I do mean that) we are currently under 100 People going to get the pack... and that's ace and all, but... I have to admit I am concerned. Carry on voting, and vote honestly, no multi voting also please!

Mailing List for Giga Packs - Still looking for and taking advanced orders and also reminders on this giga Girls project, just email to this address (mail@releasedreactions.com) and you'll be the 1st to know when its coming out and also get early examples and promotional information before it's posted on the site. If your after this pack, I recommend you take the simple step to be in the know!

Futher Promotion - As the time of this damn pack gets closer I'll have another, better and full decidation section of the site saying whats inside it in more detail, nicer looking and generally help you make up your mind up on the thing. Watch this space for that.

Final Extra Surprises! - Because this has taken a while to do I have done some rough extras and added them to the 'full' version pack which I will call the 'extended' version. So basically if all works out I'm hoping to add another 2/3 girls to the pack. If not completed for the initial release they maybe added on after so it doesn't hold up the release - and you can pick them up shortly later on.

I'll update when I have something more to say - Be good. June 08


Another update while I have the time... Sadly not that great ATM, and it was going SO well up till lately...

Computer - We in the local area had a little bit back a power outing. For the UK that's kinda bad, not like the US where it happens ever other day or something and is to be expected. The result of this lead to a damaged computer in 2 areas, both pretty bad for the computer as a whole. the monitor is leaking gamma and thus I'll probably have to order another one (which I don't have the cash to blow) and the HD with the data kept shutting down / the computer - this has been sorted, but time and money have been lost from this... arses >_<

Money! - Basically I've hit a low, and need as much as I can get to keep on going. I've been luckily given extra time from another source, which pays well and probably better than what I'd get then if I rushed the project, and so that's come 1st, so slow down - but the project is still being worked on and is still kinda close to a finish.

POLL - I've been a little taken back by the people who want the bigger and better pack, even if it'll require more messing and cash as so the poll says to date. VERY GOOD - and glad to see that people want the thing for it's total size and completion. I am however still curious to what others think - the voting has been very limited, SO GET ON IT - your honesty is paramount. (just to the left here)

Mailing List for Giga Packs - I'm happy to do a email out to people who are hanging on for the release of the pack as soon as it's ready for release . Just send an email to this address (mail@releasedreactions.com) and it'll be added to the list. When the time is come you will be emailed with the details and bits to get the pack - if you want the normal or complete version, I'll cover both.

Back Tracking - I went back on the pack and added more texture and detail to the image, which was key looking at the comparisons but that meant going back and adding / changing SO MANY images... BUT.. it does looks great now and I'm happy with it.

More details as their done - but work still going on despite delays. June 08

Giga sized; minor update!



RIGHT - Lets get some notes down for you people sitting and waiting what the hells going on generally with me and the site...

Pack Overview - Lets start with the Giga project, and I have to say that it coming on SWIMMINGLY! There is still a fair bit to do, but it really is more heading to the end straight now. Comments from people who have seen the pack during production are VERY impressed which what they have seen and generally I'm again made up to see the fruits of my labors start to grow from all the attention.

New Artist in pack? - New bit of good new is that I can confirm that Gamma from gammatela has offered his hand in the project and maybe able to bare another image into the pack, which would be nice huh. I'll keep you posted if he indeed can do such a thing. So more bang for your buck in the project

New Site Material - It's been VERY limited and naturally lacking because 110% of my free time I put into this project, but I have done the off image doodle and a few manips - Photomanips are quick and simple, but hay, its something, right and funny enough have helped out to this project I'm working on in ways.. so it can't be all that bad.

Old Poll - I'd like to thank people who have voted in it, MUCH better - it still ongoing, and I hope to spam another futa forum with the author seeking help post and generally have this poll armed with me to help out.

New Poll - Now out (SEE POST BELOW FOR POLL) - important stuff again, so please vote honestly and we'll see what the numbers come up with.

Mailing List for Giga Packs - I'm happy to do a email out to people who are hanging on for the release of the pack as soon as it's ready for release . Just send an email to this address (mail@releasedreactions.com) and it'll be added to the list. When the time is come you will be emailed with the details and bits to get the pack - if you want the normal or complete version, I'll cover both.

More information as I get it - enjoy! . May 08

Information You Needs To Know



Amazing isn't it where time disappears to... Very much the case of me and what's happened lately, - Bloody funerals, wedding, parties and all sorts also slowing stuff down on top of work... uck... so... yeah, lets say what's going on...

1stly I'm really disappointed in the amount of poll voting - you people where doing so well till this point! I'm going to be using the results to ask in futa forums for authors to come forwards and use the result - if favorable - to show there is demand. I'm not asking you to vote for stories if you don't like them, but at LEAST VOTE ONCE. It shouldn't be that hard a ruddy question and helps me out no end.

I've updated the Giga page with FAQ section and also a scale of one of the images, so you can see what ya be getting if you get the pack. Be sure you check it out. Link as always is plastered on the main page, in the projects... and... here, for t' hell of it.

As you all know I've been working hard on the giga project, and its coming on swimmingly - CEPT the images are SO big that the things are taking SO long to colour and outline - its like doing several images in one for the outlining, and as great as the final image looks (and they DO!) it's something that's been a hardship to get done, so I'll be glad when their ALL done (which is basically in no time at all) and more CG can go ahead.

I may do a sub site section with a proper Giga girl promo going on rather than that simple page, so keep your eyes open for that. Details about the project and generally nicer looking than that other page when its done.

I hope to update the site again with the bits and pieces I've done since the projects been on. Just bare with me a little longer. Also Commissions maybe back up after the project is done.

Lastly a reminder again to state that depending on how well this project sells will change how much time future art. I'm full well expecting to drop this site in order to actually get a half decent job at this stage, so remember that if you want me to continue on with this project, please support this pack when its released soon - so keep a few quid / euros / dollars aside for it! Cheers and take care. May 08

Updatey Information


Another update, show I'm still with you all and that I'm still alive. So....

Project is going well, and yes massively behind schedule - see paragraph below. But I am pleased because the final productions, though slow to get here are VERY impressive - if I do say so myself. I would rather take a little longer with each one and get it down right and then give you the best end result. As ever, check the Giga page to find out more information.

Sadly because of distractions of new material( - *shakes fist* damn you Door or War and Demand and plonker Tee, Danes path) I've not been as busy as I should have been, but I've pretty much played them games out of my system and back on track.

CG Wise, though rusty, I feel I've done a good job with what's been started. I've gotten some done and feel that if I can produce that level for the rest of the images, it will be a little special

I have been showing the Work in productions to the people who asked to help out and have been getting great comments about how the fans are going to love this pack, and I have to agree, it's shaping up very nicely - and I'd like to offer thanks to the people who are sending me comments to keep me motivated (keep them coming)

I have also done a few doodles here and there, the odd photomanipulation and the like and other bits I will try and submit on the site sooner or later, so watch for anything there.

I've been asked about commissions and other things after this, including a a collaboration work with myself and M for Mental and the answer is YES, yes I will be doing these things, BUT only depending on sales of this pack. I'm made up there is demand for my work, but I am still looking at this project as a benchmark if its worth continuing on with the whole hentai thing, or fuck it off and get on with life in general. I do hope it doesn't come down to leaving this all behind, but you have no idea how much of a crush on resources, time and money this site and my works are having on me as a whole... sucks to be me, I can tell you (but drawing porn on demand is a fun trick)

Lastly, new poll out, so if you can vote on that, that'd be great too. hope to have more news for you soon. Apr 08

Giga Pack Update - All Roughs Done, Outlines Soon



Okey dokey people, the rough material IS CLOSE to being is now completed, and I'm very happy with what's been produced and all the focus groups I've talked too seem VERY pleased by the quality and content inside the images - All is well, though a few weeks behind schedule.

Extra bonus material in the form of a SMALL mutation / growth comic has been added now into the project and was great fun to do / show some strange stuff going on. This brings the project to roughly 13 Unique images from me, and some more from DM and Mental to come.

Until the outlined images are complete, no whole preview images to be given as examples - Sorry. But again to give some information, the images lengths don't skimp on size and are generally around 3000 / 4000 (or more) pixels in length or width (or both) size from myself and generally come over the size the girls are drawn too - huge and massive! I've not skimped so you get ALL the detail that nobody else would both / dare. I've also done a smaller versions too for the people who need to see what's going on with smaller resolutions.

FINALLY Not to be a emo or anything, but if this pack gets bad sales or poor overall coverage then I'll probably leave the drawing scene and end the site to put it bluntly. If it goes well then great, I'll continue doing this - but if not... it maybe just best I left the arts and focused more on my day to day life.... (so to my fans, please think about it - and it's cheap too for all this unique material). Mar 08

Update Info


Quick update information what's going on. The pack is well under way and much work has been done on it. The roughs will be completed in a few weeks and have around 12 13 or so images from me hopefully beefed up with several from guest artists, as mentioned below, completed at the end.

CG'ed material and alternative versions are planned on top of this and give a huge span of material hopefully at the end and cater for different fetishes and likes - also trying to do a small comic inside too.

temp message - Help me out and get the WIP material for free - offer is still good for a few more fans bold enough to help and send a message on a chat message to me and help out with opinions.

New poll also up on likely people to buy this pack. Please BE HONEST with this pack and know that the feedback is important. For information purposes, the general price I'm looking for on this pack is around £4 (maybe more or less come the time, but its a number to think about) - thanks on the votes so far BTW.

More Information on what's in the pack will be available in a few weeks time when its all been sorted / more work has been done and a preview will be available too. Watch this space for information and I'll be providing the info. Feb 08

A New Project... Massive Futa Girls!

So the scoop is that I have still trouble with the dojin and the bonus art because of 'factors' - this is still very annoying after all the time I've put into them - and so I'm going to do doing a side project, one that's much smaller and quicker - but still high quality / interesting.

 The angle is... just see left and right - girls with huge huge wangs. Anyhow, it's started because of the interest from poll votes, so please continue to vote.

It's going to be an experiment in ways to see how popular my work is before I go working on the dojin / bonus art any more. This pack will be for purchase only (though there maybe preview here / extra details ETC..) and probably sold on DL Site as I mentioned before hand, and also direct on the site when the time comes.

The Project will also feature art works from other grand grand artists such as Demon Man, M for Mental and also Dyvera as a bonus - which I'm VERY happy to have them help out on this project.. Feb 08

Last update for a while..

Ok people, I'm not going to lie to you, the lack of response has forced me to pretty much release this material and leave you hanging while I work on the dojin and bonus art.

Consider this a update which marks the start of limited updates. I'd warned you below in the past updates about not posting OR ANY sort of interaction for that matter would result in this. So yeah... ether do something about it or it'll be a quiet few months...

New ways to donate to me has been sorted out finally. I've had a real hard time trying to get it all sorted out. See below for some details.

So several new doodles here, nothing more than doodles this time. I'll be updating and outlining in the months to come - enjoy all the same

Many of you have voted on the poll so far, and that's great! Feel free to re-vote if you have more than one choice on the list, but don't spam and re vote for the same thing - so far its been a good turn over, lets keep that going (helps make up for the lack of forum posting).

I'm going to see about work on the dojin and bonus art again soon and will be looking to post them on DL Site when their done - because I'm the only fool on the net not making any cash for all my efforts! Anyhow I may look into some other entries for the future for things to draw that may go on that site. I shall see

One last one - A pod cast, what do you think, should I do it for a laugh? Got an opinion, post it in the forum. Jan 08

End of Another Year (2007 - 2008) RIP

Doesn't Time fly when your smiling and kicking some arse. Here we go end of another year. Can't say what the next year will bring, been expecting a great slow down in art because of RL for several years, but I think next year will be it. So... sucks, but it's a heads up

So several things to do / say while I'm here. 1st is the donation situation, actually can explain that I'll be setting up a new account in the near future on another money giving / taking site. I hope this will work as well as the old method - but if not then I'm going to be suck when the bonus art and dojin business.

Next is continuing from last post - the new character / say your bit or face no updates for certain. I've have a so so response so far. I'm not happy, but I'm not completely unhappy also. Remember its on the forums and I need more people to show they give a damn / second for this site and all the rest - see the post below for more details. You have until the next update to redeem yourself fans!

Anyhow, next we have the talents of the artist 'Tsuzuki' who has most kindly allowed me to post some of his material here on the site. All comments are most welcome inside the forum if you have anything to say. I'm hoping a few more of them will inspire him not to give up his drawing too quickly, which seems the current case.

Done two doodles for you - consider them a christmas present and a new years gift from me. I'm so kind - have a 2008 people.

Last thing is the dojin, been working on that and found my way again. Enjoying getting back to it has to be said - But no releasing what I've done because of what I moaned about above.

Oh yeah, stories still to be released - from last month, I'll get around to cleaning them up as soon as I can. Watch this space.

Take it easy people and I'll see you on the other side (of 2008) ^_^ Dec 07

Sius' Angry, Furious Update Post


Closing many loose ends in this update. All of them seem to be pretty heavy this time content wise but aside a few things have happened also. But I start with a rant from me...

One for my fans only - a major rant of sorts. I have posted some new art in the forum for fans to comment on a new character idea - I'm not going to link to it, look for yourself. What I will say is that IF I GET LIMITED REPLIES I WILL NOT UPDATE THE SITE! Fans of mine should seriously think about getting involved (hint, I'm holding back a lot of anger in this post, I better see results is all I will say)

We have the CG' ed versions of Rhany's second version finally completed - just like the first its just as weird and cool. We also closed the contest with the pathetic amount of votes too. Congrats to Mute, I'll try and draw it sometime when I've got a moment.

Right, turn off rant mode - We have a doodle image of another over the top stupid cock girl size fun image. Note there is smaller sizes and 2 versions of it, see the art gallery for the others.

We also have a manip done, first one done in a while. Fun idea of a new big pussy birthing out a pussy with that one... yeah. Check left.

Other thing is a short story or two done by me and some small illustrations too to be found in the forum. I'll probably do a few of them, and we have another author who I hope to place some new stuff inside the forums also as stories. I may update material it get written / comments and ideas welcome! - Coming soon

Also you'll see the donation page / anything related has been ceased - due to legal paperwork and the rest I can't use or will not use the pervious method to take donations any more. Anyone WHO did donate shall not be forgotten, I still have all the details and you will have your dues for it - its all good! However anybody who wishes to donate / have the bonus art / hire me now has to wait until I can find a way to do it from now on. Sadly it is looking like it maybe a whole lot harder to do from now on.... *Sigh*

All I know is that the latest issues have really thrown me for a loop I'll try and find my feet and work on this again. Oh yeah, have a happy Xmas people! AND POST IN REGARDS TO THE CHARACTER / FORUM THING!! .Dec 07

Dojin / Bonus Art Information

GX Dojin

Outlining coming soon.

Bonus Art

New Material + previews
Updated Nov 07

I felt that soon as I'm working solidly on these two projects for a while I'd explain what they are. Both of these projects are what I deem 'hard' material, huge cocks, massive gaping pussies, obscene amounts of spunk and cum. Not for the light hearted, but for people who enjoy my weird and wild stuff will surely love it.

Dojin - Project GX is.... A erotic comic of sorts of Luci and Tia meeting up and fucking each other over and over and changing into plainly overgrown and extreme versions of each other all wrapped in a simple story. Sexual acts push the limits of their bodies and the weirdness bounders of hentai.

The dojin will be split into two. A free preview on the site and there will be a pay / donate version. That will have the full length comic, no censoring of material and colouring CG and grayscale shading will be in the final version.

Bonus Art is.... Art that compliments the dojin. These images are pretty extreme poses showing Luci, Tia, Michu and even some Ruth in the most overgrown and wild. Around a massive 50 images will be available - and a good few variations on images added in too, so closer to 70 images are yours to view. If you love my weird stuff and gaping also you wouldn't believe what I've drawn here! I personally love this material and fans who've seen it think its just as good and fun too.

The bonus art has some very minor previews. The bulk will only be available to people who have donated / paid. End images will range from some rough doodles, to outlined and some CG coloured images.

For now if your interested and want them, have a look in the donate section and see the details in full. If your a fan of my art, want to help out the sites upkeep then I urge to to help out. My many thanks in advance.

This information shall remain at the top, any other new site material will be posted below. Nov 07

POLL TIME ! - Have your say on the dojin too

While I'm working on a few images here and there and generally leading up to the next update, I have to draw attention to the latest poll. As I've been mouthing off for months now I plan on getting back to the old dojin and maybe revamp some of the old material.

Anyhow I needed to do this update to draw peoples attention to it. The poll is kind noted on what people say, so I want to draw max attention to it and get peoples opinion and so I know how maybe best to prep and work around releasing it.

Anyhow who doesn't know what this dojin is can't call themselves a fan or an observant person of this site. All the details and previews are IN THE SPECIAL PROJECTS -> DOJIN PROJECT GX Section. This dojin was started many a moon ago, and though I've been meaning to get back to it things have very gotten in the way - time to pick it up again now.

Another thing is that if you have something to say, maybe a suggestions for what to add or draw in it, or some comment, feedback or general comments at all just post them in the forum. I like to get ideas and generally hear what people have to say. I don't have to use them at all, but its's useful to know what you peoples say.

So please answer the poll and depending will effect the release / update on the site. Please also note that some of the material will only be for people who donate and help out RR in times past - to these people, you still have my up most thanks for your offerings . Nov 07

Update todays...! (Duplicate titles.com)

Ok, big decision time has been made - I'm not drawing any commissions for a while - this does not mean if I have started yours I will not finish it, no no, but no new commissions will not be started for some time. Time to do them is too little and I have too much more to do (dojin and bonus art I'm looking at). I will start requesters / new commissions AFTER this break.

I will keep anybody who asks for a commission on record and will ask when they are happy to do it at a later date / let them know when I am ready. I am sorry I've stopped them for a while, but its just built up out of my control and time to produce them. Any questions about all this I will answer, just email away. Otherwise, watch this space.

ANYHOW back to the update at hand. Few nice images I've done since last time and tried to get the ultra veiny cock side down just right, which is going well so far - still got some little bits like the odd last commission to do, some work for the bonus art stuffs but really its back to dojin time soon.

To say I'm looking forwards to it is a little under stated, but since I've had the time off going back and looking at it, I may review the dojin - even adding Michu is a idea, which would never have happened before, being she was created a few months ago - so.... interesting times. I'll keep you posted.

Also, for the super peoples who have donated, got the bonus material - added a image or two to the bonus art and you guys will have 1st dibs on the new dojin material as it comes up. Take it easy people. Nov 07

Update todays...!

Photomanipulations Head 01

Hay people, how you all doing? Sius has not been on the ball lately because of a multitude of reason, however I hope that the next week weeks will have a fair bit of content added to the site and shall continue being added to as time passes ^_^

After old monitor was bleeding red everywhere I found with the new monitor most of my images looked more.... yellow than I recalled - thus I've had to get my CG back in line. The luci head shot there is more me dicking around to get it right on the new monitor setting and proper 2.2 gamma as my PC should display.

The search for authors came up with some hits and a lot of misses. I have a few people who are willing to write for me, and that's great - some have dropped the face of the earth - but I do have a pretty willing person who I have some faith in who will hopefully deliver sometime soon. If there's anybody still interested I'd be still happy to look and take people on, so yes, please get in touch if your interested.

Results of the last poll are on display in the update section - and my thanks to all who have voted. I went with one of the 2 top ones, and Michu is now on her way to being a fully integrated character (even more so for them who have donated) and yes, thanks - Vote this time on WHY you visit this site. It helps to understand where I can improve and what I should be offering.

Forum, well, basically it was a spam feast. We kept it as an easy talk system for as long as I could, but now I in the end gave up and made it so people need to join to post. Sure we still have some spam, but not as much, and so you people will need to join to get involved. While I'm here, updating the MDT folder in the lost artists with some uncensored works from dojin Gape and his normal works.

Also have the older stories from Kite and Jesters and others going into the forums as people missed them, so seek the forum for them. Added a new stories link icon in special projects section.

Not done more work on dojin or manips lately, just trying to get this site back on track 1st, so no moaning about that too. More commission works to come 1st as mentioned also - shout out to my clients for being SO patient, it's VERY good of them to be waiting this long. Oct 07

Back to... commissions (?!) ...

I seem to be in an eternal quagmire of commissions lately. This is not a complaint... I am overwhelmed by the believe people have put in me and what I get paid to do is great... its just its also overwhelming on my time equally... so I've had to do these 1st. I still have in mind to have the Bio's of Michu, Ruth, Banny and Esmay done sometime... and a review of Luci's and Tia's also. Just getting that time I guess. (and I still have a mass load to get done also) but... all in all, least I'm back on track now with me work with having SOME time off.

I'd also like to RE re re announce that I'll be working on this bloody dojin again soon. seems to be a curse when I say that I get thrown another commission in my face, lol - so yer, just bare with me... I PROMISE to work hard on it good and carry on with the CG and outlining of the bonus art material (which is still growing).

One last bit of info that Dyveira who did the futa librarians has ceased their art in this field and asked for them not to be shown here - thus they have been removed from the gift art - say no more, this is final. ANYHOW - more art to come, just watch this space. Sept 07

Small Update - That the bio has been done for Michu and I've added little bits to Luci's, Tia's and Ruth's pages as well. Find out the facts on the links!

Sius hold your head in shame...

FINALLY gotten the time off work to get back to my art (you'd not believe how little time I've had) - its good to have time to DRAW once again I can tell you. VERY limited stuff to give you ATM, but I'm working on it.

More commissions coming my way, which is great, but its getting a big list now, and I HAVE to do them before I move onto the other material like the dojin - so I'll be doing that soon.

A bit of a funny one - monitor of ye old of mine died, new one is... sharper, but more the colour's are... different. Old one must have had a killer amount of extra red in it. As a result some of the CG colour's I'd tried to get are not what I remember looking at this screen now, so... I guess different CG will happens from now on as a result. Gota bloody do my CG sheets again from scratch *shakes fist* Aug 07

Authors Wanted

Seriously, I'm so desperate to try and find authors. I'm looking to hopefully talk too, make a deals with authors (maybe do some art to go alongside stories?) who feel they could at least TRY and write material which I produce. I am not expecting anything more than people willing to give it a shot at the end of the day. If you think you'd like to give it a shot, please let me know.

I also have MANY ideas for the stories, but no time to type them into a story and so I'll be able to provide many many thoughts to add into the fold.

I'm still alive...


A heads up to why no update / slow month. Basically at the start of the month something very good happened in the family. Something we have been expecting for some time. As a result no work got done while this was all happening.

Next we have Commission crazy people, excellent I have a stupid amount of commissions that have come in lately, so my attention has been working on them 1st as you'd expect. They will be released real soon. I also REALLY welcome the commissions, don't get me wrong, but funny how they all jumped on me now ....

Illness also has not helped and being in work heavy hours has been problematic for art. I've just not had much chance lately but don't panic, I'm getting back to it now.

I'd also like to thank some people for the DONATIONS they have sent in. I've had a few more and they really have been generous and giving, and I'd like to offer my thanks again to these outstanding people. July 07

BTW, I know the images left don't link to anything, I'm just showing you I've not been totally lazy ^_^.

Authors Wanted

Seriously, I'm so desperate to try and find authors. I'm looking to hopefully talk too, make a deals with authors (maybe do some art to go alongside stories?) who feel they could at least TRY and write material which I produce. I am not expecting anything more than people willing to give it a shot at the end of the day. If you think you'd like to give it a shot, please let me know.

I also have MANY ideas for the stories, but no time to type them into a story and so I'll be able to provide many many thoughts to add into the fold.

Large Bits and Pieces Updates

Right... I've just had a horrible last few weeks of the art and sweet bugger all got done in this period. Lots of time kept in work and no time to play when I was free. Lets see here what to report on...

(o) Promoting the contest section - few entries submitted, maybe an easy win and free art.
(o) Lost Artists' section removed, Material remain inside forum.
(o) Lunasea art batch rar added in forum.
(o) Clara01 dojin by M for Mental added to forum.
(o) Project GX section is back! - pages 15,23 have been re worked.
(o) Four new photomanips produced.
(o) Bonus art material Added, outlined and updated
(o) Luci Bio page sorted. (Others available at art gallery base).
(o) Links Updated / Weeded and signs on pay sites.
(o) New Debate question in forums.
(o) CG colouring of Fairy character.
(o) CG colouring of Sagging breasts random character.
(o) Elastic commission Completed.

Watch this space for updated inside this section in the next few weeks.. and work on the dojin and the likes. June 07

Art and General Info Update


Here are the art images you where promised.. These are pretty much all Alt / Random images and the like. I have GOT to get back to CG'ing some of these some day soon, and that will be the next priority coming up on these - to finish them off and put them aside.

Next update should have dojin and Bonus art work update (useful for them who have donated) More stories added to the forum and we'll try and get some of the other areas which haven't been done off the sites design finished also.

Watch this space for more soon. Cheers. May 07

Photo Manipulations Before the Drawn Art

photmanip thumb

Another 3 image have been all futa gaped up for you entertainment - as always more to come of them. Thanks for the feedback so far in the poll on them also!
photmanip thumb

I will be with a little luck finishing off reviewing the dojin - which I hope to restart working on in the near future - the typos and font changes have been done, and once a few mods have been made I shall pose it up once again - the preview pages at least ^_^


photmanip thumb
I'm also hoping that in the next few days I'll have sorted the work I was meant to be released but got lazy and lost track of it - thus in the next few days there will be more art to see again. Take it easy. May 07

New Manips Batch
photmanip thumb More manips, more weirdness. Fun fun ^_^ Apr 07
photmanip thumb
photmanip thumb
Working on outlining next and missing HTML pages - so maybe a extra week or so before next update - maybe wrong also mind ^_^

General Info Update

Right... so the last few weeks have not been good for art work. While I have TRIED to get some material produced, It's been tOTal ChAOs here with disruptions and work being un savoury to me in hours... - please be patient all will be sorted out soon.

While I'm also so here there's some more content on stories in the forum and sorted out a few zips issues (forum also) also which should now work as planned. Cheers. Apr 07

More New Art Works....

Ok, a release of art here, mostly random characters and the like. Some will be CG'ed soon, some will not - but watch for them to light up in colour in the next few weeks.
Also as many may have noticed that one of the new images is the new title picture, but I'm wondering if anybody knows any 'load up a random image when the page loads' code at all. If you can help, please contact me to ^_^ . Apr 07

Some More Photomanipulations
photmanip thumb A handle more to add to the list. A Mostly gape and futa mixed range this time. Hope to add some more in the near future. Apr 07
photmanip thumb
photmanip thumb

Introducing Dyveira to the Gift Art Department

Recently we have been lucky enough to recieve several images from the artist Dyveira. This artist has been on a few other futa sites and also furry forums, but when the chance came to have some art from them which would be suited for this site it was pounced upon.

Dyveira is somewhat worried that the art will not go down too well, however I know people around here will love the material and will push for some more to follow. It's hoped that it'll be a good start to maybe some more gift art in the future.

Feel free to post a message in the forum if you wish for more of their art work ^_^ . With some luck this will make them relax about passing art this way and this site will have more in the future. Apr 07

Batch of Five Photomanipulations
photmanip thumb
photmanip thumb

A mix mash of manips here. Some are commission pieces of which I'm happy to have produced.

photmanip thumb
photmanip thumb

See the manips main page for details on the different content. Mar 07

photmanip thumb

New CG Style / Method
New CG Method Image

Doodle of Esmeralda which changed into a full on picture, of which I'm glad I went ahead with..


Still got some work to do on the new style, but for the best half its more complete and defined compared to the old style...


so pretty sure this is my 5 or is it my 6th style of colouring by now... Feb. 07

New Website DESIGNED!



Ok, so the basics are all here, hopefully uploaded everything and all the links and icons and images and so on load up ok. I may add things to the design and interface later, but at the same time I'm happy enough to just move on and get on with the art.

Thank you all for the POLL VOTES on the subject, they have been useful, and quicker as of late. If you have a problem with the site you want addressed, please send me an email and I'll see about sorting it out at least. Mar 07

Uploading Art As Soon as it's Done

Decided that after years of updating in a chunk, probably better that I just release the art as and when it happens, and just make a log of it on the update section incase anything a missing. Also means there will be art that will be coloured later, thus spoilers on art to come and be coloured - can't have it all ^^. Jan 07

Poll Old and New
Decided that the polls of old (and new) wouldn't hurt for people to see the results and here is the place for it. Have a look below... and remember to vote if you have not done so (if you don't see a voting thing, maybe because IE is moaning about a script, it will only be the poll, there is nothing serious a threat from this site ^_^)


Poll 1 - Kind of art to produce. The winner was More extreme, with just MORE in second place. Plenty of votes on this one!

Poll 2 - Dojin focus poll.... Seems many liked my dojin idea, which though is coming on real slow, I'm still doing it.

Poll 3 - Would you pay for the dojin / bonus art. Result was a slip between nope and we'll see when its made... TOOK FOREVER to get poll votes on this one... was so dissapointed with the turn out.

Poll 4 - New Site or not. Though up for a short time we got quiet a bit of responce, so nice work people. People where split between new work and a new site... well the site is here, and the new work will be coming now its completed. Thanks again

Poll 5 - Update Question - Pleased to hear I am going to update often - promo poll if I'm honest. Yes people where ^^

Poll 6 - Photomanipulations - are they any good, how do you feel about them? Well you all seem to like them, and I have to say people who just like the art where in the minority. Pleased with the outcome of this poll

Poll 7 - Michu, A character designed from a photomanip, what should be her reason for changing into a herm? Well the feedback on this was was quite good. I has happy what people voted on and how quickly, reletively it went. In the end it was a draw between Viral mutation and Froced Science. In the end I went with a viral element and inflation of her body together. I will use forced Science however on the next girl I make Mu haa haa! *Evil voice over*.

Poll 8 - What feature do you look for in this site. A simple question, but an important one. I think people felt very uneasy with even answering this annom question, still, I was happy to see that the weird / extreme factor was thing most went for / over 50% that is who said they enjoy it. It's good because I think that I feel myself is the factor why this site exists,

Poll 9 - Dojin release material - Seem a little out of place soon as it get started once again and pushed aside equally like last time. Hopefully it will only be a minor amount of time this time however. Bigger chunks won over smaller chunks by a few votes, and whole thing only get the odd one, so... interesting. Will act on this soon enough.

Poll 10 - The Random Girls poll / Question - WAS MADE UP by the response on this poll, not only in how many voted but what was said. Lets break it down - I thank the honesty of the ones who said, no - one offs only ETC... surprised to see little votes for Rosie, not so for Rebekka, but happy to see my mermaid get some - more than I though. Then the top 3 answers, Parodies, not to be a cock, but that was there for curiosity, I won't really ever do them, but great idea what people think of them. Next was Gina, VERY happy about this, soon as she is quite an EXTREME character, and I plan on more of her, sure, but the bonus art has material in the same direction. Lastly was the HUGE cock girl Marina and that was again masses of votes on it, enough for me to see how popular it was and release the Giga girls pack soon. Thanks to all who had voted and helped me out on this poll!

Poll 11 - Will you buy the giga pack - Pretty happy with the responce and glad to see people being honest and saying no and the like. I know there will be more who didn't vote who won't get it, but its GREAT to see around 40% surpport for me and also that theres a fair few interested and some more I'll see if I can win over and prove to you that its worth your time. Thanks for the help people.

Poll 12 - Bio Lab question - Would you like to see more material like this, and re bring it back on the site? Well people did vote, very much in its favour, however the LACK of votes proved a point that people didn't understand the question or haven't tracked the images down. That also leads me to believe that they are a prety die hard core of fans who want it. Thus, I will concider it, however it would be the off one off image.

Poll 13 - Bio Lab question - W

Poll 14 - Bio Lab question - Wo

Old Site Update
I've kept the updates and info for now of the old site, if anybody still wnats the old page, it can be found here - though bare in mind, next to none of the images / links will worth, just the text - Jan 07

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